State home minister Ravi Naik has confirmed that his son Roy is interested in contesting assembly pools from the Mayem constituency. Initially, he declined to comment on his son's forays into electoral politics, saying that "he is major in age and mature enough to decide what he wants to do in'll have to ask him about this issue".
However, following persistent queries, the home minister disclosed his son had received many requests from Mayem Constituency workers to contest the next assembly elections.
He also stated that Roy has engaged himself in social work in the constituency.
When asked whether Roy would contest on a Congress ticket, Naik said it is too early to talk about such things.


Anonymous said...

What, Social Services? In all probability and beyond a shadow of a doubt we have a re-incarnation of Pablo Escobar in Goa.

Very soon the Mayem constituency will be overwhelmed with Steroids, Narcotics, Inhalants, Depressants, Cannabis and so on. If such guys have to be given a ticket and the voters have little sense as to understand who they are voting - there remains for me nothing here on your forum, to waste my time for correcting the wrongs. When will this retards ever understand that this is a incorporated father and son's commercial drug industry being pushed and gradually all the constituents will become Hallucinists.

John Athaide said...

So now everybody is trying to imitate Pratapsing Rane, where his son launched himself into politics. Bu the idiot Ravi fails to understand that Pratapsing Rane himself is an educated person and so is his son. What class have you passed Ravi? You are a 5th standard dropout. Next is the buffoon Churchill who dropped out at 9th standard trying to launch his daughter big lips Valanka. You both are stupdid and donkeys Ravi and Churchill. Ravi it is better you make your son a motorcycle pilot to carry on your tradition in Goa and churchill can introduce Valanka to smuggling, with her horrific lips she would make a good queen smuggler.

Bebdo said...

All the more reason to form a cadre based party in Goa, of the Goans, for the Goans and by the Goans. If not, then Goa will go the Bihar way.

Dalia said...

Woh, so many corrupt siblings trying to take part in the loot of Goa. Here, Rane jr. the big Chor of 10%, on the other side, Leitao Alemao, now Charas Naik and many more to come. Are we complete bankrupt in Goa that we don't have people other than these Chors? Beware, this rog Naik will turn Mayem in mayhem. People of Mayem should be wise enough to reject this drug supplier and show him the door. God Save Goa.

Same Anonymous said...

Dalia, correction. "Leitoa" not 'Leitão'.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Changing my pen name from "Same Anonymous" to "Anonymous the VIII".

Just like the US have been accused of distributing 'VIAGRA' to the War Lords in Afghanistan to gain them over, our Gadhikar's son and the Gadhikar think they can win votes by distributing drugs.
Arre Zoddea! After drugs, they won't even know they need to vote!

franco said...

Today our Pilot chor Naik is celebrating his birthday. What a facilitation given by some of our chamchas on the herald. He will be celebrating his birthday with Atala, who is hiding in his house. Today the drugs and alcohol will be free for all in his constituency to elect his drug baron’s son. What a celebration with full blast to remember and elect him in the next election.

Bebdo said...

I am very happy to note that the hits to this site is improving. At last count, I saw there were nearly 3,000. The moment we cross, say 25,000 hits or so, then the fence-sitting Goans and the 40 chors will take us seriously.

dlp said...

Anonymous the VIII, it nice to know that your title have been promoted to this title. I am sure this site will also kep on getting promoted as long as we Niz Goenkars support it irrespective of our titles. On second thought, who knows if these drug suppliers are not mixing Viagra with their drugs. I guess that is the reason you see so many hard cocks roaming on our beaches and so many rape cases are committed, even on their own siblings.

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