CANSAULIM: After a great "hullah-bullah" by the villagers of Arrosim it is nearing a month that no conclusion has reached into the murder of Melvyn Gomes. In the wave of the heat, disgraced PI Jivba Dalvi was shunted out of the Verna Police Station and since the police yet to make a headway in the case, the family members are yet to accept the body of the deceased.
We had given 15 days ultimatum to the police, said one of the family member to this correspondent.  Gomes’ death had triggered anger among family members and Arrosim and surrounding villagers, who got united to fight for the justice and had cancelled the funeral to demand second autopsy.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Jivba Dalvi must have disposed of all the dammning evidence for a fee from the owners of the Hotel.
At the last quote , he was offered Rs 50 lakhs to bungle this case.
He may have been shunted to Goa Police HQ.However he must have some of his "OPERATIVES" still acting on his behalf.

He has a close coterie of crooks, in high places, like Mauvin Godinho and Aboo Bakr to screw up this case.

Afedupgoan said...

Rabid Naik and his entire phoolish are making fools out of you and me.
is it not the time for tit for tat?

Afedupgoan said...

Is Parrikar and his BJP (kha jay ani pi)sleeping
we are paying approx 20 lakhs every month for these useless creatures
why we need opposition when we are doing what they are supposed to do
I think Parrikar is paid crores of rupees by the congreash minishters

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Corrupt Jivba Dalvi has made sure all evidence of Melvyn's murder has been destroyed or is beyond reach. 

Joaquim said...

now is the time to show the criminal police force that they cannot cover-up a murder by accepting gifts from the hotel builder. set a date to the hotel owner that the hotel project will be a frozen till the culprits involved in the murder of melwin gomes are arrested. let us show these corrupt police force that they are there to investigate and not to hide facts.
only complete freezing of the construction activity will bring the hotelier to his knees .let him incur losses of crores of rupees if he is not cooperating in disclosing the motive to murder melvin gomes. 
these police have taken money like PSI prasana bhagat and are watching fun. they know that we cannot come always to the police station etc but they are always there as it is their job to be there.
today it melwin , tomorrow it will be one of your young daughters these hotelier will take by force with police backing to satisfy their customers to keep their profits higher .let us stop the serpent when it is still young.
no murderers arrested means no hotel construction.let it be a reminder for corrupt police and corrupt politicians and greedy hoteliers. 

renoir said...

There is no other option but to have a total stay on the hotel's construction.The police in charge had in the first place refused to entertain an FIR on Melyvn's death, There were reports made by witnesses to Goa 365 that Jivba Dalvi was clearing some blood stains at the crime site. All this clearly points to the involvement of the police  and sufficient grounds to suspect his involment in some form.
To the fellow Villagers of Cansalim, Utoda, comeing out on the streets and expressing your right  once again is the only option here. The Govt and the police department have taken human life as joke, with absolutely no respect to human values.

Amir Khan said...


I do appreciate your reaction which is normal. But, if Goans are to
attain any goal, such reactions and comments are 'water on duck's back'.
Making statements without understanding the Law, Rules and regulations; I would
say is just like farts released. (FUSKE)
Can a construction of a hotel project that is sanctioned be frozen? For what
LEGAL reasons? Who is the ""us"" that you state should
freeze the project and show the corrupt Police? You Goans only seem to want
some "abstract" being to do your work of getting justice. Each one of
you on this blog only speak that someone/us/we should do something. No one on
this blog have I read comment about any issue, saying that "I and my group
will handle this".
You people, most of you on this blog are COWARDS; you all can do nothing for
yourself, nor for your fellowmen. You only know to give big talks (that too is
nonsense English).
If you Goans are really interested in saving your Goa, stand up for yourselves.
Stand up for what is right, and oppose what is wrong. Stand by your fellow Goan
who is wronged, if you have the GUTS. If not, forget your GOA. The rest of
India is going to call it GUHA.


D.JUSTIN said...

The law is an ass and the police and politicians of Goa are assholes. What the people of Goa have to understand : they will never get justice under this corrupt system, as our leaders and policeforce are all corrupt. The villagers should never wait for the justice, whenever they find the police or politicians at fault , they should be douse with petrol and set on fire as these criminals doesn't deserve the second chance.

Gobor said...

The family of the dalvi's will roast in hell from the curses of the victims. "kidde podtele"

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