Benaulim MLA and former Tourism minister Mickky Pacheco last week spelt out his plans for the forth coming assembly election slated for 2012. His disclosure of fielding candidates in all the 40 constituencies did not really come as a surprise, because it is an open secret that the present lot of MLAs, especially those of the India’s oldest political party Congress and others affiliated to it (coalition MLAs) have plans to get their family members into the political scenario.
Goans have been bemoaning the level of corruption in the present day government led by the beleaguered chief minister Digambar Kamat, who has given a ‘carte blanc’ to his ministers to loot, rob and plunder the Goa’s exchequer and rape Goa of its natural beauty through illegal mining and blatant construction with the blessing of the ministers by cutting hills, sand dunes and filling low lying areas.
With such malpractices and illegal activities almost all the ministers in the Kamat led coalition government have amassed wealth to sustain their generation to come but are still not satisfied, so much so that they want to bring in their children and spouses not only to amass ill-gotten wealth, but also to hold the government to ransom when either a police complaint or criminal case is ought to be registered against them for their illegal activities.
Infact PWD minister and Navelim MLA Churchill Alemao has used such tactics during this tenure when he threatened to topple the government if Mickky Pacheco was inducted in the ministry by dropping Revenue minister Jose Philip D’souza and a second time was when Education minister Babush Monserrate was caught at the Bombay airport with huge amounts of currency Indian as well as foreign.
Nobody will forget that Churchill Alemao not only strong-armed his way into Kamat led government using toppling bid, but at the same time unseated Sudin Dhavlikar from the ministry and bagged the plum PWD portfolio with which he is alleged to have amassed huge wealth. Now he wants to introduce his daughter Valanka Alemao into the state politics. Joaquim Alemao wants to introduce his son Yuri Alemao. God forbid if four members of a family are given the mandate by the people of the state, there will be no end to ransom games of Churchill Alemao, till his will is done. Lest we forget Churchill was the first legislator to start toppling trend in Goa way back in 1991 and that too during his very first stint in the assembly. He toppled Pratapsing Rane to become the chief minister of 19 days and then handed the reins to Dr. Proto Barbosa.
Whether Congress party gives ticket to all the four members of a family is to be seen. At the last hustings Joaquim Alemao bagged the Congress ticket, while Churchill had got elected on Save Goa party. History is going to repeat itself this time too and he knows it well. PWD minister has his office in Varca, however there is no Congress party flag nor the picture of the president of the party Sonia Gandhi decorating it. Of course Valanka has recently pictured with Rahul Gandhi but those are for the attics. Besides introducing his family members, he is likely to bank-roll some other candidates in the state who will later owe allegiance to him.
Unlike Churchill, Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco has not been discreet and loud mouth that he is has disclosed his plans. The former minister has not been in power for almost two years, it would be amusing to observe how he finances forty candidates in the state. Ironically for the last more than two years he was grooming a candidate for Benaulim constituency, however the person backed out after Pacheco alleged told him to keep Rs. Four crores ready for elections expenses. Mickky too has introduced his partner Viola for Cortalim constituency. But is yet to be seen whether the government scuttles his plans by reserving the constituency for Schedule Tribe community.
Likewise Health minister Viswajit Rane is alleged to be grooming his wife to replace his father’s seat in case Pratapsing Rane was nominated for Rajya Sabha. However with renomination of Shantaram Naik, we will have to wait and watch the developments. Education minister Babush Monseratte has already announced that he would be contesting the next assembly election against Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar in the Panjim constituency. Jennifer Monseratte wife of Babush is likely to contest from Taleigao.
Then we have Home minister Ravi Naik backing his son Roy Naik to contest in Mayem assembly constituency. Roy has a colourful background as in recent times he has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Then we have Subhash Narvekar brother of Dayanand Narvekar who is trying his luck again. Revenue minister Jose Philip D’souza’s brother Pascoal D’souza is contemplating to jump in the fray. Two Dhavlikar brothers are already in the scene.
This is the scenario as of now, as time draws closer there will surely be some other developments. But the question before us today is, should we allow these handful of self centered political families to rule 15 lakh population. Till recently some handful of families had raped Goa of its mining reserves, but today some politicians have got a share in it through either machinery being deployed in the mines or transportation or illegal mining and even robbing mine ore and selling it.
The current politicians have made bureaucrats IPS as well GPS their puppets one can easily imagine what they will do when they have numbers in terms of family members to support them in their evil designs. Jobs are dished out not on merit basis but the basis of who can shell out the price tag on the designated position.
The police department is totally politicized; the men in uniform conduct investigation as per the whims and fancies of politicians. At the moment the police are not protecting those who pay their wages, but those who pay their bribes.
At the moment Digambar Kamat led government is not functioning as a government should but as per the dictum of the ministers. What will happen when we have family members as legislators. Will they not demand that all of them be made ministers and then demand lucrative portfolios.
Coming election they will dish out biryani, chicken, alcohol and Rs 500 to vote for them but in turn they will reap crores of rupees for the next five years. Fellow Goans! The upcoming state assembly elections are very crucial to Goa and Goans. If we cast our ballot in favour of these political families we are surely doomed. If there are any Goans worth their salt, spread the message to vote against those who are introducing their kith and kin to hold Goa ransom and destroy it to oblivion.


David Leitao said...

Nisser Dias you have the courage to call a spade a spade you have spelt out the modus operandi thread bare of the 40 Chor Fornicators MLAs !!!

