Just a day after the CBI quizzed the former tourism Minister for almost three hours, the Delhi Sleuths, turned their attention towards Sara on Friday. Sara was interrogated by the CBI at its branch office in Bambolim on Saturday 11th September.
The Anti Corruption Branch of CBI sleuths, probing the illegal immigration racket against Pacheco, questioned Sara for over three hours between 3:50 pm and 7:00 pm. Auda Viegas the social activist and a local Calvert Gomes escorted Sara to the CBI office at Bambolim. She was summoned by the investigating agency on telephone. According to the CBI it was a basic interrogation and “Sara might be called for further questioning if required” said Inspector Yadav.
Pacheco who has been accused of forging documents to send Goans abroad, specially to the USA, was interrogated on Friday evening. The NCP legislator said that the agency Manpower Recruitment Agency was a joint venture started by him and Sara in 1998 and that its licence expired in 2000.
He further stated that he had stopped handling affairs of the agency after he separated from his wife Sara. When asked if Sara had produced any documents to level her charges against Pacheco, the officer replied that they had not asked her to bring any documents along. The officer also said that they did not ask her to get any documents. She answered to their queries and they would call her again as and when required. CBI also said that this was a basic interrogation. “It’s only three to fourd days we have taken up the case probe.” The CBI officer told the media.
As she came out of the interrogation chamber of the CBI office, Sara refused to speak to the media present there. She said that she was too tired to speak as she had been questioned for at least four hours. “I cannot disclose,” she said reiterated. Calvert, who accompanied Sara in the interrogation chamber, intervened and told the media that it was personal and they would not like to talk of it.
Mickky Pacheco is in the dock after Bureau of Diplomatic Security in USA intimated Indian External Affairs Ministry at New Delhi that the legislator was involved in money laundering and illegal immigration racket. Acting on this information, the Delhi CBI-ACB sleuths flew down to Goa for a thorough investigation, raiding two times the house of the ex tourism minister and seizing mobile phones and freezing of bank accounts.
The officials who interrogated Pacheco were heard saying that America had taken strict cognizance of the racket from India after a few Indians were found entering USA without valid documents. In his statement Pacheco declared that the agency has sent 200 odd Goans overseas for jobs after checking their credentials. He said that however the agency has stopped functioning as it was not holding a valid licence now.


Ratol Baba said...

Woh, what a site, what a sight too. Happy seeing a lot of guys and gals from Herald here. I thought that our voices after Herald shut down the site were choked but this is the site for every Goan who want to put his or her opinion forward, readable to others too. Not just a dumb piece of paper bought and given for peanuts. Keep up Menino, let this forum reach every nook and corner of Goenkars no matter where they are. As bebdo suggested, why not we send the link to every Goan and ask them to read and feel the issues close to their heart? I for one already started and beg others to do the same as Bebdo suggested. Please. Viva Goa, Viva Goenkara, Viva niz Goenkar.

Bebdo said...

Why not form a party and name it as Niz Goenkaracho Poxx.Whoever wants to be a member should make a monthly contribution to the party.It can be in any amount. Even a rupee will do. But this gesture will go a long way, as the member will feel feel the sense of belonging and will be proud to say that it is his party. We can then nominate good and educated people from each constituency as candidates and with our contribution can support their election campaign. We should not pay a single rupee to any voter. Whatever votes we poll we will know that those are genuine votes for our party and then we can build it up from there. We are different and should be different. There is no shame even if we get 2 votes in the elections. If we die without fighting, then we are cowards. A coward dies even before the battle begins.
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar. Long Live Goan Unity

Anonymous said...

OHeraldO was renowned for it news because of the good Goan household that made it so. The news flow through OHeraldO) is strictly sensored or is under the influence of the political chors in Goa. OHeraldO's suspending the readers comments made me sick to my ar.. Times are not far before soon we see the closure of this OHeraldO.

Trevor said...

Bebdo has a brilliant idea! I wish we could take if off the ground. We need the truth of what is going on in Goa to be told to all our people. I just know now from that one story I read in the ‘Herald’ about the Carmona Mega project meeting, they had only a few lines on the attack on Orlando Da Silva and never mentioned the builders name?? I felt it was a important issue, yet I was confused as to why it had so little information. I have since completely convinced that this was their way of suppressing the truth of what was going on or out of fear of reprisal from a certain Mr CHORchill. This is just horrible. The press should be the voice for the people! Instead the Herald has become the voice of the politicians. Shameful! It seems too that only after we started voicing our opinions on CHORchill that the Herald shut down the site. The Herald has no backbone and should be ashamed of being so weak! They are lots of people in the villages that are starting to stand up. We need a medium to let them know that all Goans, all over the world, can write in and let them know that we are with them. Thanks to Niz Gonekar - Menino this could be our medium. We need to adhere to one site with all the information so that our Goans can get the truth of the on goings of their homeland. Right now we have several sites but most don't update their information as Niz Gonekar does. We need to all work from one site. We need to generate funds to employ people in Goa to work on these issues to help the common man in the villages. They need to know how to use the system for their benefit. I see Ms Carmen Miranda is doing a superb job. Her model will be successful. She has lawyers hired for this important cause. Our enemies have become more embolden and the stakes are high as land is so very, very expensive. We need more embolden ways of defeating them and to stand up and fight. If we remain silent, it is taken as a sign of weakness and they will loot and loot and take OUR GOA from us. All the 40 Chors got to go! Please offer a prayer for this to happen. We need our peace again.

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