JURASSIC PARK OF GOA by P. Cruz, Vasco Da Gama - Goa

Last Time I have been to Bondla Zoo for a Picnic but I could not see lot of animals in Zoo and the reason is the animals prowl with half human faces and all are kept in the Porvorim government Zoo. I do not have to inform you about them but they have made Goa a heaven of corruption. Some of these I will mention as below and if you know something more please pass your opinion which I will appreciate.
Ravi Naik : This man was a King Cobra in Matka and pilot once upon a time, still today in Goa matka is not permitted under law. He was elected from Ponda, he was one of the law breakers and now he is the head of Home Department. Before he was a MLA he was caught lot of time by the Goa Police for matka booking and now the same policemen protect him. Now his son’s name is involved in the Police-Drugs-Nexus scandal that is protected by the ‘x-y-z’ security. How the people elected this man and how he got so much money should be investigated. Beware he is King Cobra and venomous, he is ready to bite anytime. If bitten you are dead within 10 minutes but dances with the flute music.
Mickky pacheco: Here is the ‘Tom Cruise’ of Goa politics, elected by the Benaulim people ham-some, bald & beautiful and Romeo in the night. Involved in the ‘Ratol’ and from that day the company is suffering as the sale is restricted. The priest thinks he is the messiah and seen with him all the time, most often he is the Chief Guest in someone occasion or for the Tiart. After doing so much corruption and cheating and a womanizer the people are behind the mickey-mouse’ from Disney land in USA. If you require free booze and free food, etc you need to go after him, he donates at all the time, not his money ours.
A. monserrate: Babus of Goa from Taleigao is a ‘Donkey’ who is holding the education post. These feels like a joke as the uneducated are made minister for education. Famous for looting when he was Town & Country Minister, he sold half of Goa and converted to concrete. Booked for attacking police force, son was involved in German girl’s case. No need to write more about this man. He is powerful with money after selling his motherland. Babus do you know who first President of India?  Or second Prime minister of India after Nehru?
Churchill alemao: Once admired leader when fought for Konkani now everyone calls him ‘Dukor’ after he called some NGO’s and goans pigs. An uneducated person who hold the ‘PWD & Science & Technology’. Involved in Raheja scam and famous customs case for gold when his brother was died in the shuffle. Donates lot of money to the people and seen every time as Chief Guest. The people are fools to elect him from Navelim as he is a resident of Benaulim. Some says he is well off person but jumps out quickly when he sees the dirty water (Rab) as per the saying.
Anil salgaocar: The Squirrel who nibs and reads paper all the time in the Goa Assembly. He is mine owner and a richest person who is famous for ‘River Princess’ episode. A waste of space in the assembly to become an MLA he spend lot of money from the mining booty of Goa. Look he is climbing the tree and watching his River Princess if it is still there or disappeared.
Sr. & Jr. rane: The Satari’s ‘Big Cats’ are on prowl, one has become old and the other just started his career. Sr. Rane was like a dictator as shows he came from a princely family. Satari people worship him like anything and never improve their way of living. He wants to keep them low as what in done in old days in India, the kings used to do for their benefit. He has become old and the little cat has become a ‘health minister’ to take care of his father.
Joaquim alemao: Another person who is involved in mining ‘the bat’ always hangs upside down. Mining in Goa is legal or illegal I do not know as all types of mines are there in excavation. Plays lot of tricks against the policy of the congress party. He says that he is not the family of Churchill for one family party ticket issue, so I have to make him bat instead of pig.
 Francis silveria: If you have money then only you can win election, ‘ostrich’ runs as fast as possible where the money is available. Sit in the assembly quietly and does not understand what going on. Helps in corruption to take place and involved in shares for corruption. Uneducated and the people elected him from San Andre. Ask him to spell minister and he will not know, tell him to sing India’s national anthem.
Mavin Godhino: The ‘Ghanti’ of Goa look at the slums in Birla you will see it like slums of Mumbai or Bihar. Selling the village and concrete blocks are increasing with the help of Barkers from Yemen. I could not give him any face as he should be ashamed to be a goenkar as he always eats, sits and sleeps with ghanttis. Corrupt in the scam when he was power minister, got lot of wealth and donations are showered who come to him.
Manohar parrikar: An Intelligent ‘Frog’ but in the wrong party, was little bit communal and then the people showed him the door. If this man comes out he will be a good administrator. But influences by other party members will bring him down. Why he is silent on Babush?
Jose Philip d’souza: The tall ‘Giraffe’ came from the fishing community and was liked by the masses from his locality. Now there are no jobs for the people from the locality but can provide for the outsiders. So the masses migrate to Swindon. Made lots of money and ready to take anyone anytime & plays safe with the congress all the time.
Digambar kamat: The ‘monkey’ of Monti dongor which is illegal locality is his vote banks. Have factories in other parts of India and a corrupt chief minister always scratch his arse. Who made him CM I do not know always seen in Delhi and the flight price has cost us dearly. One must investigate how much money he has from the people. He used to beg with NCP for making him CM and his own congress MLA’s used to abuse him.
Note: These are the few aliens in the assembly; some are lost with the loot in the gunny bags and are hiding in the resident. If you have seen them then please let us know. (Author)


