PI Jivba Dalvi is a cancer to the police department. Demand for his dismissal is very much justified. Villagers of Cansaulim-Arrossim-Cuelim displayed unusual unity when they raised their voice in unison and demanded the dismissal of police inspector Jivba Dalvi’s dismissal from service for his alleged cover-up act in registering a case of murder.
Such acts of commission and omission are nothing new for this cop, only thing he got caught in his act. However with my experience in journalism, Jivba has the knack and huge experience of squirming out of tight spots. Not because of his good policing track record but he is one of the disgraced cops who greases the palms of his superiors well. Of course “greasing their palms” would be an understatement, more appropriate would be, he lines their wallets handsomely.
Jivba Dalvi has a very chequered past even before he became a police officer. His record of alleged waylaying of trucks on the highways at nights has mysteriously disappeared from police files paving way for his appointment as a police sub inspector. Incongruous as he is, Dalvi did not turn into a new leaf as expected by the police fraternity, infact he turned worse and started all sorts of tactics to rake in money for himself and his superiors (politicians included).
Controversies are like a second skin to this cop, they have dogged him just as fleas get attracted to dogs. As a journalist I have closely followed the functioning of Jivba Dalvi from his PSI days. I have seen firsthand the sadistic pleasures he derives in using brute force in beating up innocent people. This came to the fore at anti-Meta Strips agitation wherein he literally dragged youth out of their houses and thrashed them mercilessly. The third degree methods he adopts during investigation is horrendous. He is nicknamed ‘Doberman’ by his colleagues in the police department.
While on the subject of colleagues, his relationship with them is not rosy at all. While he was posted at the lucrative police station at Colva at the behest of Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco during the Manohar Parrikar regime, his colleagues were promoted as police inspectors. As departmental inquiry was pending against Jivba Dalvi his promotion was withheld. However, using his clout with Mickky he saw to it that the promotion of his colleagues was cancelled within three days. His dictum to Pacheco was simple, you either promote me or cancel the promotion of the colleagues and it was done.
Jivba Dalvi has attracted controversies at every police station that he has been posted. While he was at the Margao Town police station as PSI, he used to sport two service revolvers. One was a Smith and Wesson, the other Glock. It is alleged that in social circles he used to show-off with the guns by way of handing it over to the fairer sex and even asking them to shoot. Infact, I even clicked both the guns. While he was on duty once, I commented on his rusty Smith and Wesson, he brought the Glock out and told me that he loves guns just like Sanjay Dutt. Dalvi also told me that the Glock was assigned to him during at International event being held in Goa, but he never returned it. When a news report was filed in GT by me under the caption, “Cowboy PSI sports two service revolvers” he had return the Glock to the police armoury that very day.
His misdemeanours have even been recorded in the courts. Once this custodian of law was present in the court in Margao as an investigating officer in a theft case. So also the suspect. The accused informed the court that he wanted to make some purchases but had no money as Jivba Dalvi has taken it. The court questioned him and made him return the money to the accused in the open court.
While at the Colva police station a case of theft of a vehicle (non-serviceable pick-up) was registered and PSI Jivba Dalvi was the investigating officer. As he could not make any headway for weeks together, the complainants brought it to his notice that they had specific information that the theft was committed by certain persons. Even before the Dalvi could affect their arrest the accused applied for anticipatory bail. Question here is how did the accused realise they would be arrested. To muddle up the issue further, this cop attaches an engine and a chassis from a scrapyard at the behest of the accused and tried to convince the complainant to take it. When the complainants approached his superiors, he was transferred to Goa Reserve Police and a departmental enquiry was initiated.
This notorious cop even attracted controversy at his wedding. Jivba Dalvi printed two sets of cards for invitees. Both sets of cards were expensive, but the set for the VIPs was very pricey. He personally went to invite the then chief minister Manohar Parrikar who took one look at the card and asked him how he could afford such cards with PSI’s salary.
Subsequently his bungalow was raided for disproportionate assets by the Vigilance department headed by then DySP Bosco George. Though the departmental enquiry was finalised, then IGP Kishan Kumar had made a note in the report stating that the integrity of Jivba Dalvi was doubtful. Even Manohar Parrikar raked up this issue in the Assembly but the current government in its wisdom thought fit to promote this controversial cop to the post of police inspector and post him at Verna.
During his tenure at Verna police station bullfights were rampant. Goa Bench of Bombay High Court has banned bullfights but under Jivba Dalvi’s rule and blessing dhirios were held frequently in his jurisdiction.
Mysterious death of Melwin Gomes has put an end to the nemesis called Jivba Dalvi. He was not only an enemy of the villagers of Cansaulim-Arrossim-Cuelim or people of Verna jurisdiction, he is a cancer to the police department which needs to amputated. It is for the first time that villagers have demanded an outright dismissal of an officer, it is for the first time that a police inspector had to be escorted by another colleague fearing the wrath of the people.
In conclusion the demand for dismissal of Jivba Dalvi is justified. It is not that the Goa’s police department is an ideal institution or its personnel are role models, but Jivba has crossed all boundaries and has broken all barriers of civil society to further continue as a custodian of law.


