(Excerpt from Goan Observer)
The Archdiocese of Goa, through the council for Social justice & peace headed by Fr. Maverick Fernandes, has been agitating against the mega housing projects in the state.
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But the Archdiocese of Goa headed by the Archbishop, Rev Felipe Neri Ferrao, through the procurator and treasurer and attorney of the Archdiocese of Goa, Fr. Arlino de Melo, has promoted mega housing project in Vaxim, Divar. An area of almost 5 lakhs sq. mt. land of Vanxim, Divar belonging to the Santa Monica convent has been sold to Mahendra Gaunekar for sum of Rs. 55,04,150. Who has, in turn, sold it to a Banglore based developer named Ozone Leisure and Resort Pvt. Ltd. And its associates for Rs. 30 Crore and 16.7 percent share of the first phase of the proposed mega development projects. The remaining 83.3 percent of the over 4,00,000 sq mts property will be developed into a golf course.
The sale deed shows that over 3 lakhs sq. mts is shown as paddy fields in the survey records. The sale deed also states that no cultivation was done for several years and that the said area had remained fallow and the soil has become uncultivable and the components authorities have issued certificates to the effect. The actual payments or profit that Mahendra Gaunekar will make on the deal is probably 10 times the amount or closer to Rs. 300 crore approximately, which is project market value as for 16.7 percent profit in the share of the developed property.
The fact that Mahendra Gaunekar, in the joint development agreement, has undertaken to have the whole Vanxim Island declared as a settlement zone would imply that several influential politicians are also involvred in this mother in all mega project. Pandurang Madkaikar, the local MLA with the assistance of veteran molester of Goa, Babush Monserate. Chief Minister who holds the Town and Country Planning minister is also aware of this.


Unknown said...

"Padrincher add ulounchem nhoi", "Bismacher add uloichem nhoi", these are the words of Calvert Gonsalves in his (in)famous CD Dogui Bodmas. And the illiterate people along with the unmarried Padri Diogo and Mickey Mouse, driven with evil thoughts came on the streets. Fr. Maverick is working on his own sentiments and lack proper thinking. Now, when the Church itself is involved in these scams, who else should shout? The land infact is possesed by the Liquor baron of India, a known secret. The Church properties are either for sale or lease. I expect the Bishop Palace which is like a confined area for the followers should be able to explain this. Calvert's point is proved right. What else is left for sale?

Bebdo said...

Bebdo said...
Mogal Niz Goenkarano
It is high time that we take our movement to its logical next step. For quite some time now, we have been ranting and raving on this forum – and earlier on Oheraldo. There are many Goans who are ready to fight to save the culture, rich heritage and history of our small state. Unfortunately, they are not organized. Even if someone wants to be an activist for the Goan cause, the fear of the goondas, police and the politicians forces that person to keep his/her opinion to him/herself. To such people, I say, fear not for the day of liberating Goa a second time is not far away. I humbly appeal to them to join in the thousands as a united force of Goenkars. There are many examples in the world when people’s power has overthrown the worst type of corrupt and dictatorial regimes. It started in France, when the monarchy was overthrown. It was replicated in the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and many other countries. When the masses rise, the powerful politicians tremble. So rise my Goan brothers and sisters and join in our movement to clean Goa once and for all.
The first step is to inform all your relatives and friends about this Niz Goenkar site. The internet is a powerful medium through which we can unite all our Goans spread all over the world. Forward the link of this site to at least 10 people. Let the traffic to this site increase in the thousands.
Secondly, create an awareness about the need to oust this 40 chors and all the parties that have looted and destroyed Goa since “liberation”.
Thirdly, tell your children --- whether you are living in Goa or abroad --- about the unique culture and identity of Goa and Goans. And how we are different from other Indians.
Fourthly, Please boycott all politicians and their sycophants. Don’t invite them for any function, be it public or personal.
Fifth, Don’t sell your properties to non-Goans. And even if you are planning to sell it to a Goan, find out if that person is a front for the non-Goan builders. If that is the case then refrain from dealing with such people.
We, including me, is ready to take the lead. Our members should be those who would always abide by the party ideology. We don’t want opportunists and wannbe looters in the guise of politicians and social workers. We don’t want party hoppers either. We want only Goans, mostly educated Goans, who would be able to work tirelessly for the benefit of Goa and Goans.

Bebdo said...

For quite some time I had in this forum tried to expose the deeds of Pandu Madkaikar. He is worse than the Mickkey Mouse,Monster Rat and Chorchil combined.Besides being a womaniser,this illiterate ghovddo has become a multi-millionaire.He has robbed church properties in Old Goa and Sao Pedro and has taken some people for a ride by constructing buildings in private properties and then by paying them some money after they objected to it. This chor tops the list of the 10 worst chors of Goa. He has won all the elections by buying votes and was initially funded for his first election by Chorchill, Luizinho the dunkrakar and Ravi Naik. Later the Monster Rat also supported him.When he was the transport minister, he sold jobs for lakhs. Now,he is robbing church properties. Sadly,the church too has become toothless and instead of helping Christians,it is helping those who are out to destroy it.

