CURTORIM: This is probably the last election for Goans if they seal their fate for worse by themselves. More and more reveleations by the greedy politicians are exposed every day. The greed for slice of Goa's wealth is tempting for the corrupt politicians of Goa.
With the kin of some heavyweight politicians seeking claim to party tickets in the forthcoming assembly elections, the political scenario is likely to sizzle in the days to come, particularly in South Goa. While PWD minister Churchill Alemao's daughter Valanka and urban development minister Joaquim Alemao's son Yuri, have already been projected as probable candidates, the latest to join the ranks of Gen Next political wannabes is Shalom Sardinha, son of South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha.
Shalom confirmed that he was "more than keen" in contesting the assembly elections from Curtorim on a Congress party ticket. Senior Sardinha was defeated in the last assembly elections by Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco who contested on SAVE GOA party that later shaved the dreams of the electorate.
"I am already a GPCC (Goa Pradesh Congress committee) member and I have been doing a lot of social work in my constituency for a long time along with my father. I am confident of winning the seat for the Congress party," Shalom said.
Quite candid in disclosing his plans, Shalom said that he already has a support base of almost 35% of the electorate, and is now working on garnering support of at least 16% more voters to enable him an easy win.
Asked to elaborate on the kind of social work he has been doing that makes him confident of posting a good show in the elections, Shalom, who has an engineering background said that his focus of interest was on education.
"Along with some of my friends, I have been trying to upgrade the level of education in Curtorim. We are in the process of hand picking 4-5 students and training them to come up to a particular level of education. We will be expanding our activities in other constituencies too. Promoting sports also tops our agenda, in addition to health," Shalom said.
Asked what would be his next move if the Congress party denies him a ticket, junior Sardinha said he was yet to chart out his plan B.
With the incumbent Congress MLA Aleixio Reginaldo Lourenco aspiring to seek another term and ZP member Domnick Gaonkar also in the race for a Congress party ticket, it now appears that the Congress leadership will have a tough time deciding on its candidate for the Curtorim assembly seat.
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: This was reported by NG in one of it's article a month ago that Sardinha Sr. was promoting his son Shalom to be the next MLA from Curtorim. However, the foxy Sardinha was on a low profile making his grounds before declaring his intentions.
Goans, be aware, politics in Goa is going to be the family business of a few corrupt families like it was highlighted in Nissers article on NG, few days ago . See Link The list is unending, It is reliably learnt that one more of Silveira's brother is going to try his luck in the neighbouring constituency. Where are we heading to? Do we need these dynastic rulers? Are we willing to ruin what is left of Goa? Goans should think and decide, seal your idea in a ballot box against these looters of Goa. Retire these redundant, greedy politicians forever.


A to Z said...

Nothing strange that Sr. Sardinha(TALLO) wants his son to be elected in Curtorim. He and all other politicians wants to see even their grandsons being elected so that the can loot and finish Goa completely. I don't know  why our foolish Goans can't see this danger coming and finishing them.  I only hope some intelligent group  of people from  the Curtorim Constituency will rise to the occasion and do away with the menace and and for all.

Hanvgoenkar said...

I will cast my vote for a dog rather then these thugs.
can the bishop issue an advisory to these  catholic criminals and thugs called politicians to become good or is he afraid of his own skeleton tumbling out of the cupboard.
Just remembered that a teacher in Curtorim school told me that the priest murdered a few years ago was giving money on interest.

Shambuswamy said...

Francisco Sardinha himself has been a total failure in his very very long tenure in politics as a MLA and then as an MP. Being an educated person a lot was expected of him to fight for Goan causes and bring about wholesome development specially since he was a minister for most of his terms. He was expected to be a political guide to the South Goa electorate, instead he surrenderd this space to illiterate Alemao family and gutter rats like Mickey Mouse and the biggest CHOR and biggest TRAITOR of Goans in Goan politics Kumpar Luisinho Faleiro.

I really admire the way Shantaram Naik has been raising Goan issues and vigorously pursuing them in Parliament. Sardinha and the illiterate BJP MP Shripad Naik are totally useless, only enjoying the benefits of an MP. And now the BJP has reduced MP election to a joke by nominating the biggest JOKER in Goan politics, the ONE AND ONLY Damu Naik.

So Sardinhna's son should be flunked out of the door by the electorate as we do not want another useless glutton, we need achievers and protectors of Goan interests.

I feel Reginald Lourenco has shown lot of promise and performed admirably, he should be given another chance whether on a Congress ticket or not.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Throw a few crumbs and we are all happy that is the attitude of Goan Crumb eaters.

Salvador Seraulim said...

Catholic criminals and the Church mingle with each other, they need each other for their moral and financial support.Moreover the church has land that is being cheaply sold for mega projects supported by corrupt politicians.Don't expect condemnation from the church towards corrupt catholic politicians.

renoir said...

