LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE by Jeremiah D'Souza, Cansaulim

Villagers in Goa pass resolution after resolution at their Gram Sabhas to protect their environment and surroundings, but unfortunately a number of Village Panchayats take no cognisance of this. Aren’t these legal resolutions passed at Gram Sabhas binding on the Village Panchayats? Or is the interpretation of the Panchayati Raj Act left to the whims and fancies of the elected representatives?
The Panchayati Raj Act clearly states they are binding, but it is a disgrace that in a literate state like Goa elected panchas and representatives do not record the legally binding resolutions in the minutes. The secretary records the minutes, but what does (s)he stand to gain by this illegal act?
Elected Panchas hurriedly pass projects and grant licences overnight to protect their vested interests, and do not take into confidence the Gram Sabha – the people’s voice. Attacks on Gram Sabha members are becoming the order of the day.
If the government is serious about the aam admi, it should immediately take action and instruct executive bodies like Directorate of Panchayats and the BDO that the people’s voice be recognised at the Gram Sabha. Else, all their tall claims of working for the aam admi will pale into insignificance, with a severe drubbing at the next hustings. The people’s hands are now full, and they will strike back with a vengeance.


diogofichardo said...

The citizens of Goa are tolerant people, but that patience is wearing out and very soon they may take the law into their own hands. It is time Goans unite and get rid of these corrupt and greedy bureaucrats.

Thelma Soares said...

Panchayat members disregarding resolutions passed by the Gram Sabha, projects being passed without considering the consequences, illegalities and attacks on the Gram Sabha members have become the order of the day in our Goan villages. This is all because of the corruption and greed rampant.

If we destroy our villages nothing will be left. The Government of Goa is doing nothing about this and constantly disregards the wishes of the people.

Anonymous said...

"Aam Admi" is INSIGNIFICANT from a long time now my friend. STOP dreaming! 'Aam Admi' is only an election gimmick. After elections, after forming a government, it is "POISHE dilear KAAM"

Girish said...

Sack the Ministry of Panchayats in the first place for not taking action to protect the Gram Sabhas, for not holding the Sarapanches and Panchayat members responsible for not taking the Gram Sabhas wishes into account and for misrepresenting the resolutions passed.

Sack the Directorate of Panchayats as well!

Get rid of these corrupt Panchayat members and kick them out of our Goan villages.

Shyam Sawant said...

There is nobody to listen to the Goan people. The Indian government itself is encouraging the destruction of Goa and with that in mind the beast Nehru and scum Menon invaded Goa and illegaly annexed it to India. Both the animals are gone but they destroyed Goa with the help of USSR (Russia).

dlp said...

"Aam Admi" means "Mango Man". That too, injected mangoes. Looks beautiful from outside but rotten inside. That's what Aam Admi is all about.

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