PANJIM: Aldona legislator Dayanand Narvekar has expressed shock and dismay over the State Cabinet’s decision to relocate three off-shore casinos towards Britona and Salvador do Mundo side of Mandovi river.
In a letter shot to the Chief Minister Digamabar Kamat, Narvekar reminded that during the debate in last assembly he had asked the government to shift the casinos to the high seas as per the off-shore casino policy.
“I had pointed out that the High Court had not stayed the order of the government for shifting casinos in high seas. In fact the consensus of house was for shifting casinos from River Mandovi,” he said.
Further Narvekar expressed surprise that casinos are shifted in his constituency against the wishes of the people. “The government is also aware that many casinos are not sea worthy and do not have proper permission,” he stated.
He also expressed dismay at the support being given to casinos by government for reasons best known to them.
“I request the government not to carry out such arbitary decision against the feeling of local representative and failing which people will agitate against the government decision,” Narvekar said. (HD)


diogofichardo said...

These are the same politicians that never opposed these casinos when they were first introduced in Goa. What are they shocked for now. These casinos should be blown away just like the Konkan Railway they are a curse for the Goan citizens.

dlp said...

All us Narvenkars are shocked. What to do now? I don't know.

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