The Cuncolim police has received a serious jolt in the sensational Wilma Colaco shooting case with the Sessions Court discharging two of the three accused persons from the case.
While the main accused Lucky Singh is still at large, with the police unable to lay their hands on the accused hailing from Punjab, framed charges of murder and criminal conspiracy have been issued against the fourth accused, Basu Das.
Additional Sessions Judge Desmond D’Costa discharged Mohan Chawan and Rohil
Chaudhary before framing charges against them, with the judge observing that he finds sufficient grounds to discharge the duo from the case.
The discharge of the two accused came as a setback to the Cuncolim police, who had chargesheeted Mohan Chawan, Rohil Chaudhary and Basu Das in the case, while declaring the prime accused Lucky Singh as an absconder.
With the court discharging both Mohan and Rohil, the court will now proceed only against accused Basu Das, against whom charges were framed under Section 302 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code for murder and criminal conspiracy.
The deceased Wilma was killed in a cold blooded murder on May 18 at her residence when unknown person shot her dead point blank. She died instantly, even as the accused killer managed to escape under the cover of darkness, leaving the police confused about the exact motive behind the gruesome murder.
The Cuncolim police later came up with the theory that Wilma was shot dead allegedly over a love affair involving Lucky Singh, who was working in the Cuncolim industrial estate. The police had contended that Lucky alleged killed the young girl with the help and assistance of his friends to take revenge for jilting him.


John Athaide said...

Goa police are good for nothing except to take bribes. On the other hand Desmond D'Costa is an expert in taking bribes also. As a student leader he was corrupt. I wonder who made him a judge without a sincerety test.

Same Anonymous said...

This is exactly what our Gua Police are!! Criminal will get freedom in Goa but innocents will not. Need I give examples???
All Indian criminals have been to Goa, Goa connection/nexus established. Even International criminals are in Goa as a SAFE HIDEOUT. CHARLES SOBRAJ was whisked away by Bombay police from under Gua Police nose. They didn't even know.

How many murder cases have ended in conviction?

Fr. Ferrao's murderers, Mahanand's 3 cases so far, and many more in the past and more to come.
The young girl that was shot in Ponda, 2 migrants arrested in Verem for robbery were framed in that murder; what happened? Now recently, Naresh Dourado's murder, a bike thief is said to have confessed according to our Gua Police.

Oscar Fernandes said...

Of late Desmond D'Costa has been acquitting a lot of cases. It seems he has learnt the ways of the politicians and police. This is the reason why the Portuguese used to appoint very very rich people to be judges and they did their work well. I can name some of them: Dotor Eurico Santano De Silva, Soares, Tito Menezes, Noronha, Couto and many more whose names I do not remember. They would not let their mother or father go off.

Dalia said...

The Gua Police should be send to Scotland Yard on how to build up a case, tight as a camel's ass in a sandstorm. But what will be the use? They will come back and start taking bribes and let off the culprits. Only poor people those with no legal support in Goa gets convicted. What a shame?

Anonymous said...

Recently corrupt Judge Desmond D'costa acquited two murder accuse in the famous Varca murder case where the wife & her paramour from Chandor killed her husband and drop it into river sal from Orlim bridge.Herald did not report this acquital for reason best known to them.But Judge Desmond a man of Luizinho Faleiro & Churchill is the worst judge Goa ever produced.

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