I know, this might rouse the dormant to wake or even the deceased to be on a vigil however, I am not here for a debate.
To be a politician is quiet a remarkable achievement and is not for the weak of heart but, for those that capitalize on their inner hardcore beliefs. Only such individuals, can rise to the occasion and get the nominations. These are the foxes that are always on the prowl to get out of their foxholes prior to the elections to mesmerise or influence the electorates. Some bring in money to the podium whilst others criticize the electives giving out ferocious and fiery speeches against those corrupt so as to cool the nerves of the upset electorates, some write editorials of uneventful potrayals and occurrences in the news media, and others appease by their good looks, personality and so called community services.
As is seen here on the "Niz Goenkar" forum that every other politician that gives a news briefing to the media is either perverse, stupid or abnormal as an Ass and talk rubbish all the time and do nothing. It seems very clear by the characteristics of most individuals on this forum to say something that is lacking in positive attributes. I sincerely believe, if we are the children of the same God than, no one is ever born to be, perfect in character. I doubt it, if we are to ever find one amongst us or elsewhere, who has not acted selfish or cheated his way to the top, be it in his personal or public life. We as human beings are often motivated by genuine concerns at the helm, to always do good and feel proud of our achievements but very few are in such ranks.
Is there an individual that would rise to occasion with a character of rank on this forum who is genuine and sincere, one who would fight for the cause of the Goans. In lieu of, venting out our frustrations, criticzing every political move, character assasinatings of these Goan corrupt and down to earth politicians. It would be wise to see a representative of the Niz Goenkar come forward and conduct himself as an Independant in the next elections and form a new "Niz Goenkars Party". That would be a commendable achievement.
Do you have what it takes to climb up the ladder or forever hold your peace and accept the changes made by the Goa's corrupt governance.


N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Johnads:**Thank you for your article.I am not quite sure what you mean by you are ""not here for a debate".This remark sounds a little patronising, condenscending and arrogant and delivered with an air of some superiority complex.I agree with you, that not everyone is cut out or born to be a Politician(foxes).However you must understand we all choose our vocations in life as we would best serve it.Not every one can be a Politician or a fox?Your other remark..."It seems very clear by the characteristics of most individuals on this forum to say something that is lacking in positive attributes", is nothing more than more ignorance & arrogance from you.I do not see anything wrong with individuals here commenting on issues...political or otherwise, and expressing their views.That is democracy. By nature every person will express a views where it is deemed fit and neccessary as per their understanding and beliefs.The very fact that people here are commenting displays an admirable attribute.If you are suggesting,that they are only positive, if they stand up as an Election Canditate,that you will have some respect for them, is again ridiculous or at most stupid.
Your suggestion that we have all,at some time, acted selfish or cheated, to get to the top is again truly crazy & "bonkers".There is a difference with individual cheating and collective cheating.There is also a difference with one cheating another, and, as is in the case of most Goa Politicians,(whom you seem to admire & side with from your comments)cheating, robbing &stealing from the masses.They are elected to serve not be served.
Another remark that you have made seems contradictory..>>"In lieu of, venting out our frustrations, criticzing every political move, character assasinatings of these Goan corrupt and down to earth politicians".Remember the current bunch of Goa`s politicians are not down to earth.In fact most people here and elsewhere will see them as elevated rogues,idiots,scoundrels and theives.Their families included.
Finally ,no one here has to climb any political ladder at your behest or accept the changes by the current bunch of corrupt Politicians.We will make decisions as to the best way we can serve and contribute and move forward.Criticism is no sin,neither is it a negative attribute.By the way have you considered standing as a Politician?There is a saying...first practice what you preach.I have no doubt in my mind that you have a close association with some of these Goa Politicians and some reverence for them.Your past comments,which others here too have condemned, have led me to this conclusion.Regardless, I wish you well in your endeavours and hope you will be guided by true light and not darkness.

Francis Fernandes, Switzerland said...

Infact the need of the hour is unity amongst Goans!
Every Goan, wherever he/she lives, has one thing close to his /her heart “ Goa, our Motherland & our beloved Goan brethren”.
If I was in Goa, I would not have realised the filth I was living in. But when you go out of Goa, only then you realise how Goans are taken for a ride & how Goa is robbed & raped!
Time has come to leave political party alliances etc aside & think of Goa & Goans.
Stay connected to NIZ GOENKAR. Get more & more goans to this forum.
Let us give up the CRAB mentality, unite & fight for one cause “ GOA & GOANS”
Vishwajeet will surely win the Valpoi seat this time!
But Goans can win the 40 seats during the next Assembly elections.
Therefore, we should now focus on the next Assembly elections!
Every body should come up with concrete ideas instead of wasting precious energy by criticizing others or amusing readers by their comments.
On my part, I am working on a strategy & will announce it shortly! Watch out!

Mike Carvalho said...

Well written Francis! Unity is the essence of the hour. I have been out of Goa for the last two decades and its painful to see the distruction of once the "Rome of the east" . I must appreciate Niz Goenkar and our friend Menino in particular who has taken this bold step of engineering this blog. It gives us overseas goans to speak up in support of our beloved land. I want my kids to appreciate the land of their forefathers when they grow up and visit Goa their actual homeland in reality.

franco said...

