There may be many reasons why drug pushing has risen to the mafia level along the coastal areas of Goa. However, home minister Ravi Naik has an interesting explanation to give. "Drug pushing is going on for a long time. It's nothing new. But the local politicians never tried to stop this," Naik said during an interaction with the media on Friday.
The minister is of the view that if local politicians had to strongly oppose such nefarious activities, it would never have gone reached to the extent it is at now. He felt that if there was no encouragement at the local level, it might have even stopped long ago. In another sensational statement, the home minister remarked that even former smugglers have now joined the drug trade.
Referring to the present scenario, he stressed that it was because of his "cracking down on rave parties and drug dealers" politicians have turned against him.
Naik claimed that he is the first home minister who has taken action against drug mafia. "Fellows like Dudu and Atala have been in and out of Goa for long. Everybody knew this. But no action was taken. It is due to my committed efforts that Dudu was arrested and later Atala was put behind bars," he said
The home minister reiterated that he began to attract the ire of the political class only after he took action against drug dealers and rave parties. He said that with this action, some local politicians who were supporting such activities have stopped receiving haftas (protection money).
Naik however declined to name anyone. When reminded that he had promised to expose those involved, he said, "Wait for some time. When time comes, I will".
The minister also said that some politicos were not on very good terms with him as he refused to protect their vested interests. He meanwhile denied that there has been politicization of the state's police force as alleged by the Opposition.
When it was pointed out that ruling politicians too have supported the Opposition on police functioning and their alleged nexus with the drug mafia, Naik claimed that there was a conspiracy against him and that many persons are behind it.
To persistent queries on the issue, he felt it involved some members of both the Opposition and ruling party. "Some of them even ran a campaign and tried hard to get home portfolio divested from me," Naik said, while adding that others went up to the high command but didn't succeed.
"They used every opportunity to defame me and my family and make charges against my son," he said claiming that throughout his public career there has been no blot on him and his family members.
Replying to a volley of questions on the drug mafia, Naik said there is no case for a CBI inquiry.
Regarding other issues, he said the voters need to be educated in order to cleanse the electoral system. Unemployment, he felt, is the single major issue dogging the state even as he called for unity across the political class for the purpose of creating new employment opportunities so that youth don't have to move out of state in search of suitable employment.(TOI)


Bebdo said...

Motorcycle pilot Ravi, can you also tell us how you managed to buy half of Ponda when you were struggling at one time to make a living? There should be a CBI inquiry about the assets that you have accummulated all these years. Everyone knows how you used to bribe with suitcases full of money the emisssaries from Delhi. That is how you became the chief minister of Goa and kept Dr Willy out in the cold. You are the most corrupt home minister Goa has ever had.
As for your son, Roy, check in Ponda, what he used to do to young girls. There was a Khoja girl called Sapna who was friendly to another Muslim boy from Ponda and when that Muslim boy went to the Gulf, your son started screwing her. That boy was heartbroken when he came to know about it.
What clean image are you trying to project for your family when everyone knows the fact about you and your son?

Dalia said...

Bebdea, he won matka worth millions, any bet?

diogofichardo said...

What a cock and bull story is this man giving, it won't fool even a kinder garden child. If drug pushing is nothing new in Goa, Did the drug nexus try to push it even harder? If these guys did take action than why are the same drugs on the streets of Goa? God Bless the innocent.

franco said...

Today our Pilot chor Naik is celebrating his birthday. What a facilitation given by some of our chamchas on the herald. He will be celebrating his birthday with Atala, who is hiding in his house. Today the drugs and alcohol will be free for all in his constituency to elect his drug baron’s son. What a celebration with full blast to remember and elect him in the next election.

Bebdo said...

I am very happy to note that the hits to this site is improving. At last count, I saw there were nearly 3,000. The moment we cross, say 25,000 hits or so, then the fence-sitting Goans and the 40 chors will take us seriously.

Dalia said...

Bebdea, we are working hard to reach the message to the whole of Goa that they should log on this site. We wish this e magazine comes to reality by being in print on the news stand in Goa. Viva Niz Goenkar, down with Herald, the protectors of our dirty politicians.

dlp said...

Bebdo... I have done my very best on my part to forward this to as many Goans I know in Goa and abroad and also asked them, in return, to forward it to their friends. Your dream of 25,000 hits or so will come true faster you expected. Thanks to all my Niz Goans, let us strive to keep our cause alive. Thank you Bebdo! and keep it. We would like to see you more on this forum.

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