The Calangute Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira and Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes traded verbal accuses against each other. The former accused the MLA of blocking different development projects in Calangute. But the MLA denied the allegations and interference in the development of Calangute village.
Mr. Sequeira complained that theif project files for the market complex, a bus stand and garbage plant have been help up of administrative approval for over three years now at the behest of the Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes. Mr. Sequeira also said that the intention of the MLA was to stop the development through the Calangute Panchayat.
He further added that it was their desire to make Calangute a model village with a proper modern bus stand and new market complexes. He however alleged that the Calangute MLA does not allow them to go ahead with such developments. He also accused the MLA of unplanned developments through the PWD and other departments.
Sequeira said “We have been told that the Calangute MLA has undertaken drainage work along the Calangute-Baga road through the PWD, thereby narrowing the narrow road to Baga more and causing hindrance to the motorists and pedestrians”. Sequeira also stated that this could be a worse situation during the tourism season. The 3 mts road has been narrowed to 2.5 mts road causing inconvenience to the vehicular movement along the road.
“If the development was in the interest of Calangute villagers, the MLA would have taken us into confidence,” said Sequeira. When contacted, Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes said the drainage was constructed to take care of the water-logging along the road leading to Baga and it was absolutely necessary
“At present, pedestrians and motorists may find it difficult to negotiate the road, but once the drainage is completed, they will not be inconvenienced,” assured Fernandes.
Responding to Sequeira’s allegation regarding the delay in administrative approval for the projects of Calangute Panchayat, Fernandes said he had never interfered in the development of Calangute village nor was any file pending at his behest.
“I am ever willing to be of help in getting administrative approval if such request comes from the present Calangute sarpanch or through his representative,” said Fernandes. “By the way, who is Joseph Sequeira to speak and decide for the Calangute Panchayat? Is he the sarpanch,” asked Fernandes.
Sequeira however disagreed and said: “I am a ruling member of the Calangute Panchayat and former sarpanch of the village. I have every right to question the unplanned development in Calangute,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Joseph Sequeira is not interested in developing Calangute village. He is interested in himself

diogofichardo said...

Why do these guys fight each other, why not unite for the better of the state. Stop leaving in a world of blame culture and get on with what is to be done for the Good of Goa.

Dalia said...

Which drainage in Goa is covered with concrete slabs? None. They build it to get enough kickbacks and forget. These drain trenches than becomes death traps. Agnelo is another politician who is highly corrupt and did nothing good for his constituents rather than benefitted from drugs sale and then cried foul when his trade was taken over by others. He keeps telling cock and bull stories all times to divert attention.

Trevor said...

The problem is these people are not qualified to be in these positions. The good priest wrote in the editor's section of the Herald today asking that people please be educated to serve. The poor priest felt so frustrated he felt compelled to write in. Our people in Goa need to realize this. Class or caste is not important but education is! We need educated leaders! People that have a vision for the future. And yes, HONEST!

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