N.Fernandes said...

P Cruz:Well said.I have only been reading Goa Newspapers for about a year now.This is because it is available online on the Internet.Prior to this my only knowledge was when I came over to Goa and heard these stories told to be by my friends and relatives or heard some of these stories from friends returning back to London.Having the previlege of living in Democratic systems i.e UK & India I am truly shocked by what goes on in Goa.If I was asked to summarise what goes on in the Political sphere or circles of Goa... I would conclude it is being "RAPED" & thoroughly robbed /plundered by the Political elite / class.
Most of the Politicians that are currently holding Legislature seats are "highly uneducated".Their main purpose of getting elected is to make a lot of money off the sweat and blood of Goans.That is very clear to see from all articles / forums I read.
However I also firmly believe there will come a time when all these MLA`s and their next of kin will have to be answerable to the local populace.These current politicians have taken advantage of the poor and the uneducated.However this gulf is narrowing down and Goans are becoming a lot more educated and self reliant.In due course,these future generations will question the motives of these politicians and demand a more accountable system.Most of the Politicians you have mentioned do not take criticism well.You may ask why?It is simple...they think they know what is best because they use ill gotten wealth to mesmerize their voters.
The Indian Government is currently in conjunction with other countries investigating illegal money held in foreign Banks.The Swiss are currently preparing a "dossier" to hand over to the Indian government on the wealth held by Indian Nationals in its Banks.When this happens,I am sure these politicians will be truly shown for their corruptness.

dlp said...

A real Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Dalia! Can you forward the mail "Different Types of Monkeys" to Mr. P. Cruz? Or Mr. Menino de Valpoi, can you pulish it here? Thanks!!! Keep it up Mr. P. Cruz. Send me your email @ lazarts@yahoo.com

Dalia said...

dlp, I know different monkeys too but cannot upload here for space restrictions. I was myself at the Bondla Zoo on the 3rd of last month for few hours with my family. It is a sorrowful state to see the animals in that condition. One of my junior family member asked me why they look so disgraceful, I answered that the fodder that comes in their name is eaten by our politicians. One of the Zoo official who was with me nodded positively. You can see the true zoo's in Singapore and Malaysia including Thailand where animals are really fattened.In India, it's the fodder scam. Here, even in the name of animals, our politicians are fattened. Thanks to P. Cruz for the nice article, really appreciative and I could read it again and again. Nice graphics too. Thanks Menino for bold articles by our Niz Goenkars.

P. Cruz said...

all nizgoenkar: The graphic here in the article are made by two girls of 17 yrs old. I would like to thank them for lovely cartoons. The name is held on request by them... On behalf of nizgoenkar I would like to thank you for helping me.

My e-mai pereiramcruz@hotmail.com

Marcel said...

@N. Fernandes: Yes you are cent percent correct, the politicians have to answer where is the looted money? One day they have to answer that.

