PANJIM: The President of the Republic of Portugal, Prof Aníbal António Cavaco Silva has announced one of the highest civilian awards of Portugal, the ‘Honorific Order of Merito’ in the category of Commendador, to the noted Goan construction magnate, industrialist and philanthropist, Mr Anil Counto.
The meritorious order accorded for the meritorious acts and services on the part of Mr Counto will be presented at a ceremony to be held at the official residence of the Consul-General of Portugal in Goa, Dr Paulo Neves Pocinho, at Altinho, on September 25, at 7 p.m. The Ambassador of Portugal to India, Dr Luis Filipe de Castro Mendes, will bestow the insignia on Mr Counto.
Mr Counto, who was the president of the organising committee for the first Semana da Cultura Portuguesa, a Portuguese cultural week held in Panaji and Margao, during the winter of 2008, strived to strengthen the bond of friendship between India and Portugal through the event. He repeated the feat this year, by holding the second edition of the Portuguese Cultural Week, during the month of August. The Portuguese Cultural Week, which showcased Portugal in Goa through dances, music, cuisines, sculptures, films, etc of that country, was aimed towards Goans in particular and Indians in general taking benefit of the globalisation, and establishing business as well as cultural ties with the Iberian nation.
Mr Counto, expressing happiness over his selection for the meritorious award, said that he is honoured to be the first Goan to receive the Portuguese insignia, in the post-Liberation period. "I am just a representative of Goans, on whose behalf I would be accepting this honour," he added, pointing out that the bonds of friendship between Goa and Portugal would be fortified due to the honour.
Mr Counto further said that India, especially the youth of the country should explore the possibilities of establishing various business activities with Portugal, as also contribute towards enriching the Indo-Portuguese art and culture. "Goa, besides having Bharatiya Sanskriti, already has a Latin influence over its culture and this will help us in the particular endeavour," he noted.
Stating that the present-day Portugal, like the present day India is a vibrant democratic nation, Mr Counto mentioned that both the countries have come very far from being a colonial power and a colony, respectively, and the global scenario demands that they should be best of friends so as to contribute towards betterment of each other.
Mr Counto further said that he has very high regards for freedom fighters as due to their commitment and sacrifices, Goa had gained freedom. "I am a humble Goan, who wants to strengthen Goa and India through friendship between our nation and others around the world," he concluded.
Mr Counto, who was recently felicitated by the Goa State Industries Association (GSIA), in recognition of his outstanding entrepreneurship at the hands of Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, is a well known personality in the real estate industry, through his company Alcon.


Dalia said...

The statements are totally rubbish. He should in fact say that he is weeping cause Goa was freed from Portuguese and hence we live in misery, at the mercy of politicians. This is another builder who flayed all norms.

Shyam Sawant said...

This should be a slap on the face of the so called disgusting freedom fighters of Goa. Congratulations Mr. Counto!

Trevor said...

Now please allow our Goan youth to travel to the EU via Portugal, as they are desperately trying to escape from a failed state of Goa. Please allow Goans a place in Portugal as we will be kicked out from Goa soon. We got all of India that is after our land and they will not stop 'till they get it. Our people are being fooled with domestic tourism, SEZs, mining, Mega projects, concrete jungles, CRZs pushing the fisherman out so that the land can be given to hotels and rich corrupt Indians. Our own people like the donkey Monster Rat, Chorchill etc will sell us out…..India is not the land of Mahatma Gandhi but a very corrupt country.

Anonymous said...

It really surprises to me what has Bab Anil Counto done for this award??Anyways these days getting awards is not difficult so kudos to you Anil .Though i have never heard Anil sorting out problems at the Portuguse Consultate in helping those whose applications have been rotting for the last 15/20 years, probably they have not greased the palms well to get their passports like others who got it . GOAN Youth should not escape but fight the battle and protect your motherland GOA, i can go on and on but bottom line , Anil should sort out the mess at the Portuguese Consulate only then he is worth this award otherwise it's no big deal for this award.

Anonymous said...

We should not IGNORE the fact that Mr. Counto is the same person who is in the Managing Committee of Mushtifund Saunstha, a Trustee of Disha Charitable Institute (a school for specially abled), and the President of the Sai Baba Paduka Darshan. Why do people do not appreciate if the society appreciates their efforts?? Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam is right that "Indians are negative in their thinking." So be qualified enough to comment.

Anonymous said...

It is easy for people to comment here that GOAN Youth should not escape and blah blah..It requires dedication and courage to take charge of Organizations like these. I really admire Mr. Counto for what he has achieved so far with the Indo-Portuguese ties. Being a youth myself, I can tell you that I want to be on the side who atleast puts in efforts to improve such organizations and not just the one to criticize.

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