@ 22:30 hrs from Goa
Yesterday in the evening my phone rang up, I picked it up & came to know that Saturnino is in Goa. I was told by him that he arrived in Goa just today and is in contact with Jackson family.
Jackson's Mother, Abel & Jackson's Father (on phone)
He also informed me that he has already taken appointment with Mr. Eduardo Faleiro our ex Member of Parliament who is in charge of the NRI cell at his residence. The appointment was today (07-10-2010) at 16:00 hrs sharp as tomorrow he will travel to Belgium. Saturnino asked me if I can be with him and so we decided the meeting point and also he got Jackson family with Abel from Canacona.
This is the first time I saw Saturnino and he introduced himself and later to Jackson family and Abel. Without wasting time we went to Mr. Eduardo Faleiro’s residence and informed him about Jackson Coutinho’s Story. He was shocked to hear that and immediately he called NRI Commissioner Mr. U. D. Kamat at Secretariat Porvorim. He talked to Jackson parents and informed them he will do the needful and asked us to meet Mr. U. D. Kamat at Porvorim. We immediately rushed to Porvorim as Friday will be holiday in Dubai and the office of the Indian Embassy will be closed. We met Mr. U. D. Kamat and presented Jackson’s case with an appeal signed by Jackson’s Parents for assistance from the NRI cell. We asked Mr. Kamat to shift Jackson to some good hospital in Dubai where all the facilities are available for his medical or asked him to get him out of Dubai and shift him to good hospital in Mumbai for treatment. Mr. Kamat went through some papers and informed us that the Government is having so many budgets for medical assistance which might not be enough and at present the coffers are empty. We asked him to go ahead and see how much the government can help us and not to worry about money as the remaining we will try to arrange through our organization Niz Goenkar. We also mentioned to him that at this stage more important to find out how he is and what kind of treatment is required for his survival and all the necessary paperwork to get Jackson in India. We had long discussion and Mr. Kamat asked us few details of Jackson to which Saturnino contacted Dubai and received it. Mr. Kamat also assured us support from his side and we shall let you know the future details once produced by the government.
After coming out from the office we sat for tea and order some snacks also in the canteen. Jackson parents were not having proper meals for so many days and they refused to have something with us but only after forcing them and giving courage they sipped some tea. Jackson’s mother was crying all the time during traveling and at Porvorim too. She told us that Jackson is coming in her dreams and hugging her also saying “Mother I am back”.
At some time I was afraid when she cried thinking she might collapse on the floor. Niz Goenkar’s I cant write much as I can see her face and all the time she was crying ““I Want To See My Son so I can hug him & Kiss Him”. She informed us that Jackson was fit and fine when he left to Mumbai from Goa. Even this photograph I have taken is not for publicity but to all the readers to know that it is genuine and Niz Goenkar is helping for the cause. I promise to let you know that I will never remove any photographs of Jackson parents as it has hurt me a lot. This photo will be first and last, even it took me 2 hours to write this article, where the other articles I finish within 15 minutes.
Myself and Saturnino has also discussed that it is better not to send Jackson’s parents to Dubai as they are heartbroken and they will know nothing of Dubai to go here and there. The mother is weak and also the father, and does not know much about the things around the world and they would only the face of Jackson. And when they are in Dubai they might collapse after looking Jackson as he is in a critical stage. If something happens to them then it will be another problem. It is better to hire someone with free visa or someone volunteer to give us the update and compensate him with daily wages for the help. This thing I leave it to Niz Goenkar’s to take a decision, but this is our view.
@ 23:00 hrs from Dubai---- My friend helped me to get the information as I asked him to visit Rashid Hospital
From my friend –Dubai: Cruz as per your information I went to Rashid hospital, the restriction are there but however I managed to take permission from the authorities and visited Jackson. He is in critical condition and on artificial respiration and I could not see his state I walked out of the room. His hands are swollen and also his body, I can’t talk to you much about him as this case is serious. I also spoke to the nurse there and she told me that lot of people are visiting him and everything on the newspaper. She also informed me that Jackson is contacted with DENGUE, they did some test and found dengue this might be the case before traveling from Goa. He has been operated in the abdomen…. Cruz I am sorry only this I can tell you. But this case is critical and dangerous.
Niz Goenkar’s: Please pray for Jackson, that’s only I can say at the moment. Also his family is so poor, even Dalia and Diogo Fichardo offered his parents some money but they refuse to take saying we do not require money we want our son back, what is the use of money for us if we do not see our son. But later on I say they will require some help if all the things go if he is shifted to good hospital or to Mumbai. I thank Saturnino who has taken the pain to arrange all this appointments, etc. and to Menino De Valpoi. Guys its very hard for me to write this, it’s not easy on this topic and forgive me if I have committed some mistakes.


