PANJIM: In her complain, the Lady Constable has named DySP Shamba Sawant as the main culprit. It has been learnt from a relative of the LPC (who requested not to use his name) that Shamba Sawant sent her lewd messages on the mobile and was pressing her for sex. He was assisted by Chandrakant Salgaoncar in his quest of the molestation of the LPC.
The lady constable came to the SP’s cabin and gave in writing about the sexual abuse by her superior police officer of a DySP Shamba Sawant.
The LPC has deposed before the enquiry officer DySP Rina Torcato about both these men’s involvement and Shamba Sawant being the main culprit. She also has implicated Chandrakant Salgaoncar who is an expert in womanizing.
According to one Lady Police Constable and a Lady Head Constable (names withheld at the request of the personnel) Chandrakant Salgaoncar they are very much frightened even to pass in front of Chandrakant Salgaoncar who is ready to pounce on them at the first opportunity he gets. But they added that Shamba Sawant has now turned into another menace to the Ladies in uniform.
This has been going on traditionally in the police department from the Police Training School where they undergo training till they retire, the officers of the higher level (Not IPS) the GPS (Goa Police Service) like Chandrakant Salgaoncar and quite a few more including ex-Police Officer Ramesh Lotlikar are very notorious to force the LPCs to submit to their sexual desires.
Though the case is in the hands of a good and honest police officer, DySP Rina Torcato, it is totally doubtful that political pressure will not come from politicians specially Ravi Naik who may be out to save his pet Salgaoncar and Shamba Sawant.
DySP Rina Torcato is a gentle and sincere Lady Officer who is sure to give the right and correct reports. But will the Director General of Police honestly discharge his duty is to be seen. The lower level police officers never have support against the higher level officers even if they are right. This has been happening in the past and the present. The current DG, who has been named as General Dyer by the Bali people, will not render a proper justice to the LPC (Lady Police Constable).
It is also a shame that a man brought up the hard way by his mother who sells fish even today at the Valpoi Market, should behave in such a fashion and break his own marital cords. The other fellow is a known master of this field.
This is a triangle and in this triangle both the culprits have good and strong relations with Digambar Kamat and Ravi Naik and as such the Lady Constable must not expect much from either the chief Minister or the Home Minister.


renoir said...

 These victims need all our support and I am proud, less money power and the current Political clout vanishes these cases in thin air. Unless cases like these are supported by the media the victims will stand helpless.THe DG, the home minister needs to give an explanation to the victims and the public on all these atrocities that are being committed  by and within its department.With more and more skeletons being exposed what reputation does the police deaprtment hold in the eyes of the public? Its anyones guess now !

Gobor said...

And we should not think that she is the only LPC who is harassed. Other Victims may have got scared to complain because of obvious reasons

Gobor said...

There must have been many such cases that went unreportrd. Onlt Shaba should know. Arre oh Shamba, kitna  admi the ?

Adesgustedgoan said...

its disgusting Goa has become land of molesters.

Papa Razi said...

Pura-sa dipattment shamil hai saheb! Hum saab kamine, kuthe, suvor...voisa log bolte saheb!

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

They should meet justice from mob and that is the only answer to this filthy menace.

Neville said...

Some of these police & their boss Rabies naik  cast doubts on the character of scarlett keeling & her mothers case. We have hyenas in the police dept who dont even spare their own colleagues, misusing their position for their own lecherous desires..Professionally they are incompetent. When these law keepers are so evil minded, how does one expect the rest of us to be safe from criminals when the biggest criminals reside within the goa police dept? 

D.JUSTIN said...

All the police and rapists in Goa should be castrated to deprive of vigour or masculinity. The Goan police is a disgrace to Goa, the idiots should be taught a lesson very soon along with with the useless home minister matka  charas naik, son of a naikin.

Exgoapolice said...

 D. Justin he is a son of a naikin
god only knows whose shit is he


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