GOA, GOANS, GONE ? By Peter Noronha, Fatorda

1) Bengalis have fallen in love with Goa
2) Rajasthanis feel happy about Goa's development
3) Kannadigas are proud of their contribution to Goa
The Daily has also made clear that we have in Goa 2.5 lakhs of Neo-Goans or one fifth of our Goan population.
The questions I have are:-
  1. How come Bengalis are in love with Goa whilst Goa is not in love with them?
  2. Did Rajasthanis develop Goa or did they and others swindle Goa
  3. What contributions to Goa are Kannadigas proud of other than swindling our Goa for their own benefit and calling it contributions?
I don't believe anybody in today's world will come to help anyone other than themselves in their own interests, as in the case of all 3 of the above (besides many others) so-called lovers, developers and contributors. If anything, they make over 70% (lot more than one fifth of our total Goan population) and we Goans merely 30%. How many lakhs of Goan lovers/developers/contributors live in the above 3 states?
Other than bribery/corruption, on what grounds they have been Government employees whilst the sons and daughters of Goa itself are forced to go abroad to make their living if only because they are unable to shell our 6 to 8 lakhs of rupees bribes to our Government for a job?
Of course, partly it is our own politicians responsible for what's going on in our Goa. I don't believe all the above Neo-Goans or others are here without their support, e.g., they bring them to Goa; given them ration cards together with the Voting Rights.
Goans are now slowly waking up for their deep slumber and are not going to condone the damn nuisance that has been going on ever since the so-called liberation of Goa-thanks to the so-called liberators, some of whom are living in Portugal-how disgraceful can it get?
It is about time we have a new Government - preferably BJP - so that Goans can enact laws to save their Goa from disappearance by these most unwelcome and unwanted so-called NOT only Neo but Neo-Goans as well.
Regardless of cast or creed, Goans should be left to themselves not forgetting the fact that, most of the Non-Goans are in Goa if only to rob Goans wholesale if only for greed of rich getting richer by making poor Goans poorer.
I am a niz Goenkar and a senior citizen of India. Being a veteran of World War II, I have served the British Military Police in Colaba, Bombay, and also worked for 20 years in Tanzania and Kenya and other 36 years in the U.S.A. I now live in Goa mainly to protect our place of birth from the non-Goans, so help us God.


Nizachogoekar said...

Peter Great Article. Wonderful. Wake up Goans.
But I have a question. Will the BJP save GOA?
Just last week There was an article on NZ abt that ITI(this is actially a bit better than what I deserve to call him) PARRIKAR telling MIGRANTS in Chimbel that they will Be made Legal residents in Goa if BJP comes to Power. Dont You think That Congress and BJP are Both Looting Goa. We Need a Strong Regional Party Like Dr Jack Sequira's UGP.

Gobor said...

Yeah, the BJP can save Goa through Churchill. Last elections they propped up Churchill on "SAVE GOA" in Navelim.

GOBOR said...

Niz Goenkar are all in Cyberspace, , God-saved US with not-so-red Indians , Spain and the bulls, Canada playing lacrosse with beavers, Middle east without camel-toes, far west with furry tales and tacos, down under with Kangaroos and Aborigines, NZ with Maori-es and Kiwis  and off course in London with a 50 quid haircuts.
2 decades back, being a post graduate in Computer Applications has attractive offers to work abroad. Maim said, stay back. I did, I now earn around 1.5 L/month
Enough for a beer every afternoon, the siesta, the the highly envied "susegad" life.
The Niz Goenkar population has shrunk no doubt  but with direct proportionality with the "Chourisam" which now resemble  a Vatican City Rosary.
I am proud and swear by  the red soil of Goa. The Ghantis Swear by the red Walls they have painted  with paan - THEIR CONTRIBUTION.

Afedupgoan said...

kannad ghantis thought goans looters to loot
rajasthanis and gujrathis took over all business in goa and looted honest unsuspecting goans by giving commision to plumbers, painters, tile fitters, carpenters, electricians, etc they are still looting.NRG are sweating in gulf and on ships their wives are taken for a ride and looted by everybody.
the sweets shops use tissue paper to make lassi which we drink at their shops
so many and so forth,
go to Margao you see all the shops of garments, footwear, hardware, tiles, plywood, kitchen trolleys,electrical, and everything are owned by the ghantis we are trying to awaken ourselves and all other goans but we are slow to react. Goans will be galloped one day.
I dont spend a single rupee in ghanti shop but my unilateral action will not yield any results.
 my appeal to each and every goan dont sell your goa protect and preserve it for your children


GOBOR said...

The  Maharwadis have some great contributions to the world.
For instance they invented WIRE. ( Two Maharwadis spotted the same coin)

Neville said...

So true. But dont ever play with the devil and his gang called bjp. In Goa, they are out to distribute land free to migrants in exchange for their vote and then play communal games. So desperate, this looser porriker

Janet said...

Everyone loves Goa, so they come loot, plunder and murder our people. The level of crimes committed in Goa, by organised criminals has reached a high peak. When a crime is committed and the victims lose their lives, and the purpertrators caught, they should be penalised, and the death penalty should be enforced.  Our ministers protect all these criminals for their own benefits and because their families are not affected by these crimes.  

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