Unknown said...

I want to see now how many Christians will just say "Let it go". This is a grave situation and the Bishop's Palace should be able to answer and send a message through all the Churches of Goa on this matter. The Bishop himself should be able to answer and just not be a prisoner of the politicians at Altinho. Fr. Maverick should be able to lead a way to get the properties of the Church back to its fold or leave the matter, close the Bishop's Palace and leave the matters of the Soul to each one of us. We don't want the sinners to preach us.

diogofichardo said...

We Christians never question the church for its misdeeds, either right or wrong we have learnt to except it. Although it's a bitter pill to swallow in today's Goa the church (Priests are human beings) coupled with the corrupt ministers, ordinary true Goans have been taken for a ride of destruction. We need to bring awareness to Goans through the world for the sake of future generations. Although many know how bad the situation in Goa is not many are willing to join in the Unity. With Unity we should not allow for the destruction of DIVAR and the REST of GOA to take place. The church and Mahendra Gaunekar should buy the land back from the developers. There is enough money with the church to make the shortfall. Let's Get United.

Bebdo said...

Bebdo said...
Why not form a party and name it as Niz Goenkaracho Poxx.Whoever wants to be a member should make a monthly contribution to the party.It can be in any amount. Even a rupee will do. But this gesture will go a long way, as the member will feel feel the sense of belonging and will be proud to say that it is his party. We can then nominate good and educated people from each constituency as candidates and with our contribution can support their election campaign. We should not pay a single rupee to any voter. Whatever votes we poll we will know that those are genuine votes for our party and then we can build it up from there. We are different and should be different. There is no shame even if we get 2 votes in the elections. If we die without fighting, then we are cowards. A coward dies even before the battle begins.
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar. Long Live Goan Unity

Unknown said...

If the Church could fall under the carpet of the politicians then where is the salvation? This is something very serious and the Bishop should speak out if Goan Observer lied to us. I heard about this scandal through someone but couldn't believe either. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Arise Niz Goenkara and save our Island from the land grabbing monsters. The excerpts of Goan Observers are true and in fact many more are involved in this matter. Some unconfirmed sources states, even the Church of Vanxim (St. Christo) is been sold to Gaunekar. What about actual Chor Filipe of Itajem (Vitojem)Divar? Thanks Goan Observer and all the people of Goa for your support at the current juncture and we counts on you for the future day battles.

People of Vanxim

Emediavoices said...

Bebdo, you are not drunk but sober on what you speak..."A Soldier dies once in a battlefield but Cowards die every second."

The East Indian Community today laments in Mumbai on the same fate similar to this article on "Vanxim" and if it happens to the poor people of Vanxim, then the same fate will happen for others in Goa. May be not now but later..."Aiz Amkam Faleam Tumcam".

Dalia you are right...We should speak opposite against the Priests and that's what they appreciate...let us ponder their best examples they have sustained for us in Belgium, UK, USA and other European countries...In Goa the priest we feel are for selling the lands which they have inherited from the Portuguese. If you speak truth to the priest, they hate and you are bound for "Ex-communication with your entire family" Is this not true in Goa?

e-mediavoices said...

Bebdo you are not drunk but sober and you speak right " A Soldier dies once in a battlefield but Cowards dies every second"

Dalia you too are right because we must speak opposite against the priest and the Vanxim article speaks of their deeds and the best example they have sustained for us and the next generation. Let us also ponder the beautiful example of sex scandal which now gets exposed in Belgium, Poland, UK, USA and other European countries they have preached upon.For Goan's the fate they suffer for speaking truth against the Priest's is "Ex-communication". Am I right?

You think Goa is safe apart from land scam deal? The island of Vanxim was a dowry given by the Portuguese to the Sta Monica sisters (for their lively hood) and see how these Priests grabbed these lands from the sisters and secretly sold to the monsters.

The East Indian Community in Mumbai, 3 decade ago faced the similar fate of Vanxim and for Goan those days are about to come..."Aiz Amkam faleam Tumkam"

Menino thank for the blog spot Niz Goenkar and we hope you work will be appreciated by Goans.

Stanley said...

Mr. Pandu Mad. is a reverend person and will be beatified alive for his nefarious acts. He was made the "Communiade Minister" and it was during these days he grabbed the lands in Old Goa and beyond even by imposing fear on the owners.The Sao Mathias Panchayat in Malar, Divar works at his finger tips and so on are the other panchayat's in Tiswadi. If a person speak against his Panch or Sarpanch, news reaches the Pandu's desk and the next day the person is summoned at his office and kindly given a warning note " See your mouth is controlled"
The Bishop house had no fear but greed to sell the lands.Both the Church and the Mad. are still in gloves until this day. May be now their pants or cassocks will be on fire as Goan Observer and many Media exposed them.

e-mediavoices said...