Unfortunately religious institutions and its leaders too today have become a commercial  and political product ( No offence to any religion here)Time and again on this media I have expressed my disgust at the way religious instititutions and its leaders operate. Religious bodies today have lost their values. At times when religious institutions should be out in force to fight for a cause, they have stayed silent or given a deaf ear to it. I remember during the Konkan Railway agitation, the church would ring the bells and people would gather in force at that call. I can only pray for these Bells to  start ringing   once again and gather the people, so that the fight to save Goa from the ruthless criminals can be fulfilled.

N.Fernandes-London said...

It is rather a shame that religious institutions no longer appreciate or admire  donations that come from the blood & sweat of hard working individuals & Parishoneers.
They seem to prefer the ones coming from Crooked Politicians.
With this sort of attitude,they now fight for the wrong causes.
The Politician is always Right & common man always wrong.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Who is the one who elects them?? Not each one of us ????
Do not waste your time and energy criticizing the Politicians. Use your Energy and Time to teach your 'Gaum Bhau' what Politicians are. What we have ignorantly been doing all these years electing them for our own selfish interest. And Goa has been going more and more towards a 'GHANTI" State. Why can we not WAKE UP and tell all our relatives and friends, neighbours and others; that we are making a BIG MISTAKE in electing these same people or their children and depriving OUR OWN CHILDREN of a future in our OWN LAND???

D.JUSTIN said...

With money power and dadagiri we elected a ghanti as Panjim Mayor. I wan't be surprised if we elect all 40 ghanntis in the next assembly election because the Goans cannot distinguish between good and bad. when hypocrates kiss the bible the stupid Goans will grant them for Saints.

Dalia said...

Agreed with you, we already have Babu Azgaonkar from Azgaon, Maharashtra, we have SHARDA RATHOD, Sarpanch of Chicalim is originally from Rajasthan. And now the Mayor of Panjim, Yatin Parekh is from Gujarat. It is not that far off when Goans will be ruled by migrants.

Clunha said...

Change now my  Goan brothers and sisters and lets bring down these pooliticians and put up people who are really interested in doing good for our Goa. Take all the money you  want from these thieves and vote as per your consience. They chors will give you 10,000 rs for your votes but will rob the 100,000 which is to be used for your better future. All these rogues have not done any  good for you or me or our lovely Goa and today sad to say we are slowly becoming a minority. I met an Indian guy in Kuwait who told me that he goes to Goa regularl;y for party life and he had the gall to tell me ask me about the  party places if you want to party in Goa. I guess thats all that is left of Goa.
The youth are so busy pub hopping and partying that they do not realise that Goa is becoming a immoral and drug, prostitution and a shithole place. The day one of your sisters dies due to a rape or murder or your brother is a junkie stealing and destroying all the wealth to satisfy his high is the time when you will wake up and realise your mistake.
Wake up now and bring in the change. The current lot have not done any  good for our Goa but only minted money  at our cost. It is time to make them payback every paisa stolen from us and use it to build up Goa free of all the corruption, drugs and evils.

Navelkar said...

This is how the political parties are playing the game, they put 2-3 strong or would be strong men to compete and along with them the brothers and sisters of that constituency to fight and support their favorites or the one who will gift them the best of gift and sell their soul and body to these demons by voting one of them to power without realizing the end game. the purpose of this the party knows who ever come be it of their party or independent candidate he soon jumps into their party for the greed of crores of rupees and in this bargain who are the losers? It is we Goans who are complaining and grumbling day and night and hating these party candidates for doing nothing good and not fulfilling the promises made.  Actually during all the time we were complaining, we Goans were swearing that we will not bring back Congress or BJP or UGDP or SGP candidates again and will not vote for them ever.  Here is the trick to get them to power again. without producing a better candidate who will be selfless and fight only for the cause of Goa, they introduce us a bunch of old rogues and/or their family members so that our immediate attention will be to fight for them (one of our favorite) to any way choose one of them (introduced by them through the back door) one of such example is Jr. Rane got himself elected as Independent and then entered into Congress, because Congress by their trick did not give him the ticket because father Rane is already in Congress, But Father Rane and other Congress men gave him the idea of getting elected as independent and then he will be welcomed to congress, more or less similar game/trick was played by Chorchill and Reginaldo, at the end they jumped into Congress who did not give them Congress tickets at the initial stage. Are we Goans going to be jackass again!!!

As regards politics in Goa being as family business, there is still some more time for elections by that time Goans will see many more fathers and mothers and brothers too will be introducing their sons, daughtgers and brothers/sisters too for their candidacy. Recently Santa Cruz Lady MLA has favoured her Son to be Candidate for next election in her place and testing the feelings of the Santa Cruz voters.  This politics-for-ever has become like Tarvoti life, where a son/daughter 'by right' can make use of his/her father's "CD" to become a Tarvoti after his/her father's retirement or death.

Nisar786 said...


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