I would take this opportunity to add to what you have said so clearly " Goan politics is become a cesspool of corruption where the biggest lumps of shit float to the top ! "

Please note that these scoundrels manage to get elected by using all the possible tricks and you have criminals, matka bookies, silver and gold smugglers, goons, fornicators, adulterers, flesh trade pimps, real estate mafias, power scamesters, sex scandal culprits, rabid communalists and mind you these are goan law breakers who have glorified themselves to be law makers !!! My My where are we Goans heading too can we law abiding and honest Goans take on these scoundrels by the scruff of their necks and keep them out of the legislative assembly.

God forbid these scoundrels listed above find their way to the Secretariat for another 5 year term we underpriviledged and marginalised Goans will be doomed !!!

Humbly request all like minded honest hard working Goans to Unite and throw out these scoundrels my friends its now or never !!! Honest Goans do not be like dumb driven cattle be Heroes in your stride !!! Goans take your rightfull place in the Sun !!! Do not let these fornicators dictate terms to you all these 40 chor MLA are pissing on your backs and telling you its raining !!! Conmen of the first order they take the Goans into confidence and then trick them Beware Beware !!!! Confidence tricksters !!!!!

Dalia said...

A very good and accurate assessment of the political future of Goa by the writer. I wish everyone read the article word by word and understand the call given by the writer to throw away and put an end to this family dynastic rule. It will ruin Goa forever and in future will multiply like a political cancer spreading to every root of Goa's administration. The day may come when the Village Panchayat will be ruled by a single family if this trend of voting for a single family to power is not cut off right now. Kudos to you Nisser for opening the eyes of the Goan electorate.

A to Z said...

You are right Nissar in saying that there is no governance from the time Digu came to power. He is the most incompetent CM of Goa.All he dreams is making money for his great great grand children. The only way to clean the mess is to elect new persons to power. Its time for the old to retire. GOANS PLEASE SEND THEM HOME. - TO THE HOUSE OF THE AGED.

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

Political families of Rapists, Drug dealers, Smugglers, murderers and double crosser's get repeatedly elected.  On the other side we have the likes of BJP spreading their communal hatred. They all are the cancer of politics in Goa. Is the electorate wise enough to understand the implications of voting the same wrong persons to Power? Or are they as labeled by many "Crumb Eaters?

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

 We must have worthy candidates standing for elections so that we can vote for them. We have been unfortunate in having the same unworthy people standing again and again, while worthy candidates shy away.

At national level we have had two worthy Prime Ministers who were outside "the family" who gave very good account of themselves. Surely, Goa has produced such people. It is time for the present political class to stand aside and allow worthy people to come forward, to make themselves seen and felt, so that worthy electors can extend their support to them.

Candidates for "election ticket" have been exhorted to become "winnable" through their work in public. From what one sees, hears and reads, in the selection of candidates for elections, winnability is not the ability to WIN VOTES and thus win the election but the ability to BUY VOTES and thus win the election.

You may have noticed the word printed as WINABILITY - with single N it is read as "WINE-ability" - because it is that, along with biryani, chicken and the cash award that leads to winnability.

Papa Razi said...

Good article Mr. Nisser, it is worth reading to understand the present and the future. Not to miss a single word like I did! It's a shocking state in Goa.

Gobor said...

Nisser, You have been in the press for enough donkey's-years. You father and you have  fought injustice and wrongs bravely. Hats off to you.  You have addesssed this message to the "GOAN".  But is the "REAL GOAN"(NIZ GOENKAR) in majority. Sadly no my friend.

Today the  "Ghanti Goenkar" have the numbers to detrmine who will win the elections. "Niz goenkar's"  are only a majority on this "Niz Goenkar" Blog.  But the mathematics that is required to win election is safely manipulated by our Chor MLA's by kuring these Ghanti's.

For instance a chor MLA can get re-elected if he is got just 40 percent on his side by equally splitting the other 60 percent between two.(propped up and sponsored by him without the electorate knowing)
another. Another chor MLA can  get relected even if he is got only 25 percent votes if he can eqaully divide the  remaing 75 percent into 4 ways.

Our real "asli" goans "soreachea nadar" are ready to poke broken bottles in the beer potbelly of a fellow goenkar  after a few pegs in a "Ghadi" just to show how daring they are!!! THAT'S ALL!!. The next morning they suck and show how gutless they are when it comes to social issues.

Emediavoice said...

Nissar you are theoretically right  but practically we have failed miserably for over a decade to convince your Goans on this family dynasty rulers. Sad to say we were even lynched once on this issue and strangers came to our rescue. Congress is in the blood of Goans and to eradicate needs leadership like lok pal bill to support us. The Church for years are on their secret payroll supporters and even the print media. Anyway soldiers dies once in a battlefield while cowards dies every second.

Gobor said...

Nisser's articles are good no doubt. But if we keep appeciating such article only on the web and not do anything about them in real life other than passing comments; these articles are just "farticles"

Gobor said...

I am sorry if I am mistaken. But as  we had 20 MLA's when Goa was a Union Territory , next ,Goa will be ruled by 20 families.  That's Mathematics - simple and plain.

D.JUSTIN said...

Goa is one of the highly literate state of India . It is very sad to see the illeterate leading the literate in Goa. If, we Goans fail to use our judgement, then we should consider ourselves as donkeys.

Perdro Lopes said...

Hi D. Justin,
with high regards to your judgement on Goan Electorates. These Politicians for your information are not won on Goan Votes, you might not be aware that in Goa every Candidate / politicians have their own Vote bank, which through them they win in every election.
Goans are not donkeys nor do we consider us donkeys. We are after the annexation and Invasion a colony of the north. Hindi, corruption and Marathi is implemented on us by force,
What we can say is we don't have the courage to stand up for our selves. We in whole have excepted invasion and corruption unknowingly, we know through vote bank these politicians win, but we don't take up this matter in debate as we  don't care or don't know how to proceed. Through NG we can change a lot. Please don't consider us donkeys, I would say illiterate ignorant.

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