MARCEL: An alert woman foiled a robbery bid of two Karnataka men at Khandepar-Ponda on Sunday night. According to Ponda Police, Basavraj Laxman of Yamuna Nagar-Belgaum was arrested, while his associate managed to flee from the scene.
Police has also attached a motorcycle (KA-26-H-7354), which was suspected to have been used by the accused in the offence.  Accused Laxman along with another person entered a house near MIBK High School Khandepar at about 9 pm.  On noticing the elderly woman, the duo tried to handcuff her, but the alert woman managed to escape from their clutches and raised an alarm.
The villagers managed to nab one of the accused, while the other accused managed to flee.  Later, Ponda Police arrested the accused and was remanded to two days police custody. (HD)


Joe Rebello said...

We have a police force that is useless. They cannot do a job they are trained and employed for. A brave lady that she is! She should be given an award. Now the police will have their photos with the accused.

diogofichardo said...

It seems like the residents of Goa are doing a better Job in nabbing criminals. Here again we have Non-Goans that are involved, in the would be robbery. Thanks to the BRAVE OLD LADY the crime was a failure.

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