MARGAO: While the regulation of traffic has become an onerous task for traffic police, the Margao traffic police have decided to crack down on public transport buses, that usually make unauthorised and unscheduled halts in the busy areas of Margao, that often leads to traffic congestion and affects the smooth flow of city traffic.
Mr Gajanan Prabhudesai, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Traffic, has made a written proposal to the Road Transport Authority and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, asking that city buses entering the city, should not be allowed to halt at the State bank of India in Margao.
He has suggested that passengers coming to Margao in buses should be allowed to disembark at the old bus stand, instead of near State Bank of India, as is presently done. He said the buses can then proceed to the KTC bus stand. In his opinion, this arrangement would assist in reducing traffic congestion witnessed around the State Bank of India (SBI).
Mr Prabhudessai in his letter further stated that presently around 110 buses ply from the old bus stand at Margao, and that these buses when they enter Margao, halt near the SBI for the passengers to alight, before proceeding to the KTC bus stand. He has said that during the peak hours, 15 to 20 buses stop in front of the SBI and the queue of buses reaches to the Margao Municipal Council building, thereby hindering and paralysing the flow of traffic in the entire area, leading to severe traffic congestion.
The DySP further informed that the move is aimed at reducing traffic snarls during peak hours. He said that over 145 buses pass through Margao city every hour, which puts a tremendous burden on the existing traffic infrastructure. He said that he has suggested other regulations also, which would assist in easing the traffic congestion in Margao city. (NT)


aggybaba said...

NEW BROOMS SWEEP CLEAN??? So.... now they start counting the busses passing through town. When will they start counting the ghanttis? Are we outnumbered yet?

Dalia said...

Most of the accidents are due to sudden stopping of these buses without indication, in the middle of the road. When they don't have enough passengers, they snarl and when they are full, they speed. This is a nuisance. Police know about it but their hands are tied with the long notes they receive as hafta. These small buses should be removed and replaced by regular shuttle service through the town by Kadamba's. Some of the buses are not even road worthy. Gua Traffic Police cannot man traffic but good in issuing chalans by hiding in corners, they can't hide in corners to catch thieves.

dlp said...

Why do they want to crack down on unauthorized bus halts??? These halts are where they actually make money by taking bribes. This is just a whitewash.

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