VALPOI: A bathe in the river turned into a tragedy in the Satari Taluka at Vantem. Two minor girls from Karnataka, who were living at Vantem Satari drowned in the Valvanti river at Vantem, where they went to bathe.
The Valpoi Police said that took the bodies out of the river and sent them to the GMC Bambolim for post mortem.
The names of the girls were given as Surti Dogappa Lamani, 8 years old and the other as Saroj Rammappa Lamani aged 7 years, both belonging to the labour community from Karnataka.
After completing the formalities the bodies will be handed over to the parents of the deceased girls.


diogofichardo said...

It is sad this has happened to these minors, They should have been supervised by adults.

Dalia said...

RIP, whoever they are. Why parents couldn't look after these innocent kids?

dlp said...

There are many parents like these. They go to enjoy themselves little cdaring about their kids. Two innocent lives lost. Who is responsible?

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