Centre has asked the mines secretary from Goa to attend a meeting to evaluate the steps taken by the state governments to check illegal mining in the state.
“We have called a meeting with the state governments to discuss the issue of illegal mining and on iron ore exports,” Mines Minister B K Handique told reporters at the 44th Annual General Meeting of FIMI.
In addition to Goa, mines secretaries of Karnataka, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh are asked to attend the meeting to decide the future strategy to tackle illegal mining in the states (DG)


dlp said...

Play number 21 on matka on Sept 21. Its guranteed to make you rich.

Dalia said...

When our Paigambar Cowmuth, the king of Monte Dongor, Margao is having his own illegal mines in Sanguem and Barxem, operated by his only SON-in-LAW, will he the first one to raise hands and declare himself?

Shyam Sawant said...

Dalia I must second you on that name "Paigambar Cowmuth" for the CM (Chief Moron) of Goa. What I really do not understand is when they are paid salaries why are they running illegaly after wealth? Can anybody tell me which of the politicians of Goa is a "honest" PERSON? I tried to look for one but could find none.

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