Bebdo said...

Good job guys. Well done.
I too asked a friend to contact Savio, a relation of Jackson, regarding the visa for Jackson's mother to visit Dubai. But Savio told him the visiting hours at Rashid Hospital is only half an hour. So Savio said what would the mother do during the rest of the time. So he said that he commutes everyday from his work place in Jebel Ali to Dubai to see Jackson.
Another thing my friend told me was that Rashid hospital is quite a good hospital. The other hospitals that are there are the American Hospital and Welcare Hospital. Jackson cannot be moved there because of his condition. If his condition improves then these hospitals can be considered. As for shifting him to India right now, it is out of question. He has suspected internal hoemarrage and doctors are trying to find out the real cause of it.
Secondly, my friend told me that there are rumours in Dubai that the 'Dubai Trio' has allegedly collected a lot of money (some say a crore) yet no one knows where that money is.
Let us all pray for Jackson and do our best to save the life of this young boy.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To P Cruz,Saturino,Menino GPT (Valpoi),"Dubai Friend" & all well wishers:::
Firstly I would like to personally thank you guys for all the efforts you have made in assisting this poor boy Jackson and his simple down to earth and very humble parents.
The love for a another Goan brother in distress, the care & compassion you guys have shown can never be repaid.However you can rest assured your act has the admiration of all Niz Goenkars.
Thanks for the update.It does not make pleasant reading.It is just plainly sad.
I think you guys have made the correct decision in not sending the boys parents to Dubai.It must be real difficult for them at this present moment.
I hope they will take some comfort in the knowledge that a lot of people are aware & concerned about their son.It must go some way in making them feel their pain is being shared.
I am sure everyone is praying for Jacksons recovery.
Once again I can only thank you guys for all your generous efforts.
I hope we will hear some good news...but for the moment it all looks bleak.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

I will not doubt that the Dubai Trio has collected aapprox a Crore either in Rupees or Dinar`s as per Bebdos friend.
Considering the plight of Jackson was highlighted & an appeal made in Gulf News,Christian News,Goan Voice (uk),O`heraldo,Target News (Goa) there must have been a lot of finiancial generosity extended.
Besides just Goans in Dubai & other Emirates of the UAE, I am quite sure a lot of wealthy Arabs have assisted.In addition I am sure money has been collected from The TRIOS employers & work colleagues.Praveen Viegas who asked for finiancial assistance works for a large industrial company.Echo Bayoun international FZCO.
From London & Goa it is difficult to tell how the appeal was responded to.
I am still mystified as to why the Dubai Trio have not informed people of the current situation of Jackson.This is a matter of "life or death".They have given the Picnic Party more prominence on their webite.Jackson will only have one chance at life.Their Picnics & jollities will have many more.
I am also still mystified & perplexed (confused) why Jacksons parents have not been contacted by the Dubai Trio.
Regardless of these currrent issues we can just pray for Jacksons well being and for his parents and loved ones to get strenght.

franco said...

Yes it is a touching story to be remembered for long. At first instance our prayers are the most important for this guy to recovery. Let us not loose hopes and pray more fervently. He must have gone through a rough ordeal. Hope he comes out successfully. The persons who have been involved in helping him right now are the real Samaritans of Goa. May God bless them and their families.

diogofichardo said...

