MARGAO: The central bureau of investigation (CBI) on Wednesday submitted confidential documents to a judicial magistrate first class (JMFC) court in Margao while opposing the application of former tourism minister Francisco "Mickky" Pacheco. Pacheco is seeking the return of his laptops and cellphones seized in the alleged immigration forgery case.
The CBI had confiscated Pacheco's five laptops and three mobile sets last month after raiding his office and house at Betalbatim. Subsequently, Pacheco had approached the JMFC court to get the same back.
During the hearing of the case, CBI's lawyer Joseph Vaz handed over documents to the court and urged it to keep the material "confidential".
With regard to the confiscated property, Vaz pointed out that the items - which he claimed are an important piece of evidence - were sent to the forensic laboratory for analysis. "Hence, they cannot be released at his stage," Joseph Vaz said.
On the other hand, Pacheco's lawyer Srikant Naik alleged that the property was seized by the CBI to harass his client.
"In the Nadia Torrado death case, the same mobile phones and laptops were attached by the crime branch and later released as they (CID) could not find anything incriminating against Pacheco. The seizure of the same property by the CBI in this case indicates that it is done with an intent to harass Pacheco. Therefore, the same should be released" Naik said.
The court has posted the next hearing on October 8. The CBI has alleged that Pacheco entered into a criminal conspiracy and had obtained crew members' visas from the US consulate in Mumbai, in the name of two persons and other unknown persons on the basis of forged documents.(TOI)


dlp said...

Mr. Lawyer Naik. If you are a genuine lawyer, you should know the difference between CID and CBI. The case of harrassment does not arise here. Your client is reaping what he has sown. Harrassed eveybody with his, once upon a time, power and might and now crying like a little baby. Mr. Naik, buy one feeding bottle for him and put him to sleep. When I talk about feeding bottles, Ratol Baba immediately gets excited. I dont know why.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi DLP::::You should remember that when Mickky gets his V.I.P. Ticket to jail, he suffers from Chest pains,headaches,indigestion etc.So I would ask Ratol Baba to remember he (Mickky) still needs "TUBES", to be fed.he does not need a feeding Bottle as he has that Head Cow called Viola!!
Mickkys current Advocate Mr Naik must know that Mickky changes Advocates quickly if things do not go his way.So he has to pretend and make up excuses to please Mickky.At the same time Mr Naik must be aware it is his best chance to make some money from Mickky.
The "CRIME BRANCH were investigating the Nadia Torrdo case.They could only provide evidence / information in regard to this suicide case.They would not be able to provide information / evidence in Court relating to Mickkys Finiancial / Immigration criminal activity.However during their investigation they did notice that Mickky ran his Businesses with out any accountable structure.
The CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU is investigating Mickkys Immigration / Finiancial(money laundering) crimes.The 2 investigations cannot be mixed up or co -related to each other due to the Laws & Penal codes that apply.
Mickky also had a period when his computers/ mobile phones were returned to him.During that time he may have conducted further criminal activity.
So I am not sure why Mr Naik is claiming that Mickky is being harrassed.In my mind it can only mean one thing...to please Mickky and make some Rupees in the bargain.
I will not be surprised if a new Advocate will be used by Mickky soon.
Mickky as many know is "highly" uneducated.For him a "HARD DRIV"E(storage device in computers) means taking his "Hummer" for a bumpy ride on some of Goa`s roads.
By the looks of this "confidential" information provided to the JMFC, there must be more serious information gathered.
Hopefully things are moving and soon the public will get to know more on Mickkys criminal activities.
If Mickky has to go to Jail again...the Pacheco circus will restart.High Court,Supreme Coury,Frame-ups,Political motivations.He will get ill with chest pains,jaundice,stress & blood pressure & suffer all the usual ailments he does not suffer from otherwise when he behaves like a rampant monkey.
SO back to RATOL BABA::::he might as well consider investing in wheelchairs & bandages and holding on to tubes???!!!

dlp said...

N. Fernandes, this Mr. Naik will make the mouse more bankrupt. Yes by the looks of the infomrmation provided by JMFC is confidential, we can just look forward to another fiasco and circus of the mouse.

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