PANJIM: Cipriano Fernandes's friend, Georgina Nunes, appeared before DySP Bossuet Silva, who is inquiring into the death of Cipriano in police custody and said that she had identified three police officers who had encircled Cipriano, who was picked up by the Panjim police from his aunt's residence in Porvorim on the evening of January 7.
So far DySP Bossuet has been fair and just in this inquiry.  He has not biased himself and has not bent to the crooks so far and has tried to give clean reports and has done so far.
Nunes had complained to the police that Cipriano had threatened her with a knife at her house in Caranzalem. However, probably this is the first time she has named three police officers PI Sandesh Chodankar, PSI Ramnathkar and constable Shirvoikar.  Sample the statements Georgina has given to various authorities inquiring into the custodial death of Cipriano.


D.JUSTIN said...

The home minister is a disgrace to Goa and he should be forced to give up the portfolio as the idiot failed in all the way. The police and the politicians acts like goondas and criminals under the rule of congress.

Xavier said...

I hope people of Goa aleast open their eyes for next election to elect right candidate ,especially the crumb eaters. So many crimes committed by Guha police and 40 chors involved, few examples scarllet, Cipriano, Melvyn etc. If same thing had happened to minister's  and policeman's sons and daughters, do you thik they would have kept quiet. No. This whole congress Goverment is corrupt and aftrer 4 years Digu Mamu wants to hear peoples greviences. He knew now elections are coming near. He is bullshitting people.  And my dear Goan if you elect the same 40 chors, yoou know what would happen to next 4 years.This congress Government is only meant to fill their pockets. Otherwise how the childrens of ministers have posh cars and all. These are our money my dear Goan. They always make false promises.

Amir Khan said...

Why do you not work in his constituency to throw him out the next election? Big talks are of no use. If you Goans realise someone is bad, each one of you do all possible to throw him out. Or else forget giving big talks and accept him.

Gobor said...

Bosseut and Georgina will be a fine pair, No bosseut?

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