PANJIM: A local court has sentenced serial killer Mahanand Naik to life imprisonment in connection with the murder of Vasanti Gawde, who was believed to be his first victim. Additional District and Sessions Court yesterday convicted Mahanand for life and also imposed a fine of Rs 1.3 lakh, which will be given to the family of the victim.
40-year-old Mahanand had killed Vasanti on September 11, 1995, by luring her to an isolated place at Bethora village, 35 kilometres away from here. She was strangulated to death using a dupatta by the killer, who robbed off all her gold ornaments.
Mahanand, who used to drive an auto-rickshaw, was seen by Vasanti's cousin, travelling with her in Ponda city. Police stated that in 1995, Mahanand was picked up as a suspect in Vasanti's case but was later let off giving him benefit of doubt.
The serial killer since then has killed 16 women during 1995-2009 when he was finally arrested for raping his wife's friend. The court convicted Naik for abduction, robbery, murder and destroying evidence and fined him for Rs 1.3 lakh. This was his second conviction as he is already undergoing life imprisonment in a similar murder case. – PTI


John said...

it is wrong of the court to punish only mahanand. also home minister Ravi naik and Subhash shirodkar along with the doctors who performed autopsy and the investigating officers of all mahanand victims must be in jail .it is because of these people that mahanand got bolder and bolder.
now does our court have guts to punish the above ?

Gobor said...

Mahanand is off course a pussy and so will be handed 7 life terms. Kiteak mazrak sath jiv.

JoeGoaUk said...

It appears that 7 (out of 16) murder cases still to come up in the court ( don't know if all 16 cases are chargesheeted).

of the 9 court cases taken up so far..
2 CONVICTED (both life sentence)

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