TIME TO SAVE PANJIM by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

The March 13th Corporation of City of Panjim polls will be an opportunity for the citizens of Panjim to elect persons who can clean up the muck and mess that the CCP is embroiled in.
Over the last five years the focus has been only on tiling of footpaths and the installation of pavers. The major issues of garbage, sanitation and parking have remained unattended. A record number of new building licenses have been issued without ensuring that the city’s infrastructure is also simultaneously upgraded.
We have witnessed an unprecedented number of scams and frauds with the current ruling dispensation having virtually emptied the CCP coffers. The only consolation and infact a miracle is that they have not sold or mortgaged the CCP building. Panjimites will now have to stand up and save their city. We need to usher in the much needed transparency and accountability at the Corporation of City of Panjim.


diogofichardo said...

First clean up politicians crumb eaters and chamchas, once that is done we can save not only Panjim but restore Goa to some of its lost Glory.

Mathew said...

First the people of goa should get rid of congress leaders and two save goa front leaders who made a mess of our state by bringing outside sharks.There is no proper planing. Gutters are overflowing during rainy season,garbage every where.Bab Digamber Kamat is not fit at all to be a CM of our tiny Goa.As long as the CM of Goa gets his share from this leaders and he is sitting on the chair he is not bothered at all.This leaders made him a papet,so that they can use him or else he will lose his chair.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Panjim can only be saved by kicking out all the politicians who own properties in the city. Too many political gondas control the people like slaves. Can Goans get together and make a change or are they just loud mouth fit to criticise each other? What shall we do about the non-Goan filth.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

We need to save the whole of Goa, It is anarchy we need to get rid of the corrupt politicians.

Shyam Sawant said...

When our Political leaders are busy selling and digging Goa where is there any chance to save Goa? Rascals are useless good for nothing fellows. Parrikar talks only in the assembly as opposition leader, when in power he is the most dangerous man on this earth and should not be trusted. If Panjim is in disaster today it is because of Parrikar

Neil said...

Completely support Shubash Raikar.

Neville said...

Just read this on the times of india website, called goans can make a miracle, by a scientist of goan origin, he is very optimistic, but if we dont act to clean the mess NOW, it wont ever happen>

Renoir said...

We need a total revamp of the entire system. Unless new blood is infused, the system will never work. We are dealing with highly contaminated blood in the current system.
Lets vote for a fresh intake. Lets change the face of Panjinm this time.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

The Garbage should be dumped in front of Vishwajeet Rane's house so that he gets the proper aroma of the waste. These fellows are MLA's to make money only.

Pedro said...

@ Neville

As per your link I read the Article.
The Man Mashelkar is a pro Indian and lives in a fantasy world. I've given up reading Times of India as it's a mouthpiece of the Indian Gov. (This guy speaks to the Chief Minister… Ha ha ha….)

Goa is doing good, because the Goans are working abroad and pumping billions of dollars in Goa or maybe a few dollars less!!, where this money brings in foreign workers from neighbouring states to do every odd jobs in Goa. There is no Infrastructure in Goa, there is no proper waste management system in Goa, there is no hard-core power supply in Goa, there is no decent public transport in Goa. There is no inter-connected gutter system in GOA. All over Goa, Human nature call's are collected in home made Septic-Tanks, Which is very bad for drinking water, as still Goans drink water from the well, which leads to all type of diseases. No Field is spared, rubbles are first filled in and then building Concrete Jungles NOC is given. Roads are first made in / Through / beside the fields so that the prices, land price may go up.
For me this man Scientist or no Scientist "Mashelkar" lives in a fools paradise.

School children study Hindi, which is a waste of the child's valuable time, where instead of studying Hindi, the Child could learn or do something else. For me personally this Hindi is good to see Hindi movie, or get oneself manipulated by watching public TV, (What the Indians are doing with us, the Chinese are doing with the Tibetans)

When you go to Panjim, "Some donkeys call it Panaji, I don't know why and for what reason" you don't see Goans, they all speak Hindi, the communication language of Panjim is now Hindi, how did this happen?, the new market place where they cut and sell meat, it's so disgusting, you feel as if you are in the 18th century. The market place has no hygiene, it has open gutters every where. It looks as if the Municipality is dead or not functioning the way it has to be. The Toilette stinks as it is badly constructed.

"----- What we have in GOA, is the Konkan Railway to bring more Ghantties to Goa to corrupt the citizens of Goa and to make NAGARS. Maybe this FOOL MASHELKAR means in 25 Years we in GOA will have LOTS of NAGARS;

MASHELKAR stated "I met 350 young Goans recently for the making of the vision document. And I gave them 10 out of 11 on this one count. For the feeling of 'my Goa' that I saw in them. It was incredible. ****I met the chief minister the next day and I told him that I am dangerously optimistic usually, but now I am supper optimist for Goa,"**** said the president of the Global Research Alliance referring to his meeting to gauge the aspirations of the youth of Goa last month. Mashelkar heads the Goa Golden Jubilee Council which is to prepare a vision document 2035 for the state."

" I think the discussion were the NAGARS the future vote bank for the POLITICIANS to remain in POWER:---" I ask my self who were these 350 brainwashed GOANS?, or were they really Goans?, what was the language of communication?, HINDI or MARATHI; surely not Portuguese.

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