MAPUCA: Close on the heels of the inspection carried out by officials and scientists of the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) three days back, the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC), finally initiated some corrective measures at the KTC depot in Mapuca.
Under the supervision of Mr Gurudas Naik, assistant engineer of KTC, the corporation on Friday morning began fencing work at the KTC bus stand depot at Mapuca. People, generally males, were using the area as a garbage dumping site and an open urinal. By fencing the area, it has been effectively cordoned off for now.
It was observed that while the work of fencing was going on, some men, who regularly used this area for urination, nonchalantly came to ease themselves at the site. They tried to question the workers and social workers gathered there as to who had sanctioned the work and under whose authority it was being carried out. They had to be forcefully driven away from urinating there. During lunch break, things came to a head as many more men came there to ease themselves. They threatened the workers and told them that they would break down the fencing. The assistant engineer later lodged a police complaint in this regard and also asked for police protection so as to complete the work. PSI, Mr Dhavaskar of the Mapuca police station, sent a police team and thereafter work continued without any further interference.
Social workers and volunteers at the site contacted the maintenance engineer of the Mapuca municipality, Mr Vishnu Naik, and requested him to send his staff to clear the garbage collected at the spot, to which the maintenance engineer obliged and sent the garbage collection truck and cleared the garbage lying there for a number of days.
Although this is a temporary precautionary measure, it has brought tremendous relief to the people using the bus stand, especially the womenfolk, who had to face embarrassing scenes everyday, helplessly. People said that something is better than nothing and thanked the GSPCB for the inspection and the KTC for the fencing.
Social workers, Mr Philip D’Souza, Mr Shrikant Simepurushkar and Mr Vijay Amonkar were present at the site and remained there the entire day till the work was complete.


Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

The Ghantis are shitting all over Goa on unfenced Land what about them? Karea bandh and Mothi Dongor in Margao stinks all day and Digambar gets his high.

Dalia said...

Cowmuth must open some Air COnditioned toilets at Moti Dongor and Khareaband. Uneducated Minister for Education must do so in Chimbel. Gada-in-out must do similar honours in Vasco and ask Sharda Rath-fod to innagurate it where he could cut the ribbon sitting beside her in the same toilet.

diogofichardo said...

As long as Goa is run by half witted politicians the stink in Goa will be at its highest. Before liberation we had the aroma of greenery and flowers. Today many parts of Goa stinks of shit and urine, the stink follows behind some of the best restaurants too. It is time Goans change the political balance with a proper Goans party.

diogofichardo said...

For over four hundred years the Portuguese kept Goa clean and managed in an orderly manner. Agriculture was a priority, criminals were dealt with appropriately. In the last fifty years the to satisfy the rich Indians Goan politicians have ruined Goa. Filth has replaced cleanliness, Mega housing projects have replaced Agriculture and criminals are set free. Who will save our Goa?

Pedro said...

@ Diogo "Who will save our Goa?"

It's you, me and the faithful NG followers.

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