PANJIM: The Goa government has termed the recent intelligence inputs about possible terror attacks in the state as moves by certain elements to sabotage the tourist season. "There is always information flashed on television and other media that there is possibility of terror attack little before the tourist season begins," Home Minister Ravi Naik told reporters yesterday expressing doubts about the veracity of the inputs.
"Why are there no such alerts during off-season? Why is there no information about attacks during rest of the year," he asked.
The minister was reacting to the recent intelligence inputs which had cautioned the state about a possible terror attack during the ensuing festive season including Navaratri. "I can't say who but there are certain elements behind spreading of such information. May be some hotel lobby or someone," the home minister said.
Naik said that the state is already on alert and vital installations are being guarded. Marine Police are manning the coastal security while Indian Coast guard watching the shores, he said. - PTI


N.Fernandes (London) said...

I have just read a similar article on an Indian Newspaper where home minister Ravi Naik is suggesting that Terror Alerts are conducted only just before the Tourist season to derail the season.

He alleges that this is by a Hotel Lobby group outside Goa to steal Tourist trade from Goa.

He also questions why these Alerts are only given during the Tourist season & not during the quieter and "not so busy" season.

Perhaps he has not learnt and will never ever learn that Terrorists wish to maximise their efforts & publicity for their causes and this is done when the Public / Tourists are out and about.

Has he forgotten about Bali? or Mumbai or the 9/11 or the recent bomb plot attempted in Times Square in New York.What about the Hindu Radicals(Sanatan ) in Goa that failed.

What about terrorist attacks during the Commonwealth games.Why have so many security personnell/ people around the games.

I am not sure why Mr Digamber Kamat still wants this Home Minster to be a part of his Party / Coalition.

The Goans would do very well to get rid of which ever method is possible.The sonner the better.

I would spit on this Home Minister if I had an opportunity. Why is Ravi Naik not being certified by a Doctor as "MAD".

diogofichardo said...

The only terrorists that I know of in Goa are the politicians goons who terrorize the lives if poor innocent Goans. Can anyone stand against these Thugs? Yes united we all can get rid of Goan terrorists and their corrupt bosses.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Diogo:::As you know this idiot Ravi would have been sectioned by now in the UK under the Mental Health Act, to a psychiatry hospital/ jail.
Every statement that this so call Minister spits out is loaded with bulls shit an inconsistencies.Yes,Then no, then maybe,then could be,then must be?? I cannot understand how Digu Kamat tolerates such nonsense.Goa will never progress or advance with such uneducated imbeciles.While most of the world is moving into the 21st century...Ravi Naik seems stuck in the 19th.
I am quite sure Naiks advisors are also uneducated.I do not think he reads the World News.He is porbably just capable of only reading "The Piexe Ponda News".
PEIXE= meaning madness or looney in Konkani.

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