MARGAO: Reacting to accusations of spot-fixing for the upcoming municipality elections, two local politicians — longtime Congressman and three time MLA and ex-councillor, Mr Alex Cardozo and the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary, Mr Vijay Sardessai, involved in the meeting brokered by the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, reacted in two different ways.
While Mr Vijai Sardessai said that he was only involved in a very limited way as these elections were "not fought on party lines," Mr Alex Cardozo said his son was contesting from ward number 9 in Fatorda come what may.
But, ironically, as if to prove that this was just a sideshow for the main event to follow – that of the Legislative Assembly elections - the meeting laid the framework for the combinations and permutations within Fatorda constituency adding some weight to the observation by many political observers that elections could follow the final round of municipality elections slated for somewhere around March next year.
This meeting could even affect the neighbouring Nuvem constituency given the history of last time’s elections as both are dominated by ST voters. Mr Cardozo said that he had gone for the meeting on the express request of the Chief Minister
"The reason is that Vijay and I are not on good terms because of the last elections. And, the Chief Minister said being Congressmen we should meet, so we met," he told media. But, what was pertinent was that he said that he would support the GPCC general secretary if he was the Congress candidate this time.
"I have given assurance that my son will not stand this time (for Assembly)," he said. But, as if to put a point across, he argued that he wanted "our people to be represented properly. I want every person to be given representation."
He was very adamant that the people who were with him for past 20 years should be given recognition. "If I am given recognition alone, it is no use. I cannot work alone. I need these people too," he said. Going back on the municipal elections round the corner, he categorically stated that he was only interested in promoting his engineer son from ward number 9 (MMC) of Fatorda constituency.
"I am fielding my son on ward number 9. Hundred per cent I am going to do that. He is an engineer," he told media. Mr Sardessai, the contender for the Fatorda Congress ticket, told media that he and Mr Cardozo had met as Congressmen belittling the "setting accusation." "If Mama Cardozo meets me it is because he is the vice president of the Congress party and I am the general secretary," he said.
He was also categorical that he was not floating a panel this time. "I am not floating a panel this time," and professed that he was all for reservations done in a "transparent" manner.


Shyam Sawant said...

Introducing a new thief into politics. Thief after thief. Very Good!

Dalia said...

Making ground for Vijay Chordessai to contest the assembly elections, Avoi-ge, moje maim. Let Damu be there, better though BJP fellow. This Chordessai if elected will sell off the people of the constituency, forget the land, the land is already being sold by him fooling the poor farmers. Chor meets another chor. Both CHORS meet Cowmuth. That makes 3 Chors together. Three chors together makes a group and comes to terms to share the loot, what a filmy story? People, please reject these Chors as my prayer always. Dump these Chors and their family members.

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