VELSAO: The case of deceased Melwyn Gomes is not sealed and buried, thanks tot he family members and agitating villagers of Arossim, Cansaulim and other villages have served a 72- hour deadline on the IGP to bring the culprits to book or threatened to come on the streets and intensify the agitation.
“The agitation seeking justice for Melvyn will not fizzle out till justice is given to the family members. If this attitude of the police continues, the same will not be tolerated”, warned the agitating villagers in a memorandum submitted to the IGP on Friday.
A copy of the memorandum was served on Margao Sub- Divisional Police Officer, DySP Umesh Gaonkar, who had conducted an inquiry into Melvyn’s death, maintaining that Melvyn was murdered at his work place at the construction site on June 15.
The villagers maintained that the suspension of PI Jivba Dalvi shows that concerned police officers were well informed or involved in the case. Seeking to know why the police officers are destroying evidence and protecting the culprits, the villagers demanded that immediate cognizance be taken of all facts placed before the police authorities.  “ We demanded the arrest of the culprits; justice given to our brother Melvyn and the concerned police officers terminated of their services to protect our state and country from danger within the police department”, the memorandum said.
“ We strongly believe that if the police want, they can close the case with pride by bringing the guilty to their due punishment and holding the employer responsible and compensating the family of the death of their only bread winner”, the memo further added.
While thanking the IGP for placing PI Dalvi under suspension, the memorandum said that PI Dalvi is aware of the murderer and can lead the department to the truth.
The memorandum has been signed by Reiza Gomes, besides the family and villagers of Arossim, Cansaulim- Cuelim, Majorda, Utorda, Betalbatim, Velsao and Verna.
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: NG commends the efforts of every Niz Goenkar supporting this noble cause of bringing the culprits to see justice met. Niz Goenkar also convey our support to the family of Melwyn, villagers and supporters of the cause. Suspension of PI Dalvis itself is not enough, he should be dismissed from service for destroying evidence and put behind bars. This is not the first time Dalvi is suspended, he will come back again through the back door, after a while. NG demands nothing but putting P I Dalvi behind bars or else he will ensure that witnesses, evidence is done away completely.


Amaro said...

Not only Dalvi should go but his monster master Rabid Charas Naikinilo son and all the phoolish with criminal record. If Goans get a chance they should and would be stoned.
Is the son of a b**ch gone in to hibernation?
innocent  people in Mumbai are bombed, and the criminals are spared.
These surely is injustice.

amar akbar anthony

N.Fernandes-London said...

I fully support the editorial View of Niz Goenkar.

PI Dalvi has been constantly in the news for corruption.
His promotion to Police Inspector is still questionable and being debated.
He has been involved in a Car Loan racket and has also been investigated for owning assets beyond his known sources of income.
Recently he has been fined a paltry RS. 2500/= for delaying a case file.No doubt he has been paid ten-fold to withold the file.
It is also a well known fact that PI Dalvi is well known to telephone married and single woman proposing a  Romantic DATE.These Dates are arranged through his Official capacity as PI, and in most other official situations, is or would be   termed as an abuse of official power.

Pi Dalvi aslo has strong links to Real Estate Goa`s mafia.Some of his well known associates are Mauvin Godinho MLA and a unqualified  Builder names as Shaikh Aboo Bakr a.k. a(also known as), BABLOO.
Together these 3 South Goan monkeys, have been carving real estate deals in the Cansaulim,Arrosim & Velsao area.

They all have  "stock" shares( on paper), in a lot of the projects coming in the areas mentioned.

This "Holy Trinity of crooks & wicked men", cannot operate independently of each other.
PI Dalvi is well known to suppress dissent and agitations by Locals.Babloo is well known to provide the goondas & gangsters.Mauvin Godinho finances and sanctions these evils.
All these 3 wicked men also have a small Empire in Dubai.

A thorough investigation of PI Dalvi will unearth a huge corruption racket.

His involvement in the murder of Melvyn Gomes is due to his being a part & a parcel in this Holy Trinity of Wicked men.
The life of a man & breadwinner (Melvyn Gomes), in their evil mind set , does not have the sanctity of God....Real Estate, which has no SOUL does.
In the Altars & Temples within their own homes, these guys worship the names of the Real Estate, they have shares and equity in.


Diogo Fichardo said...

Do not let the Murder of Melwyn Gomes be in vain. In recent years Goans have seen Murders covered by Law enforcers and some comitted by them. When will Goa receive a decent facing saving Police Force. Some of the corrupt police are getting Richer by the minute, While the innocent police make do with what ever they earn. The innocent should rebel against the corrupt ones. So should all True Goans. Today its Melwyn tomorrow it will be you.

renoir said...

Victory to the people of Casalim,Utoda,Betalbetim and neighbouring Villages.Keep up this fight for Melwyn. Do not let his death which under all given circumstances points to foul play go down the drain. Tomorrow it will be one among us who will be done away with it, and this list could go on. Our's is a government that doesnt care, ours is a Govt with only self interest, ours is a Govt that is criminal in every respect. Its we the people who now got to act and change the  way things work for a better tomorrow.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Goan politics has turned out to be a family affair. As long as we have Non-Goan Parties in Goa Candidates will be the same old corrupt faces and their families.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

let Melwyn's case be an opening for Goans to fight injustice dished out by our Goan Corrupt police officers. In Goa some of the police man join the force to "get me rich quick". Goans have been at the receiving end of the police, Goans have the ability to spill blood if need be, The police have to clean their image before its too late.

