PANJIM: In what appears to be the Goa police officers are trying to save their face and save their pal Sunil Gudlar from possible punishment if found guilty and even before the CBI start their investigation, have practically denied the stealing of the drugs from their store saying the godown was empty.
It is also possible that they are trying to save many a other top cops involved in this scandal. Will the public ever get to know the truth?
Just a day after Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava’s confidential letter to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) alleging suspended Police Sub Inspector Sunil Gudlar of stealing drugs from the Anti-Narcotics Cell storage, senior Goa police officers claimed that the godown was empty.
“The total quantity of drugs in the godown was sent for forensic tests at Central Forensic Science Laboratory at Hyderabad after Crime Branch officials conducted panchanama in March-April 2010. How one can blame any police official,” a senior officer said on condition of anonymity. Is it a true or a fake panchanama?
In a two-page confidential letter to the CBI on January 31, the chief secretary said that Gudlar allegedly stole narcotics from the ANC godown. The letter also requested the CBI to take over the case probe.
“This case has hence generated considerable controversy. These cases are similar in nature and have links and involvement of local police officers, therefore, in the interest of fairness and justice and to impart credibility to the investigations, Government of Goa has decided to entrust the enquiry of the case to the CBI,” the letter stated.
The department had conducted panchanama of godown on March 22, 2010 which went upto April 03, 2010 in which entire drugs from godown was taken out and shifted to Hyderabad.
“The allegations are false. One can check the video-footage as the entire panchanama was video recorded. Entire drugs from the ANC godown were taken out during panchanama to send for forensic tests. The godown was empty then,” said the officer. But video recording can also be done at a later date of a fake panchanama said an unnamed source  “Thereafter whatever drugs were seized in raids, it was kept in court’s custody.”
Earlier this year, Gudlar was caught on spy-cam negotiating with two foreign women over the sale of drugs. The women were related to Israeli drug lord David Driham alias Dudu, who has been recently bailed out by the Narcotics and Drugs Psychotropic Substances Court at Mapuca.
Gudlar faced initial inquiry by the Crime Branch after the expose resulting in his suspension.
Home Ministry then constituted a Special Investigating Team to probe into the nexus. The case is now handed over to CBI which was also confirmed by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Home Minister Ravi Naik.


Renoir said...

***The total quantity of drugs in the godown was sent for forensic tests at Central Forensic Science Laboratory at Hyderabad*** . What a joke in the making. How does one except this claim? These criminals will try every trick in the book to save their partner in crime. If Drugs were sent for forensic test where is the documentation to prove the transfer? Under whose orders was the transfer of the entire contraband done? Will the Hyderabad Lab be able to give a similar report of receipt of these drugs? Why was this transfer of drugs which as per reports done in April 2010 not reported in the press at all? Why did the issue of ants eating into the drugs come up? There are so many questions to ask, but no answers to forth come. Dont be surprised tomorrow if these criminals claim that the drugs were lost in transit and they have no clue. Suprised?? That will be the next version of their cover up on the shady deals.
Tomorrow there will be claims that the sting operation on Rat Gudlar was also a fabricated one, to spoil the name of a good police officer, that the two packets Rat Gudlar was selling were not drugs but rather Chewing Gum Packets. The fact that the Rat Gudlar has been suspended it self is enough evidence for his hands in the drug Nexus and on this very basis he should be sentenced to Tihar.

Dalia said...

The justice system is twisted and broken in favor of the men in khaki whenever they liked. Gua Pulis will do everything possible to escape the current embarrasment. Fake Panchanamas now and sooner start with Fake Encounters? The day is not far off.
Why just suspend these officers or the police constables, arrest them pending enquiry as they do in public cases. Corrupt system of justice with double face?

diogofichardo said...

The delay in handing cases to the CBI speaks for itself, The time was used to destroy any evidence that would implicate the top brass. It is a well known exercise carried out by the corrupt in power from the time of the so called Liberation.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Tie these police people and feed them all the drugs they steal. We need to be like Tunisia or Cairo unite and fight for Goa's survival or die without honour.

Neville said...

Right on target, Renoir, documentation is an aboslute must have, not just videos. The next excuses to come out will probably be:
1. the documents were eaten by the white ants. (those evil schemming white ants comming to the rescue of goa police)
2. goa police is not ISO certified (hey no professionalism required, we paid bribes & now we accept bribes)
Since they shipped the whole lot of drugs, I think the lab guys are making themselves merry!
Some jokers, these police are.
I'd better watch my spelling, stormrider is on the rampage!!!!

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