PONDA: Please find enclosed photographs of the meeting mentioned above, at the Savitri Hall, Ponda, beginning 8.30 am on the 30th of July 2011, organized by FO.R.C.E... It is estimated that over 2000 parents were present : the crowd overflowed the hall, people were crowded in corridors and verandahs around the hall; and yet another busload arrived (after having a puncture) towards the end of the meeting.
See More Pics of Ponda F.O.R.C.E. Meeting at the bottom of the article
Premanand Naik, convenor of FO.R.C.E., welcomed the parents. Mr. Custodio Dias was the compere.
Advocate Chandra Shilkar reminded all present of the need of English in today’s world. He said that the use of English as medium of instruction in primary school cannot be seen as detrimental to any other language or culture, especially since Konkani and Marathi were now compulsory. Mrs. Louella Vaz also spoke on the occasion.
Mr. Savio Lopes, Secretary of FO.R.C.E., reiterated the stand of the parents that they would not tolerate nay changes in the decision of the Government, especially under the duress of people who have nothing to do with education, people who have not yet come up with agenda of their own, but want to prevent parents getting their rights. He asked the parents present if anybody had been forced to sign the forms. Everyone stood up immediately and screamed their “NO!” They said that they had signed their desire for their children, in a totally voluntary manner.
In her vote of thanks, Mrs. Sintia DaCosta Fernandes, Treasurer of FO.R.C.E., thanked the Government of Goa for giving the parents back their rights, especially the right to CHOOSE. Whether they chose Konkani or English or Marathi, it was now a democratic process once again.


Angelo said...

Govt. of the day should not ignore the genuine demands of majority of its people.

Gobor said...

BTW why is the High Court delaying the matter in the Court which is of top priority. No extension of time should be given to the Goverment to file affidavit in reply

Afedupgoan said...

If the govt ignores we will not tolerate
any way we are not going to tolerate the present set of politicians.
we will see that they are having sleepless nights.
who ever wants to make politics as career please note we will dictate and they have to listen.


Dalia said...

Will the duplicate Tai and duplicate priest Fr. Mousinho Athaide open her and his eyes? Where is Aravind bhatikar? Where are the so called freedom Farters who fart eating free doles? Not forgetting the bhembro Uday Bhembre. Good work by FORCE. We salute you as a good team unlike GRA who came with high hopes armed with coffins, etc. dissapeared in thin air, God bless you FORCE.

Lance Dias said...

The people have spoken ! This is democracy where people speak !  All you BBSM, and other anti-English people see the photos I guess these people don't vote you as your votebanks do  ! and they are gathered to and  for English medium for the betterment of thier son /wards who will take over as the generation next !

Neville said...

Good show of support for moi by the parents of Ponda. They know what is best for their children. All you tai bai & gang bang, kick your butts

Usko Goenkar said...

Actually a Good question? where is GRA when we need them?

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