PANJIM: The Revision Petition filed by the Goa Government challenging the acquittal of Adv. Aires Rodrigues in the 2004 Ribandar Church case will come up for hearing on Monday 4th Oct before Justice N.A.Britto of the Bombay High Court at Goa.
Though a Revision petition in the high Court is always filed and presented by the High Court Public Prosecutor, the petition against Adv. Aires Rodrigues was drafted and filed on 6th September by Crime Branch Police Inspector Sunita Sawant. She has not produced any order issued by the Government of Goa authorizing her to draft and file the revision petition. The Goa Government however on 23rd September appointed two Public Prosecutors Mahesh Amonkar and Milena Pinto to pursue the revision petition against Adv. Aires Rodrigues.
Another hurdle the government faces is that Section 397(3) of the Criminal Procedure Code does not permit two revision petitions being filed in the same case.
It may be recalled that the earlier revision petition filed by the Government against Adv. Aires Rodrigues was dismissed by the Sessions Judge Mrs. Vijaya Pol on 4th June this year while upholding Panaji Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr.P.M.Shinde’s order discharging Adv. Rodrigues from the 2004 Ribandar Church case. Judge Pol in her judgment stated that Adv. Rodrigues was rightly discharged.
Panaji Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr. P.M.Shinde had on 22nd December last year had directed that further proceedings be stopped against Adv. Rodrigues in the second charge sheet filed against him in connection with the 2004 Ribandar Church incident.
Earlier, Panaji Judicial Magistrate First Class Mrs. Sharmila Patil on 9th April last year had acquitted Adv. Aires Rodrigues in another case filed by the police against him regarding the same Ribandar Church incident. Judge Sharmila Patil had in her order stated that the possibility of the complaint against Adv. Rodrigues having been lodged due to political interference could not be ruled out. Judge Patil in her judgment also stated that the allegations against Adv. Rodrigues seem to have been manipulated and that Adv. Rodrigues was falsely implicated in the case.
Along with Adv. Aires Rodrigues, 14 other Ribandar residents have been charge sheeted in the case including an 80 year old widow who is now bedridden. The charge sheet had been filed in connection with an incident that took place in 2004 at the Ribandar Church premises when Adv. Aires Rodrigues was leading an agitation demanding action against the then Ribandar Parish priest Fr. Newton Rodrigues who had allegedly molested a minor girl from the village.


Anonymous the VIII said...

Best of luck Gua Gorment!!
You are about to get more SH** on your face.

Joao said...

To all my Niz Goemkars !
Can we all agree on something that is sacred to all Niz Goenkars and not alter or twist the name of our motherland Goa in any other form or spelling ? Slap me if I am wrong. I will not hit back, I am a stubborn man, I will stick to my point. Let GOA be GOA ! Call the ruling corrupt rogues in whatever names they are fit to be called. But let us all, even in times of troubles and desperation hold our beautiful GOA in the palm of our hands close to our hearts. No offence meant to anyone. Dev Borem korunk tumkam ! Viva Goa ! Viva Niz Goenkar !!

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