MAPUSA: Acting swiftly, a team of Mapusa police led by the police sub-inspector, Mr Vijay Rane, and comprising of head constable, Mr Santosh Bandodkar and head constable, Mr Sharad Gawas succeeded in rescuing a 4-year old boy from Karaswada, who was kidnapped and taken to Mumbai.
According to information given by the Mapusa deputy superintendent of police, Mr Sammy Tavares, a complaint was registered on September 16 at the Mapusa police station under Sections 364 A and 506(ii) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 8 of Goa Children’s Act; Mohammed Salim Shaikh, a rag picker from Karaswada, had complaint that his grandson Afridi Sheikh aged 4 years had gone missing.
In his complaint, Mohammed is learnt to have informed the police that on September 15 his grandson Afridi, who had gone to buy sweets opposite his house, had gone missing. Accordingly a missing report was filed the same evening at the Mapusa police station.
The deputy superintendent of police informed that the next day (on September 16) at 7 in the morning, the complainant received a call on his mobile from his son-in-law that he had kidnapped Afridi. He further told the complainant to come with cash of Rs 50,000 to Mumbai and in case he failed to do so, he would not get his grandson back. The complainant again received a call saying that he would wait for the money just for one day and then he would act.
Mr Tavares further informed that as soon as the complainant informed the police about this, he along with his staff including police inspector, Mr Rajeshkumar and other police officials planned a strategy through which the complainant was told to inform the kidnapper that he would be coming with the cash to Mumbai.
"We also sent our police team headed by the police sub-inspector Vijay Rane along with the complainant and kept this whole issue under wraps so that nobody should be aware even of our slightest movement," he added.
He further said that the Mapusa police under his supervision had begun now to tactfully monitor the movements of both the parties.
"During the period of the journey of our team, the accused called up the complainant and asked him to come near the Mankur railway station but then changed venues atleast three times. Accordingly a trap was laid and the accused was arrested while trying to escape and retaliate. The victim boy was also successfully rescued. Our team was also given valuable assistance by the local Mumbai police," informed Mr Tavares.
He said that it was a family case wherein the accused Sameer had kidnapped his own sister in law’s son which could have probably been for want of money.
Nonetheless, Mr Tavares said that the police would deal with the accused as per the law.
The accused has been arrested and is being brought to Goa by the police team; after his arrival tomorrow the police would seek his remand from the JMFC and interrogate him. The police inspector, Mr Rajeshkumar under the supervision of Mr Tavares is investigating the case. (NT)


diogofichardo said...

Well executed operation by the Goa Police. What will be the punishment for the criminal? Kidnapping is a new wave of crime all over India and some parts of the world. In Goa we need harsher laws to deter any kind of criminals.I would prefer death and could volunteer to be a hang man.Enough is Enough

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