Joe Cocker said...

The cops have to get their act right first they need to keep their house clean first they have too many corrupt personnel.Arhe Goenkars even in football or hockey match after two caution cards or yellow cards after that  the red card is served that is dismissal from the playing arena!! Why is this PI Dalvi not given the marching orders the simple red card dismiss him from service.If PSI Bhagats residence can be raided why is this PI Dalvi not subjected to a search and raid on his house one will see the ill gotten wealth.This PI Dalvi was in the process of bribing his way to become a DYSP of Goa Police !!!Good riddance to bad rubbish.. Dismiss PI Dalvi forthright no questions asked.When Goan are taken in for interrogation they are beaten black and blue by the Goa Police and they do not hesitate to resort to third degree methods to extort a confession but the non Goan criminal is wined and dined b our Goan Police and are sent scot free !! When mone talks bullshit walks in the Goa Police !!! Dismiss PI Dalvi and investigate his Dubai operations !!! 

N.Fernandes-London said...

The Villages & Villagers  of Arrosim, Cansaulim & Cuelim celebrate the famous Feast of the 3 Kings on the 6th of January each every year.
I have personally attended this Feast several years ago.It is visited and attended by thousands of Goans of all faiths , from all over Goa. 
Let us hope the Villagers of these villages, surrounding villages and Law abiding Goans from all other parts, soon get rid of the "THREE WICKED MEN" that inhabit these villages.........Mauvin Godinho, Aboo Bakr Shaik and PI Jivba  Dalvi.

Cansaulim Panchayat too ,is also a "hotbed" of corruption.
It is a body or shameful institute, run , backed and controlled by a well known  real estate & building construction family.Their vision of a VILLAGE is a "concrete jungle". They toohave the blseeing of Jivba Dalvi and Mauvin Godinho to do, as they environmentally please. 
They may call it development...WE call it development of their egos and bank balances.
In days and years gone by, many Land Owners (Bhatkars), held similar attitudes.
However these days these Landlords are  slowly diminishing and becoming a dying breed.
The common man is now reigning supreme.Lets us hope the Common man, also gets rid of the likes of the  3 Wicked Men.

D.JUSTIN said...

I support the views expressed by N. Fernandes . The villagers should burn  alive these three wicked men , instead of old man on  31st December 2011. The law and order is deterioting day by day and the police and the politicians have taken the advantage.It is only the unity of the GOANS  can bring make a change in Goa by sending the present politicina and police to hibernation.

Gobor said...


Joaquim said...

the police are not afraid of politicians or court .
the only thing they are afraid is people coming together .this unity the people of Arossim and surrounding villages as all can see is present to the desirable strength .congratulations to NIZ GOENKAR for bringing many facts and enlightening the people when it is i want to ask the builder/ hotelier to make a clear choice whether he wants the hotel project to be completed or if he wants to protect the murderer.the people in the movement will give him just one choice.   

Michael said...

now we hear that four people which includes security guards are arrested in melwin gomes we believe such stories.can these security guards silence the PI, doctors performing autopsy or the entire police this not something which is unbelievable for us all and also the court will not believe this story and the four will be set free as the court will give them benefit of doubt and then the police PI dalvi, greedy hotelier , politician supporting the hotelier will have the last laugh.
so my request to the family members is do not take possession of body till the hotelier pays a compensation of 10 crore rupees .it can be seen that it is the hotelier who has obstructed the path of justice and as a lesson for him not repeat again such obstruction techniques ,the hotelier must pay rs 10 crore as blood money to melwin family.
melwin family should then donate 5 crore to orphans and home for the aged because many goans have lost their earing members because of such techniques adopted by greedy hoteliers ,corrupt politicians and criminal policemen .these people in orphanage and home for the aged did not have such support as the villagers have given melwin.
they should also insist that all similar constructions should have uninterrupted recording of CCTV to monitor the work and should any crime occur the evidence will be recorded on CCTV cameras.all the labourers should have their blood group determined , finger printed, retina scanned etc so that a profile is maintained for detection of crime.
hence forth the criminals will have to think a thousand times before attempting to obstruct the path of only people power is supreme. the courts and justice system is full of people with links to these corrupt people.

N.Fernandes-London said...

This Hotel (being built),where Melvyn was murdered in cold blood, will forever be known as " The MURDER HOTEL".

Tourists visiting and staying in this Hotel, after it is completed will be unhappy to know this fact.
They may complain of seeing Ghosts.

Locals & Taxi drivers will surely tell the Tourists about the human cost of building this Hotel and  about the Dark Side of the Owners & their henchmen.

Since Melvyn is not being served by Justice, Let us hope he haunts the god damned place.

Pi Dalvi may have tried to clear away Melvyns blood to protect the Builders & crooked conspirators.PI Dalvi will never succeed in removing Melvyns "SOUL & "SPIRIT".

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