GOA POLICE IN DIRE STRAITS by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

In recent years the Goa police have been in dire straits. The chaos has further compounded ever since Mr. Ravi Naik took over as Home Minister four years ago. Ministers and MLA’s are virtually running the police stations. With some policemen stooping to be as low as slaves of the politicians, the political interference in the working of the police cannot get any worse.
The new Director General of Police Dr. Aditya Arya has not had the time to settle down with a barrage of issues confronting his police force from the day he landed in Goa. The latest is the death of police constable Chandru Gawas which should be an eye opener.
The policemen are made to work long hours which needless to say is taking a toll on their personal lives. The working condition of the police constable has to improve. Their salaries and benefits should be rewarding. We have enough policemen, but they are not being rightly deployed. Hundreds of policemen are being assigned to protect and serve politicians beyond their official entitlement.
With Chief Minister Digambar Kamat leaving every public issue unresolved, police are relegated to monitor morchas, demonstrations and public meetings. It has become a daily phenomenon and hardly a morale booster. Today policemen have no time left for proper investigation of crimes and street policing which infact are the basic duties of the police force.


Gobor said...

 Yes they do seem to be dire straits. But all this while they were the Sultans of swing.  They'd get money for nothing and chicks for free.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Dotor, this new DGP might loose his chair and shunted out of Goa if he interferes too much in day to day running of these criminal gang of Goa Police headed by Goonda CHOR Home Minister and Ghanta-Boil Chief Minister. Home Department is not for honest people like you and me. Integrity people have no place in that dept.

Dalia said...

It is the lower cadre in police that suffers. One could see the traffic cop standing at traffic islands with no shade over his roof for a full day. A little higher ups are busy issuing fake chalans and earning money. Some policemen are posted at MLA's door steps to salute these criminals as a form of punishment because they are no good in saluting at the boss. Some police of the lower cadre are busy dropping the wives of their officers to work or shopping including cleaning their personal vehicles. The lower cadre suffers specially those who are helpless after paying a hefty sum to get the job. The higher ups from ASI onwards are reaping fruits. It is their birth-right to reap fruits, they think. Some lower cadre is used to collect haftas for their bosses to avert direct detection in case there is a conflict. The living conditions of these lower cadre who stays in barracks is pitiable but the higher ones enjoys in Star hotels since they have earned their right through crime by helping these hotels to commit different sorts of crime. Matka is played in front of police stations and no one will dare to stop that as each bookie pays a hefty sum of at least Rs. 10000. Policemen in higher ranks normally don't buy fish or vegetables by dipping their hands in their pockets as it is supplied to them free at home as protection gift. However, the lower cadre who are on a patrolling round does not spare the omlette gaddas, get what they can for free is the norm of the Goa police.

Gobor said...

Dalia what you have said is nothing, the cops collect hafta from beggars as well.

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