PANJIM: Questions are being raised over whether Goa Police have really sought Interpol’s help as Israeli drug peddler Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, who is most wanted in Goa was shown by a national television channel walking freely on streets of Rishon Letzion.
A national news channel - Times Now, showed the visuals in which Atala, wearing white T-shirt and jeans was seen walking carefree in his home town.
His sister, who is not named in the news, told the channel that he is in Israel because he feared for his life in Goa and he was being targeted politically.
“He had to stay in India, and the only reason he left India was probably that he really feared for his life. He decided to go to a place with some security,” she said.
Atala’s disappearance and subsequent appearance in Israel had exposed Goa’s police’s nexus with the drug lord. Police had claimed that they need proper evidence of his presence in Israel.
Police spokesman Atmaram Deshpande had claimed that they had alerted Interpol and had issued look out notice against Atala. But the ground reality seems to be little suspicious.
“He didn’t expect this fuss, this noise around him. No one is looking for him, and I say again - people know he is here, he has no problem in Israel and we have checked it. And if he plans to leave Israel, then he will have a problem,” the sister said.
He was reported to be back at his hometown Rishon Letzion safe and probably crossed Indian border via Nepal. She said that Atala is staying in Israel and is thinking of going away sometimes but not now.
She said that everything in Goa was a political (Politically motivated). “He was released for lack of evidence, very clearly. There is a decision of a judge about it,” the sister said.
The channel also showed shadowed visuals of a person, reportedly Atala’s close friend, who was supplying him drugs. “Hashish, Charas, LSD, Cocaine, Ecstasy, just choose. Like a restaurant whatever you want to eat. Why bother yourself asking questions about what you have? He is a friend. Done!” the friend said.


Shyam Sawant said...

Goa Police will not seek the help of Interpol because their father Ravi Naik will be exposed along with chandrakant salgaonkar. Likewise Roy and the other mavali son or ravi will also be exposed if Atala is brought back. So they will not ask Interpol's help in this particular case.

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