P. Cruz having spoken briefly to you from UK while you were on your way to Porvorim, I must again thank you for the noble deed you guys have contributed. I have also spoken to Saturino and his wife this evening and thanked them too. I have not met anyone of you Guys except for briefly Menino . Belive me as a father myself if too would have been divested specially when they are countries apart. Being poor makes it even worse for them. I pray for his recovery, this lads condition has touched almost every Goan that have read the story. Lets break barriers for the sake of Jackson.

Saturnino @ 07.30 hrs said...

I must not forget to mention here that on the 4th of October, the Captain of the Dubai TRIO Cajetan Coelho refused to pick my calls at 13.00 hrs, twice. Neither had courtesy or called me back after that. I later dialled Maria and told her bluntly that you people are irresponsible, I was boiling by then because of their irresponsibility in replying to mails or responding and Maria was sounding harsh in her explanations.

The parents of Jacksons should have been contacted at least once by these collectors, using the funds. Their motive now is suspicious seeing the activities happening under their umbrella. We have a right to know who they are as they appealed through the media.

Saturnino said...

A request to Menino De Valpoi.

There are secret emails flying from this committee asking Menino to remove all comments and articles about them from the blog. Babush, could you please publish them so let everyone know who they are.

Funds from Dalia and Diogo De Fichardo sent through emmissaries are declined by the Jackson family at the moment. The parents and sisters say that since their bread winner is not here, why do they need that money for themselves? Heart touching, they cry, weep and sob. They assured that they will give a call as soon as Jackson reaches India.

The family seems lost, not knowing how to thank each NIZ GOENKARS. This is the first time outside organisations started to speak to them including Diogo Fichardo. Menino spoke to the parents yesterday and after the conversation, they asked me who he is. When I explained, they burst into tears, some were of the pain, the other drops were of joy knowing that there are people like Menino around the World.
Menino, you gave us this opportunity too through you, God Bless You.

Saturnino said...

Bebdo, for your information we concluded yesterday that if the mother is send to Dubai to see her son, she can be another casualty. Her condition is fragile at heart knowing the condition of her son. We need a strong person to do that. Just our suggestion.

Joao said...

The above comments by our Niz Goenkars are touching, spiritual and of true Goan values. Because we love care and share we stand more strongly united at this difficult hour of our brother Jackson. I have earnestly said the humble prayer for Jackson which our Niz Goenkar, Mr.Menino de Valpoi wrote on 24th September, everyday and will rely on God to put Jackson back on his feet again. My heart goes to Saturnino, Cruz for their noble deed and all the others who are tirelessly working behind the scenes for Jackson's recovery. May the Good Lord give Jackson's parents and family the courage and strength to wade through the present hard times. God Bless us all.

Anonymous the VIII said...

If Jackson has contacted 'Dengue'; then it must be "Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever' which is more dangerous. He must have got it at Bombay before leaving for Dubai through a mosquito bite at Bombay. There are lot of cases these days in Delhi. Some sporadic cases also have occurred in Goa this year.
Rashid Hospital is no longer as before with all out Indian doctors out and Arab doctors in. If Jackson is on ventilator, it will be almost impossible to bring him to India. The hands and feet swelling is due to he being on the bed unable to move by himself as he is not conscious. If he is in coma, then it is possible he had bleeding in his brain. Frankly chances look bleak, but prayers can work miracles. Let us all pray every day for his recovery.
Read at this site Dengue:
My advice to all Goans, avoid mosquito bites, drinking water and eating at unclean areas of Bombay.

Saturnino said...

10.15 Hrs in Goa.
Mr U. D. Kamat, Director, NRI's Affairs, Government of Goa with office at Secretariat Complex this morning started routing support through Government Channels up to Dubai. He just received all the details of Jackson's passport, Company, etc. those were not available earlier.

Thanks to NRI Commissioner Eduardo who took keen interest. Anyone who need to contact the Director of NRI Mr U. D. Kamat can do at 0091-8322419460 / 61. Mr. Kamat assured feedback by Monday afternoon.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

This is how we Goans fall down to the ground. Why do we need a show off. I adminre Niz Goenkar site and specially Mr. Menino de Valpoi. I admire the guts of Mr. Saturnino. The moment he reached Goa he started working on how to help the poor lad in hospital in Dubai whereas the SMGC never even bothered to contact his family. Saturnino, I am sure did not even rest after reaching Goa, poor fellow! May God bless him.