Yesterday I went to the Tiart by Prince Jacob tittled “ Goenkara kedna uttolo” (Goans when you will wake up). A superb drama as the plight of today in goa is highlighted. The politicians who take advantage of the young boys by giving them booze, money and making their goondas for their own benefits. Also how the young girls are made to work as call girls for them and their party members. How the jobs are sold to non-goans as they are afraid to give for us as we will be their fathers afterwards if we get the job. How the communidade sold the land for small price and resold to others for huge margin by the politicians. Also our hills, mines, fields, etc….loot…loot ….loot. How the non-goans will become minister, etc and we goans will be nowhere. Lot of things… same like what we highlight in our forum. All the goans abroad should see this drama a nice one and lot of words like nizgoenkar are there to which my heartbeats were fast.

franco said...

Awesome story! I Just could not stop laughing. This is the funniest cartoons after Tom & Jerry. It should be recorded in the History of Goa edition. Good work by P. Cruz although it's a long read but worth sharing.

franco said...

Yes Marcel, I too heard about this drama being well depicted of the present political situation. It would be worth if this drama is shown to all the people in each and every villages in Goa held at Church squares to attract everyone and watch this drama free of cost so that everyone knows what is the pathetic situation that is being created by the present administrators. I would suggest someone contact Prince Jacob and pay him all the expenses to conduct it throughout Goa. I would suggest our benefactor Mr. Menino de Valpoi to take some initiative and make this suggestion a great success. If needed we are there to contribute for the good cause. What do other Goenkars have to say on this issue??? VIVA GOA.

dlp said...

Mr. Cruz... It is alright if the two 17 years old doesn't want their names to be published, but thank them on behalf of all us Niz Goenkars for the wonderful presentation. They have a bright future ahead as cartoonists. Thank you girls!!!

Joao said...

Wow P.Cruz Wow, what an unusual and interesting article! You have brought out the true animal within each of the corrupt politician rogues mentioned.

dlp said...

Mr. Joao, nice to have you back with us. I am tired and going to sleep now. But, I want to see you in the morning if you are free! Viva Niz Goenkar!!!

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

Of all my life, never did I laugh so much except seeing these pictures and secondly it reading the christian commandments for mickky pacheco, I had to ask a christian friend of mine for the original 10 commandments. In our house it was a riot of laughter. This shows we have very intelligent Goans out there.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Chandrakant, these are the deserved cartoonifications of these monkeys in Goa. Well done P. Cruz.

Trevor said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!....You captured the sentiment of these people so well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words!!!! Need I say more! We need to print these out and hand out during election time. This is just fantastic! I didn't even read the entire text, 'cause the pictures say it all.....just brilliant!!!! I am so proud to see we have talented people within us. It is also good to know we have good brave people, we need to take OUR Goa back. We are in serious trouble. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For shinning light to a simple image that says it all. Our people all over the villages will be easily able to identify with these images. This must be our rallying call! We need to print flags with these images and walk throughout the streets of Goa, it is a democracy, correct? Sometimes one has to show our politicians what they really are, what they look in the mirror to wake them up!!! They have caused us much harm and pain. They have fornicated OUR Goa for POWER and GREED. If they are good they will change their ways or get out of the way. This will be drawn on their tombstones when they die. Unfortunately the ‘Power’ bug has bitten them and they sick and cannot do what is best for the homeland. They are so sick, infected with GREED!!!!! We need new blood, decent educated honest people please to save us. We cannot afford to loose Goa….. it is all we got…. Please invite your friends to this article as it says it all. We need change....our ancestors are screaming for us to bring change and to save Goa. These unqualified people don’t want to listen to us, so they have got to go!!! We need to show them the door!!!! Dear Menino, if is at all possible, can we have this story up by the main banner for a little while longer a week or so....give all our people a chance to enjoy.

dlp said...

Exactly! Like Trevor says, we need to print these out and distribute at the venues where these monkeys are having their meetings. Chandrakant... Be prepared for a lot more laughter. There's going to be a riot of laughter! Mr. Cruz, can you give us some more articles with the help of your cartoonists? It really made my day and it has also brought more unity amongst us Niz Goenkars who were sometimes shying away on commenting.

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