MARGAO: The brother of Panchayat Minister, Babu Azgaonkar has threatened to contest against the Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat in the Margao constituency if justice is not done to him on the reservation of wards.
Babu’s brother Rajendra Azgaonkar, who is the sitting MMC councillor is sore over the fact that his ward has been reserved for women in the ensuing municipal election. What has agitated Azgaonkar is the fact that the ward he is representing was reserved for women during the previous term and wondered how come the same ward can be reserved again for women after one term.
Azgaonkar has contended that there are a couple of wards in the Margao Municipal Council which have not been reserved for women in the last four terms. To cite a few instances, he said that ward No 5 represented by Councillor Raju Naik has not been reserved for a women in the last three terms and is once again declared a general ward in the ensuing polls. Similarly, he said the ward represented by Councillor Gonzaco Rebello has not been reserved for women for the last three terms and is declared a general ward for the coming elections.
“There are other wards too which have not been reserved for women for many terms now. Why is the government hell bent in only reserving my ward every alternate term”, Azgaonkar demanded to know.
“I am not against reservation of seats for women. But, why is the government so keen to reserve my ward, while other wards have not been reserved for women for many terms. Why this double standard for me and for others”, he asked.
Sources in the know said the matter has been brought to the notice of the Chief Minister to rectify the anomalies in the reservation of wards. “If the government is determined to see that I don’t contest the Municipal polls, then I will prepare myself to contest the Municipal polls from Margao”, he asserted.


Dalia said...

The politics of the Political College of Bihar set up by Laloo Prasad Yadav is now operating in full force in Goa. There are so many political families fighting for berths for themselves and the members of their families too. It starts from Panchayat level and as I read before, many a village have the husband as the Sarpanch and wife as deputy or panch. Then Zilla, husband-wife duo and has reached to the assembly with father-son duo as well as brothers too. It will be benefecial for Azgaonkar from Azgaon, Maharashtra to ask his wife sit in that ward and himself sit in a male ward. they should have absolute power control for a Ghanti vote. As long as caste and gender is considered in politics, chamars will rule us. See how they fight to get the power to corrupt power. Fools vote.

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