Goa Manda has latest updates on Vanxim and the new twists. Please click this link

See how the monsters of Goa is on the verge of exploiting the Island of Vanxim.

e-mediavoices said...

High time for the People of Vanxim to bring the Opposition leader Mr. Manohar Parrikar and stage a big rally in Vanxim to expose the nexus of Church-Mahendra Gaunekar-Pandurang Madkaikar.

Bebdo said...

I really wonder what has happened to this issue. There is no follow up in the local newspapers. Maybe, Pandu Madkaikar must have paid handsome bribes to the reporters and correspondents, especially to the Herald correspondent from Old Goa. Gilbert is known to be in the pay books of Pandu Madkaikar.
..... on another issue, there was news item about a feasibility report on the building of bridges to connect Charao and Divar to Ribandar and Old Goa. We now know why it was done. It all boils down to Vanxim. So the people of Divar, Charao and Vanxim don't be fooled by the promises of this Pandu Madkaikar. He has already taken you'll for a long ride.

Bebdo said...

I know most of the people from this constituency work abroad, in the Gulf and on the ships. So I request you not to eat the bread crumbs given to you by this Maha Chor Pandurang Madkaikar during the elections. The people of Charao, Divar and St. Estevam are quite rich. And it is a shame to see many of them eating the bread crumbs of the gonvddo who has become a builder by robbing and encroaching church property in Old Goa and other surrounding areas.
When he became the minister, he sold jobs to the highest bidder. He has not given employment to anyone for free. He and his brothers are doing goondagiri in the constituency and the people are frightened of him.
The people of Cumbarjua constituency, you have the vote in your hand. Defeat this Chor in the next election and support the people of Vanxim in their just cause of saving their island.
If you the people of Divar, Charao and St. Estevam don't save the island of Vanxim, then God will never forgive you for supporting this Maha Chor Madkaikar. Worse, one day the same fate will befall on you and your children for not doing enough to save the beautiful islands in the Cumbarjua constituency.

Anonymous said...

Yes Beb, 3 months ago this Gonvdo visited Vanxim to settle the dispute between the people and the monster Gaunekar. The people (ladies) were on the verge of beating Philip Chor with Chapals but other villager stopped and issued the last warning to him "Never or ever step on this island again or else you will never return back to mainland". Gaunekar on witnessing this problem sought refugee near the Mahar Pandu's security cover and lastly people shouted to Mahar Madkaikar"Who told you to visit here for the meeting and this was his reply"After all I am your MLA and in future you all will come to me only to solve this issue later, hence I am come now only and I will be with you only rather than monster Gaunekar" What people now realize is his Lamb clothed Wolf nature after Goan Observer investigation. The people of Vanxim has boycotted the Gonvdo and will never or ever vote him again for eternity.

e-mediavoices said...

Beb. and all Goans- This is the link of more updating on Vanxim land scam deal. Please check

Bebdo said...

Why is the church silent on this issue? The land was given to the Santa Monica convent as a dowry. The Convent of Santa Monica had lot of properties which were usually given as dowries to the nuns by their families at the time of admission to the convent. Capao, Corlim, Dholaper, Marna and many other places came into the possession of the Convent of Santa Monica as dowries. Sr. Emma has written a book on Women in Portuguese India and in it she clearly mentions the role the Convent of Santa Monica played in nurturing nuns and their properties.
The church should clarify its stand. It cannot rob the properties of Santa Monica and sell them to those who are out to destroy the church in Goa.
Mog asundi

Trevor said...

I do want to hear from the church on this....I know we have very good priests out there.....please let us know what happened here. This land should be returned to the villages, this is OUR Goa, we can do what we want with OUR land. If I was in Goa, I would be knocking on the door of every church to get an answer....I want to know what happened. If they are corrupt people in our religious institutions than we need to find out who they are, if that is the case. I don't want to believe this is true, so please give us the facts. My family and so many families have been donating and donating to the church, the land should belong to us! I ask the villages to shed blood if they have too, as they are in the right. The land was robbed from them. It is time to take it back. It is time to fight even if we have to die. It the church gave it away then they will have blood on their hands. We had to shed blood for our language, now we have to do it for our land! Enough is Enough!

Anonymous said...

Dear readers nobody Dead or Alive will able to hear from the Goan Church Authorities( or even from Bishop) any solution or answer to the matter raised in this blog. To upgrade your information on present suitavation about Goan Church read a very good informative blog by Miguel Vas (, the blog is sound to be a research work of Mr. Miguel Vas with the grace of Mother Mary. Amen

Bostiao said...

shhhhh !!!!! how dare you speak against the priests? they may even give/sell the bishops palace to IFFI. Anything! Just anything!!

KalchiKodi said...

Why is Mr Mario Pinto supporting this Chor Madkaikar.... Is he getting a Cut too...

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