To Johnads, No one in this world is born a politician, they are made politicians by leading the way on the top. One has to use his talent that God has bestowed on him. Someone may be a good politician, who can mesmerized the crowd by talking on the podium fearlessly whereas there may be a guy who even doesn’t have the courage to speak a word in public out of stage fear. So God has created each one in his own image to follow what is right for him. In Goa most of the 1st division students get technical seats to become doctors and engineers............ the 2nd division pass MBA become administrators and control the 1st division........the 3rd division (illiterate and failures without any education) enter politics become ministers and get successful by controlling "ALL" & destroying everything whatever comes their way. They think they are on the top the world with their carrier and by looting the poor, they think they can do anything whoever comes their way but they do not know that one day they will fall down from their thrones not even realizing what has taken place. A good candidate, with dedication and courage to lead its people will ultimately face some rejections, threats etc., at an initial stage, but with our unity and support he can overcome this spontaneously. Rome was not built in one day. So let us strike a note of positive thinking and let it continue till we achieve our goal to liberate our Goa from these corrupt leaders. Mr. N. Fernandes has beautifully clarified your standing in regard the other points raised by you.

Dalia said...

Thanks Johnads, good comments by all, thank you Menino, your blog is waking up many. Thanks to all bloggers for wonderful opinions. Goans, please throw the present politicians and their cronies out.

Bebdo said...

Well said all. There will always be some black sheep among us. We can deal with them, but not with the ones who have the 'Crab Mentality'. They won't do anything and won't allow others also to do something. Instead they will pull the honest and genuine Goans down.
Viva Goa.

dlp said...

Dalia... You should thank Franco and not johnads. Also thank you N. Fernandes for your super response to johnads' article. I feel that one or two of these down to earth corrupt politicians has paid him to write that article.

Dalia said...

The fall of Goa started with Tourism, it brought land grab culture and the prime and pristine locations of Goa, from North to South are grabbed by them. From Sinquerim to Cavellosim Beach to Galgibaga, the public beaches are encroached by these land grabbers of Goa and sold to outsiders. Take the example of Cidade de Goa, public property becmae "My fathers property" because of our politicians. Now our Palace at Altinho is silent by selling the Church properties and should we say the day will not come when the same Clergy laymen may try to sell Church itself? It's the greed of the politicians and the laymen of Goa that has brought poverty and shame on Goa. The rich are harvesting whilst the poor are slogging. The law and order in the State is at it's worst. The adminstration has become a regime of Dictatorship. But as Fernandes pointed out, all dictators fall including Zia-ul-Haq who ruled Pakistan with an iron fist by directing the main issues with publicity against India. The other curse brought by the politicians on Goa is the mining. Now with China accepting 40 grade product of Goa, the whole of the eastern hills are almost flattened. There were hardly a few miners in Goa in the past, now every politician and their family members are either mining contractors or miners themselves, most illegally. It is a pity for the locals who stay in the mining areas, their houses are painted red by the mining dust and their health is reduced to death.
Goa need a change, a change in the political thinking of the people which will help changing these 40 corrupt politicians and their cronies. Go's political change will come when people start realizing that the rule imposed by these few politicains and the members of their families is going to take us backwards. When the political thinking by the Goan community was almost changed by Dr. Oscar Rebello, the political goons implanted the Goa Bachao Abhiyan with their own cronies in the name of save Goa and almost destroyed it. The only mistake Dr. Oscar made was he should have formed a party at the peak of time and there would have been lightof the day. The politicians were hell bent to destroy Dr. Oscar and they proved themselves succesful. The task of Dr. Oscar was a marathon one, like a spineless swine fighting with many elephants. He was succesful but sabotaged by the political swines. Let's be honest, lets' be our own masters, let's not vote for these existing politicians and their cronies or associates. Get the youth to the helm of Goa. Let them design a practical future for Goa. Viva Niz Goenkara, we will Change, we need a change from the corrupt system.

Dalia said...

Sorry dlp, my mistake that I realized after pressing the button, my apologies.

Dalia said...

Digambara, Digambara, fuisor assai re tum CHORA?
Goeam cholta tem tujem raj, broxttacharanim re bhorla
Sogle tumi chor, Goem chorit rava,
Uprant lokanche bogun xirap tumche porank,
Milmileanim tumi kusun, vollvoleanim mora,
Zago zau, zago zau, danv re Chora.
Ani tuca danvadaunk, uttat re Niz Goenkara
Uttat re Niz Goenkara

Trevor said...

So well said Dalia!.....How I wish our people in all of Goa would wake up and see the writing on the wall. I know people in Goa need jobs but we need to find other ways. We are loosing Goa in the name of tourism and mining. Limited tourism is okay but it should be of benefit to Goans, yet so many of non-Goans are employed in tourism. So are the jobs being created for our Goans? The ghantis will not come if they are no jobs for them. But they are employed in the tourism sector and of course they are not going to pack up and leave. I don't know if people in Goa are willing to make the difficult choices. Yes, the GBA is our biggest hope to save Goa. At least it will be the first step in the right direction. We need more people like Dr Oscar and Dr Martins. These are our saviors, not the dog politicians.

Dalia said...

Far-ar-far zatat ranat-u,
Politicians Goenche, chortat xarantu,
Bhirant tankam na, disache uzvadantuch,
Paigambar tancho Raja, koslich na odchonuch.

Goeam kelem kobar hea chorani,
Ganvche ganv bhorleat aiz drugs-ani,
Goenche policeank aikunk iena, bere kanani,
Urlolo zago amcho farailo bhaileanim,
Irloso lugar urla to bhorla ghantianim.
Paigambara, kiteim tori korun,
Kursi tuji borea munxeak di soddun,
Goenchem kiteim tori urom samballun,
Tumi sogleanim khaunche adim urlelem chorun.

Paigambara, Paigambara,
Kitem tum evjitai?
Tujem kodel samballunk,
Goem ratr-dis kiteak viktai?

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