MARGAO: Husbands and wives, spouses of Councillors, kith and kin of politicos, former and sitting Councillors are bracing up to throw their hat in the ring for the Margao Municipal polls as the process for filing of nominations got underway on Monday.
Though the office of the Returning officer, Johnson Fernandes did not receive any nomination paper on the first day, quite a number of nomination papers were taken by the  Sitting Councilors – Livramenta Baretto and Babita Naik – will not be alone in the fray this coming polls. Their husbands, Camilo Barretto and Sadanand Naik respectively will throw their hit in the ring.
That’s not all. For the first time in a decade and half, Margao Municipal Chairperson, Savio Coutinho will not be fighting the Civic polls as his ward has been reserved for women. But, take note, his wife and youth Congress activist, Pratima Coutinho is all set to plunge into electoral politics and has covered much ground in anticipation of the Colmrod reserved for women.
Former Chairperson Dorris Texeira and former Councilor Tadev Dias are also set to file their papers for the polls.
Amongst the political figures who are bracing up to contest the ensuing polls are the Fatorda blocks presidents of the Congress and the BJP Joseph Silva and Durgadas Prabhu.
Atleast around half-a-dozen road contractors, including flamboyant contractor Arthur Silva have decided to take a plunge in the coming polls. And, not to mention of Tito, the son of former Minister and Senior Congress leader, Luis Alex Cardozo, who appears determined to make his debut in politics via the Municipality.
In fact, the former Minister had made his presence felt in the office of the Returning Officer, Johnson Fernandes on Monday morning and was candid enough in admitting that he had come to collect nomination papers for his son.


Shyam Sawant said...

Vow! now we can have a circus full of family clowns and performers. Very good!

Joe Rebello said...

Any tom, dick and harry now runs to contest the elections. Makes me laugh at these jokers and the lady jokers of the same family. Somebody should round up all these clowns and blow them with dynamite.

Tulshidas said...

Regretfully, this scenario was started by Churchill with the introduction of his daughter Valanka in the political arena. Now everyone wants to follow the example by pitting their wives and daughters and sons in politics.

Felix Mascarenhas said...

It is not a new political Arena, but a new Political CIRCUS of all jokers and clowns from politics.

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