VALPOI: The growing size of the dump spot at forest area while heading to Onda at Reddeghat in the Valpoi area has become a cause of concern for the residents as it has threatened to raise the pollution level in the area thus spoiling the tranquil environment of the area.
Garbage is dump at Redde ghat - Pic Abdulla Khan
People coming to Satari are greeted with the dumped garbage in the forest zone. The smell is also unbearable and locals have alarmed the authorities against pollution and garbage dumping in the past, but to no avail.
People have largely started dumping their garbage and waste openly now as the site falls under the jurisdiction of forest department and is lying on the outskirts of the city which has been earmarked as a place for dumping the waste. Day by day the area is turning into dumping yard not only garbage but also hotel waste and construction debris are dump along the stretch of road to which no authorities are concern.
Taking these seriously, the media reported and figured out prominently the problem to the Additional Principal and Conservator of Forest, Dr Shashi Kumar who has come to attend a function at Valpoi on Sunday. It is also pointed out that issue of dumping garbage in the forest area had come to haunt the beautiful forest environment. The press people also blamed the forest for not taking the issue seriously. A reporter said that people are easily dumping their domestic garbage along with hoteliers who are incessantly dumping waste in the forest area bringing bad name to the department for not taking action even after it was highlighted by the press on many occasion.
Admitting to the fact Dr Shahsi Kumar assured the press that necessary action would be taken on the issue. He further said, “Protecting forest and safeguarding its environment is our prime motive and I will direct the local official to go through the issue and barred those who are involved in these act”.


diogofichardo said...

This garbage should be dumped at the MLA's door steps. Either Crime or Garbage issue has become uncontrollable in Goa. We need crime and Grime busters in Goa, every Niz Goenkar should be one.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

These are just tricks to grab the Valpoi forests. I am sure that the concerned politician has asked the municipality to dump the garbage there so in the name of cleaning it up it will be sold to the outsiders for a good sum of money.

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