MARGAO: Mumbai-based Ms K Raheja Universal has suffered a major setback in its plans to construct bungalows at Carmona village.   The Town and Country Planning department has returned the file submitted by the Mumbai based real estate developer back to Carmona Panchayat for reconsideration.
The Carmona Panchayat had last month forwarded the file received from Raheja’s for construction of bungalows to the Town Planning office, Margao for approval. However, the file did not find favour with the Town Planning department as an inspection of the property revealed that the real estate developer did not comply with the conditions imposed by the department while granting approval for sub-division of plots.
Town Planner Rajesh Naik confirmed that his office on Monday returned back the file to the Carmona village Panchayat with certain queries.
Sources in the know said that the TCP during its inspection of the property found that the approach road to the property had a width of less than five meters when the condition imposed by the planning department mandated that the road should be 10 meters wide.
In fact, the Town Planner via his letter dated July 15 to the Carmona village Panchayat had made it very clear that any secondary development of Raheja’s property will be permitted only after acquiring and development of the 10 meter road and shall be governed as per rules.
It is interesting to note here that the Town Planning office had issued the provisional and final NOC to the Mumbai-based builder for developing the property into plots based on a note put by PWD Minister Churchill Alemao to the PWD officials to acquire required land for the expansion of the approach road to 10 meters.
Till date, however, as per the inspection carried out by the TCP, the approach road to Raheja property continues to remain less than 10 meters, prompting the Town Planner Rajesh Naik to return back the construction file back to the Carmona village Panchayat.
Raheja’s had sought permission to develop sub-divided the 64,000-odd sq mts property into 15 plots. The Mumbai-based had hit the headlines two years ago when they proposed to build as many as 612 apartments on the huge property overlooking River Sal. The proposal, however, did not find favour with the locals, giving birth to the movement against mega housing projects along Salcete’s coastal belt. (HD)


N.Fernandes (London) said...

Could someone explain to me whether this Project in Carmona is for the benefit of the Local people who are in dire need of good housing or the "Bank Balance" of Goas legendary theif and smuggler, Churchill & his ugly ducklings?
No doubt Churchill will benefit from a couple of Flats at a very reduced and preferential rate, and not its true market value.
I can easily predict that if this project ever gets completed,half of all flats ( the PENTHOUSES) will be owned by Goa`s MLA`s, rogues and their families.It will not be their residential dwellings or homesteads, but a commercial enterprise.This is sometimes called "making hay while the sun shines" or "milking the cow dry".
Churchill & his family have no limits to their greed.

P. Cruz said...

@ N. Fernandes: I have written an article on SAugust 13th in this blog. If you like to have a look at the facts please go through it Tittle "Raheja,Aam Admi & the Pigs"

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To P Cruz:::I have read your article.
I am stunned by the amounts involved.
You can get a plush Terraced house ( 2-3 levels) in the poshest part of London...Mayfair or Parklane much cheaper.So I wonder if the walls of these flats in the Rahejas complex (Cancona) will be built of part Gold.
I sympathise with the Locals,who will never afford land or anything else when their own families /children grow up and they require a place to live.They will have to move away.Apparently most of these Flats will be built for the Rich of Delhi & Mumbai as their holiday homes.Goa is being saturated with Buildings.There is not a lot of green space being left.Many of the buildings are badly and shoddily constructed and then never maintained and looked after and remain dilapidated.Some of the buildings I have seen during my trips are only about 2-3 years old...but look more like 50 years old.On the way from the Airport, I have seen many houses which have been half built and are still half built 5-10 years later.I wish the native citizens of Carmona and their future generations all the best.
The fat pig of Varca must be blamed for all this.It would be interesting to see how Churchill would react if such a project came up in Varca...right by his house....and I hope it will happen some day for him or his next of kin,for whom he is accumulating all the wealth he can steal.

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