PANJIM: With the RTO out on the road to control the erring private buses conductors and drivers, has shown positive signs for commuters to have a proper ride home thanks to the efforts by the Transport Department. It has been stated that the revenue of private bus operators have gone up as unaccounted money has been controlled and cut outs by the conductors have come under control.
Arun Desai Director of Transport Goa
Sources said that the bus operators themselves were so confused that they were not able to detect the actual cause for loss in their business. “They unnecessarily blamed transport department for their losses. The fact was that they had no control over their business as it was operational under leadership of errant conductors and drivers,” sources stated.
The private bus operators had once also alleged that in the absence of tickets the conductors and drivers used to put into their own pockets a part of the income from the days income.
The transport department has heaved a sigh of satisfaction as their drive to keep a check over erring drivers and conductors has been a success till date. “On an average we use to receive 20-30 complaints from commuters over rude behavior of conductors and rush driving. Now the number has literally gone down. There have been two-three complaints in last five days,” transport director Arun Desai said.
The director was satisfied the way, the drive has bought changes in the bus transport system in the state. “I have personally seen conductors issuing tickets for correct fares. Both drivers and conductors have started wearing uniform while on duty and you will see the doors been shut of most buses while running,” he said. “But the most important change has been reduction in the consumption of alcohol and tobacco while on duty,” director added.
The drive, which began since October 1 after private bus operators agreed to the fact that they have no control over their drivers and conductors, has seen till date 250 cases booked. The challans have been mostly issued for overloading, non-production of documents, non-wearing of uniforms and absence of fare tables.
The director however agreed that the drive has failed to contain over loading of buses. “Its something we cannot control,” Desai said. Desai said that the main intension of the drive is to bring discipline in the system to give efficient and safe bus transport to the public. “The drive is not aimed to increase revenue but we want more and more people to avail the benefits of best public transport,” he said.
The drive has also come as a relief for the commuters who are now feeling of taking a ride home leisurely.  But according to one passenger, Prakash a resident of Valpoi Satari  "the satisfaction will come when the overcrowding of buses will stop.  Because of overcrowding it gets difficult to breathe in the buses and one sweats like anything.  It also spreads a bad fowl aroma in the bus" he said.(HD)


Jess Fernandes said...

Private buses plying on route from Margao to Mobor, the fare in between carmona to mobor which is normally Rs. 5/- but some of the buses charge Rs. 7/- and when asked to produce ticket for the same a 2 tickets are produced 1of Rs. 5/- N Rs. 2/- where it is neither signed or stamped with today's date as there won't be any evidence against them even if we want to file a case against them in consumer court.

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