PANJIM: Neither extreme misbehaviour nor a shortfall in attendance will result in expulsion or detention, if students are in a classified age-group, say latest instructions issued by the education director to headmasters under the no-fail policy. School heads had sought to know if a child who has "no attendance" can be promoted.
Directorate of Education (DoE) responded that even a child having less than 75% attendance, which was the previous minimum requirement, should be sent to the next higher class appropriate to his age as per criteria provided by DoE. As per the criteria, a child between the ages of five-and-half and six-and-half years should be placed in Class I, a child in the age group of six-and-half to seven-and-half should be admitted to Class II and so on. The criteria specifies the class in which a child should be placed up to the age of thirteenand-half, which is Class VIII.
Headmasters had also sought to know if an absolutely undisciplined child who breaks schools rules should be retained and what sanctions were available to the institution in the eventuality of such a student attacking a teacher. DoE, without providing explanations, bluntly told the schools that such a student has to be retained.
Asenior DoE official said, "If a child is really troublesome then the complaint should be taken to the children's court which monitors such cases. The teachers and parents of the victim student will have to make a strong case. The court will then suggest counselling and other measures. A school cannot expel a student with the RTE coming into force as the school's action can be challenged in court."
Without fear of expulsion, school heads believe there could be a crisis-like situation and have placed such fears on the education director's desk. "If there are no sanctions and the right to keep other students free from harm, there will be pandemonium. The rules will have no value," the association said in their representation.


Gobor said...

There always those 3 or 4 students who habitually trouble the teachers. Is the teacher going to waste the time disciplinig such kids and waster her instructional time. What right does this delinquents have to  deprive  the other desciplined student of their learning time  and spoil the temperament of the teacher, apart from spoling the atmosphere of the class.
the recent changes in the educational set up like
(1) The 10 point grading sytem sucks. I'll tell you'll WHY.
Say if a child's score is 50 each in 6 subjects and another child scores 59 in each subect, the first child's total of  50x6=300  is treated equal to the second child's total of 59x6= 354  (54 marks difference. both get the same grade!!!  Is this not injustice?
(2)The lowering of pasing marks from 35 to 30
(3) ATKT for two subjects, and several other policies are  directed towards the weakest students while  there is nothing done to improve the top ranking and intelligent students so that they'll get into the top institutions of the Country like IIT's etc.
Thus the recent polices are are downright retrogade.

renoir said...

The very law makers have no discipline in them, how would one expect them to instill discipline unto others? If this is how the law makers intend to impose their authority without a thought, it will be very difficult to predict as to which way the educational system is heading.( We are barely  are out from one mess which is the MOI).Discipline is something that should be under no circumstances be taken lightly or compromised.There has to be some form of order one has to go by, minus that you are inviting nothing but trouble. Hope some disciplined brain intervenes in this policy formulating decision and pave a brighter, competitive future for the student community in general.

Colvacar said...

wow!..these stupid people making these decisions really dont care at all!!....if a student cannot be held back coz of poor attendance/bad behaviour....who do u think is going to come to school???....the teachers will end up teachign the walls...and the students sleeping will be promoted!...Y???...coz of our IDIOTIC!...DUMasses!..that make up such blessed...rules!!..The future of our goan youth!...is GOING To The DOGS!..thanks to our Rich Ministers!!...

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