Though the Goa government is determined to acquire land admeasuring 1.15 lakh sq mts at Davorlim for the proposed multipurpose utility project, the villagers of Davorlim are equally bent on blocking the acquisition. They are all bracing up for an agitation to protect the land of their ancestors from acquisition.
The order by the government to the South Goa district collector earlier this week to go ahead with the acquiring the land has stirred resentment and protests among the villagers. Their earlier sustained objections fell on deaf ears. The villagers have now planned to take to the streets and hold protests outside the district Collectorate building. They have also decided to convene a special gram sabha meeting and have planned to call on the local MLA and PWD minister Churchil Alemao to address their genuine demand.
A villager Antonetta, who is in the forefront in opposing the project, said that the villagers are fighting to protect the land from acquisition for their children. She said that this is the only open land available in the village. “Where will our children and grand children go if this land is acquired for government projects which are not benefitting the villagers at all?” She asked.
Antonetta along with the villagers are contending that the Communidade land was preserved and protected by their ancestors for generations to come. “If the government acquires the piece of land for the multi-utility projects, the villagers will have nowhere to go”, she asserted. Davorlim villagers along with the Gram Sabha and Panchayat body had been opposing the project since the government notified section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act to acquire the land last year.
Their please, went unheeded as evident by the fact that the government in June last notified Section 6 of the Act. That the government is firm in its resolve to acquire the land in question became crystal clear earlier this week when the district Collector was given orders under section 7 of the Land Acquisition Act to acquire the land.
The Davorlim Panchayat has rallied behind the villagers in their demand the scrapping of the land acquisition process. Deputy sarpanch Sandeep Kambli said that enough is enough and that the people are now ready to come onto the streets. “Till date, neither the government nor the district Collector has bothered to take the locals into confidence. They have not been explained what multi-utility project is all about and the projects that would come up on the acquired land”, Kambli said.
Like many a villager, the deputy sarpanch said the local MLA should support the local MLA should support the local villagers in their battle against the land acquisition proceedings. “The villagers will also call the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat as well to scrap the project”, he added. Agitated villagers say the government had initially initiated moves to acquire lush green fields for the proposed Kabrastan and has now set its sight on the barren Communidade land for ulterior motives.


Bebdo said...

Let me tell the people of Davorlim that without the connivance and approval from the local MLA --- in this case Chorchill--- the government and the deputy collector would not even have the balls to go ahead with the land acquisition procedure. Your Chorchill is certainly behind this land acquisition. So what is the point in calling him to address the gram sabha? He will say that he is also against it and will try his best to stop the land acquisition. He will also take an oath by invoking the name of Vailankani Saibinn and state that he has nothing to do with it. He will also say that he is ready to give his blood to stop the land acquistion and support the people of Davorlim. Finally, at the end of the speech he will say, if the government wants the land he cannot do anything about it and will blame Luizinho the dunkrakar for the unrest in Davorlim.
People of Davorlim, don't get fooled by such talks of Chorchill. These 40 chors do not know how the concept of the Communidade originated. Our ancestors had given due thought when they founded the Communidade system in Goa, which is also an unique feature of Goans.
People of Davorlim, stop this CHORS and LOOTERS who are out to sell Goa to the highest bidder.

Unknown said...

Chorchill and party are all black wolves trying to grab the land from these poor villagers. Why not the chor Kamat intervene and save this land? Because none of them will get commission. They should first develop the infrastructure that we have in Goa rather than keep on acquiring land all over for the benefit of the outsiders to set up shops after taking haftas. People of Davorlim will not give up as i know they have not bent down in the past and not now. Let us provide all support we can to these people including our moral support even in the form of a few sentences here in this forum. Let us say a small prayer for the support of these people and ask God Almighty to take away all our Chalis Chors from this Earth. Digamchor is the master corrupt and the worst politician we ever had in the history of Goa as CM. Chorchill fooled the people by forming the party SAVE GOA and now he is actually SHAVING Goa and on top of that he want us to vote for his Leitao.

diogofichardo said...

Citizens of Goa and residents of Davorlim stand your ground and do not let these thugs bully you. There is has been enough destruction of Goa aided by our corrupt ministers. We need to stand united against thugs. Anybody out there please tell them about the NIZ GOENKAR site where they can voice themselves without fear. God give Goans the strength and wisdom to unite together.

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