D.JUSTIN said...

A cancer like jivba Dalvi needed physiotherapy and not chemotherapy . The villagers of Cansaulim-Arossim- Cuelim should have given him a very good beating and broke his arms and legs.Our Goa is gone for the dogs as more and more crimes are commited by the police and politicians in Goa. Hang these criminals on the trees and set on fire.

Salvador Seraulim said...

The Goan police force itself does not have a good track record. But who will monitor the police? It also must also be noted Jivba Dalvi has a track record of forcefully making advances towards women.  

Tulshidas Shirodkar said...

Somebody must give supari to bombay goondas to kill Jivba Dalvi and the other murderere and scum is chandrakant salgaonkar who also must be done away with.

renoir said...

So if there is so much of evidence and so many cases against a Cop, what is the police department and the law doing ? Just being silent spectators to the Show? Fire him and put him behind bars. There is no other justification to all these allegations against a men in uniform and more over holding a position which does not fit his personality.I hope the departed soul of Melwins makes him pay the price. They say blood cries for vengence. Yes it does  and it will at some point in time!

Anand Desai Mopa said...

If this Arse Hole Dalvi thinks he is a combo he needs to be cut to pieces and feed to the pigs. Why have the Caunsaulim villages not eliminated him? Such police persons should be buried alive.

Mario said...

Further during recruitement at the time of physical test he fainted and fell down when asked to run a distance of 100 meters and worst he has manipulated many criminal cases to free real criminals.One murder case reported at Nessai-Margao where he even caught wrongly a relative of Police Officer presently working at S.Goa SP Reader branch to admit that he  commit the murder as that men have refused to pay hafta being an bar owner.

Gobor said...

Police department in fact rewards such offcers. They are an asset to the Home Minister. that's why his brother was also made a PSI

dlp said...

This Dalvi is a Clown in Cowmuth's Circus. Acts innocent behind the mask that he is wearing fooling his owners and making them think that he is dancing to their tune, but in fact he has hidden agendas that he is playing with. He should be cooked in boiling water and left there as an exhibition for the other likes of him to see.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Such police officers are a disgrace to the to Goa. An honest police officer who finds evidence in high profile cases is either transferred to remote areas or demoted. So why is this corrupt police Dalvi still serving the public? why is he not charged for obstructing Justice in a criminal case? Is it because he has done  favors for the politicians? As he is a cancer in the Police family such persons must be carved out from the force. We have to make a choice "do we need honest or corrupt police officers in the force".

Agusto kumpar said...

Far a Far Far far the Cansaulkars have shown what they are made off now they will fara far far far fara far the corrupt  Mauvin Godfather of PI Dalvi and Matka bookie Aboobakar sheikh Babloo Fara far far far fara far !!!!!!

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

At some point in his life this man will pay heavily for what he has done and have been doing to people of Goa. From the writing of Nisar it shows this man can go to any exent to fulfill his desire of wealth. Human with such loose moral and character does not deserve to live in this world and someone must teach him such a lesson that he suffers his rest of life. And not only that, he children will definately pay the price of what their father have been doing. Someone should finish them once for all.

Don Quixote said...

There should be only one demand, take this Dalvi off the police rolls and send him to Tihar jail. This dalvis is a pimp of the police station who works for collecting haftas and a total disgrace, the usual thief.

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