PANJIM: The courageous lady constable, who alleged sexual harassment by her senior colleague at Crime Branch, appeared before the sexual harassment committee on Monday morning.  Inquiry officer and Deputy Superintendent of Police Rina Torcato recorded her statement for more than an hour in the office of a senior officer at Panjim police headquarters.
The Crime Branch DySP, who is accused by the complainant of sending her lewd text messages, also appeared before the inquiry committee later in the evening.  Details of the first day inquiry were however not revealed to the media. Sources however stated the victim personnel submitted details of the alleged lewd text.
It is hoped that the brave Lady Constable, who had the guts to stand up against the evil DySP will get justice and the concerned DySP punished.  Or is it that he will be protected by colleagues? Are the higher lever Policeman above the law?  All is hoped and prayed that a conscientous lady officer Rina Torcato will follow her conscience and not the degree of officers league


Goanheartalways said...

Great Job.

All Niz Goenkars. The Revolution has started. Now Chandrakant and Jubva will Get it. Soon it will Be the Politicians. Carry on the Spirit. VIVA GOA

N.Fernandes-London said...

It seems like  Goa Police are now being implicated in criminal activity against their own officers and the public, now once every week. 

The "DISH OF THIS WEEK" is Prasanna Bhagat of Cuncolim.

He will be known as the "EXTORTIONIST" of Cuncolim.

I bet this cop also has assets, beyond & disproportionate to his known sources of income.

Adelightedgoan said...

I am very delighted that we goans are standing up for our rights

dlp said...

Niz Goenkar have created a havoc amongst these corrupt ones, Let's keep it up NG and hammer the nails deeper into the holes.

renoir said...

Its not always Sunday, the calendar does change. People in high positions always think they are above the law. Its just a matter of time and circumstances when their own deeds catch upon them.Hats of to this lady lady constable who for sure against all odds stood her ground. May justice be given to her and may the investigating officer Ms Torcato serve her verdict on the culprits.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

it is about time the police are brought to book. Goans must stand up and support the fight against corrupt police officers.

Anonymous the VIII said...

I agree with you. But we in Goa are in a situation that changes very easily. I suggest that when we come across such instances where someone fights for the truth, we must all support these issues in whatever way possible. If we have knowledge of how such issues were subverted, we need to highlight them as a deterrent. Whatever evidence we have to the incident, we need to publish them on overseas blogs. We need to expose the expose the culprits as the domestic witnesses are bought and silenced.

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