Lily Gracias said...

I feel so sorry for the mother of Jackson. The Dubai Community should have contacted them at least once a week to inform them about their son. Too bad!

P. Cruz said...

Latest update from Dubai 14:30 hrs from my friend: " Cruz as I promised after the mass I went to Rashid hospital and had seen Jackson in his room. There was a nurse in the room and she informed me that Jackson is showing sign of improvement and will take time to recover as this is slow process. As I am not his relative and also not his accquintance the security are making a problem. They asked me to get letter from the Jackson company and also gave me number of one of his cousin. I try to get the reports paper but did not suceed as they are asking if I am their relative. I will talk to his cousin in UAE and update you later".

Thanks my friend for the favour and I am glad he is recovering... Praise the Lord

diogofichardo said...

P. Cruz and friend Cruz please do your best to collect as much information about Jackson. This case as touched my heart as he was my own son. More so for his anguish parents. If any information is not publishable due to its sensitivity on the comment section please pass it to Menino De Valpoi who can decide how best to put if forward to us. Let us cross all barriers for this young Lad. God Bless you all "regardless".

Dalia said...

Dalia and others here including the family, our prayers are still flowing and they won't stop. Miracles Oh God, Miracles is your gift. Show your mercy and bring back Jackson home safely.

diogofichardo said...

I have received a message from a contact in Dubai that there is a strong Rumour or "Balcony Gossip" that Saturnino has approached MLAs in Goa regarding Jacksons Case. Edward Falero is not an MLA or an MP but a Government servant in charge for NRI branch. Any dumb person will understand that.
I doubt Niz Goenkers and its followers will lay RED CARPETS for any current Goan MLAs, as it happens with some Goan Organisations , where they are made the chief honourable guests.
Although individual financial support is offered, no financial appeal is made at this moment by Niz Goenkars. All different religious followers of Niz Goenkars and other organisation around the "WHOLE WORLD" including non Indians are offering prayers for Jacksons recovery. God Bless Us All "regardless".
Niz Goankers are for the better of Goa and do not collaborate with corrupt MLAs of GOA.

Robert said...

For anyone's information who does not know things enough, Shri. EDUARDO FALEIRO is the COMMISSIONER of ALL NRI's and is responsible for the affairs of all Goans aborad. He may be an ex-MP but his position now is not a politico but the Commissioner of NRI. This is just for information. You can contact his office on 00918322419515. There should be no politico into this from my side. You can find the details on the web about this information.

Some Goans know very well who is NRI Commissioner when they take him abroad for functions, how come they do not know his position? He is responsible so let him show that the NRI channel can act or else dump it if it is for name sake.

Robert said...

For anyone's information who does not know things enough, Shri. EDUARDO FALEIRO is the COMMISSIONER of ALL NRI's and is responsible for the affairs of all Goans aborad. He may be an ex-MP but his position now is not a politico but the Commissioner of NRI. This is just for information. You can contact his office on 00918322419515. There should be no politico into this from my side. You can find the details on the web about this information.

Some Goans know very well who is NRI Commissioner when they take him abroad for functions, how come they do not know his position? He is responsible so let him show that the NRI channel can act or else dump it if it is for name sake.

P Cruz said...

I was there all the time with Saturnino and we met only Eduardo Falerio as he is the commissioner of NRI branch. To get Jackson out of Dubai we require immigiration process and paperwork from the government and thats the reason we have to contact the NRI office, a government public services office.

So, lets put this rumours aside and we nizgoenkar do not care for it, our aim is to see Jackson healthy. Viva Diago, Menino, Saturnino, dlp, etc and viva nizgoenkar

Saturnino said...

Saturnino here, I am not a crumb eater of any politician, the least I will do is run to politicians. The Dubai triangle need their help possibly to sing tunes for them.

Trevor said...

Thank you, for all that you did do, for this family. I can see the anguish and pain on this mother's face....like any typical Goan mother, they will give their lives for their children. It must be so difficult for them. All the caring and hard work has not gone unnoticed....Your rewards are in haven.

Satendra Rajput said...

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