Stating that the September 15 decision of the Goa government Cabinet to arrange the off shore casinos in Mandovi River, from Betim to Ribandar is definitely guided by kickbacks, the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Manohar Parrikar on Thursday said that he has a faint idea as to where the kickbacks have gone, but would not reveal the names of the concerned person till substantial evidence is available with him.
“As for the public campaign undertaken by the Bharatiya Janata Party, against the off-shore casinos, we will have to study the details of the September 15 Cabinet decision before chalking out any future plan,” he maintained, pointing out that the cabinet decision, prima facie appears to be lacking valid idea, principal and finally, execution. “In fact, the Cabinet itself appears to be bankrupt of ideas,” he added.
Mr Parrikar said that the state Advocate General, Mr Subodh Kantak has already fooled the people of Goa by informing that the High Court has granted stay on the movement of off-shore casinos anchored in Mandovi River, when no such stay existed.  “I am certain that someone is taking good care of the off-shore casino owners and thinking about their interest, rather than the interest of the state,” he observed.
The Leader of the opposition further said that there is no rationale as regards various Cabinet decisions about off-shore casinos, since one Cabinet decision maintained that five off-shore casinos should be allowed in Mandovi River, and this decision was later interpreted as five plus existing one casino, that is altogether six casinos to be allowed in the river.
“And finally, permitted six off-shore casinos went on to become seven off-shore casinos,” he stated, alleging that the Cabinet decisions were interpreted as per the desires of the interested individuals.
“I am certain that the decision to adjust the off-shore casinos in River Mandovi is the result of hefty kickbacks,” he concluded.


diogofichardo said...

These casinos must be eliminated for good, Where will the Goans get the money from ,to visit these casinos? Its only the corrupt officials and criminals who amass wealth by deception and other criminal activates can visit these casinos.

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