TIATRIST STOP FOOLING US - WEARING KAXTTI! by Ramesh Naik, Pajifond – Margao

Hats of, to Willie Severes (Majorda - Dubai), for pointing out a very wrong practice followed by our tiatrist in his open letter to Shri Tomazinho Cardozo (president of tiatr academy). His letter was recently published in Niz Goenkar web site.
Here is another Tiatrist who is fooling us.
“Mothers Day” – a tiatr By Milagres de Chandor is running all over Goa. Being a true lover of tiatr I too was carried away by the crowd to the auditorium recently.
Milagres advertises, that in his tiatr, the audience will see a man wearing a “Kaxtti” on stage, and that he shows an ‘amazing bungalow’ on the stage.
In his drama the ‘Kaxtti’ scene followed by a black out does not even last for 7 seconds. Also the bungalow set is designed with one entry at the side, which does not even look like it’s a bungalow.
It may be recalled that Shri. C. D. Silva has done many roles on stage wearing kaxtti. He has also done a full-length tiatr wearing Kaxtti. Late. Prem Kumar’s hit tiatr “Vauradi” (1978) also had talented cast wearing Kaxtti. Tiatr’s shown for KA tiatr competion’s mostly has cast who have acted many times wearing a Kaxtti. A one-act play (“Mateicho valor” -1995) by Jose Fernandes of Majorda also displays the writer wearing kaxtti for 25 min on stage. So how can Milagres proclaim that he shows cast wearing Kaxtti on stage and just for 7 seconds, When this has been already done in past for a way longer duration?
Also it may be recalled the Shri Samuel Carvalho also has shown an excellent bungalow set in one of his tiatr (Purtugez Goykar) recently. So how can Milagres say it’s amazing, when the audience has already seen amazing bungalow sets on the stage before?
Are Tiatrist taking all of us for granted? Is Tiatr not for Aam Admi? Or is it money-making racket nowadays?
I would strongly recommend, Millagres to stop advertising in this manner and in future make a study before advertising. Also to go and watch what other directors are showing in their Tiatr’s. So that you are also on the same page as others and not left way back in the race.
Also I would suggest that the ‘Tiatr Academy’ and all Tiatr related associations, should put a stop on such type of advertisements which are published with a wrong message, as it also hurts the feelings of other Directors and their Fans, who have also done this before.
And for your kind information Milagres, Revolving stage and Sliding stage are already done by Late Rosario Rodrigues and Roseferns. It should not be for your next “Fathers Day”.
Is this why you call yourself “Kings Father”? Matxe chint re papia!


Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

It does not cost a lot to wear Kaxtti, nor is it against the law to wear one. So why is this Milagres cutting corners? SO "Tiatrist Stop Fooling Us" 

N.Fernandes-London said...

I now fully understand why some Organisations & organisational fools & welfare associations,in Dubai ,Doha and the Gulf region & sponsored by Churchill & Valanka bring ,these guys over.
I hope the audience in the Gulf area are not being taken for a jolly ride.
They are probably charged a full Ticket Price for a cut price act & props.
I have heard Tiatrists no longer fight for people causes.Their acts praise & elevate corrupt Politicians.
Churchill is their Patron Saint.That is whom the Goan Tiatrists worship these days.
There is also an un-religious figure called OUR LADY OF VALANKA, whom they adore.
Her Big Lips titillate these ,possibly lowly educated Tiartrists.

D.JUSTIN said...

I always says that most of our tiatrists are low in moral. For money, sponsorship or advertisements they'll lick the arses of the politicians.They do not act in tiatr for the sake of konkanni language but for the sake of money. Our gone by tiatrist are heroes who even went to jail after critising the Portuguese rule in Goa before liberation.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I agree with you.
Even with all the modern Props, current Tiatrists willl never match the raw talents of  Tiatrists of days gone by.
This is what I hear from my elder  relatives & friends.

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