MARGAO: PSI Prasanna Bhagat of the Cuncolim police station has come under the scanner following a complaint lodged by Jason Goes' family members that Bhagat had asked for 10,000 for releasing him from the clutches of the police.  Jason was a part of the 11-member team of college students that had gone to Cabo de Rama beach on Friday which turned tragic after two of the students met a watery grave.
Goes' family has in a written complaint to DySP Umesh Gaonkar, stated that following the mishap, Jason, a resident of Malbhat, Margao, was summoned to the Cuncolim police station for two consecutive days where PSI Bhagat held Jason responsible for the deaths of the two youth and threatened to put him into the police lockup. Jason's mother, who had accompanied her son to the police station, pleaded with Bhagat to let her son go as he was innocent. Bhagat, then, the complaint states, demanded a sum of 10,000 for his "release".
The Goes family then called up the panchayat minister Manohar "Babu" Azgaonkar, and informed him about the cop's demand for bribe. Azgaokar, it is learnt soon contacted the chief minister Digambar Kamat and also informed the senior police officials about PSI Bhagat's alleged misdeeds. Cuncolim PI Albuqueque, sources said, then pulled up Bhagat and let Jason leave the police station. Dy SP Umesh Gaonkar has ordered an inquiry into the incident. PI Albuquerque will submit his report in that regard to DySP Gaonkar on Monday, police sources said.
The body of Noel Pereira, 17, a Fatorda resident, who had gone missing in the sea, was recovered on Sunday. The police had on Friday recovered the body of Sunil Ramchandani, 16, a resident of Navelim. - TNN


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Where is bloody bas..rd Home Minister, it is his duty to check the misconduct of his man in uniforms. Is he gone into hybernation?. Or part of this bribe goes to Home Minister as well?. What the hell is going on here, one side family is mourning the death of their beloved son and on other side, grieving classmates has to face the bas..rtd policeman's greed. This clearly shows how these ruscals can frame the inocent people for their self greed for wealth. They should be sacked on the spot and kick out of job that is the only solution for this CHORS

D.JUSTIN said...

The people should unite together and put ice the policeman' arse.

Diogo Fichardo said...

I second your comments.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Bloody police of Goa turning a tragedy into extracting money from a grieving classmate.   Prasanna Bhagat is a gutter policeman. This case is certain to be another whitewash as always done By Goan police. Infact Bhagat will claim Jason asked for Rs10,000 to go free.

N.Fernandes-London said...

With all these complaints,accusations  and allegations rolling in about the corrupt Goa Police, Ravi Naik is unlikely to take charge.
Instead he will claim he is sick & undergoing treatment in some expensive hospital.
No sign of the aam admi " man ,Digamber Kamat either.

Adelightedgoan said...

This Prasanna Bhagat is from Canacona, Bhagatwada.
He was at canacona police station in the year 2008.
and assistant to PI Suraj Harlankar, Prasanna has learnt all tricks from him
Suraj till date has not solved a single case handled by him
Prasanna was an assistant to Suraj in the Most infamous Goa murder Mystery(visit both of them took money to cover up the case.
then in 2010 Prasanna was stabbed at Balli allegedly by Mr Santosh Naik.
another lady Head constable had threathned to kill him
Its shame for him,his mother nurse at hospicio all Bhagats and all Canconkars

Joaquim said...

this PSI prassanna bhagat was with PI suraj halarnkar when Domnic coutinho murder took place in july 2008, i have overheard a conversation from one constable by second name namshekar from talpona canacona that this PSI prassanna bhagat was the middle men to take money from the murderers of domnic and convert the murder into natural death.
is any one safe as long as our police force is made up of these murderers?

Amir Khan said...


Here again we see another example. I do appreciate your reaction
which is normal. But, if Goans are to attain any goal, such reactions and comments
are 'water on duck's back'.
You Goans only seem to want some "abstract" being to do your work of
getting justice. Each one of you on this blog only speak that someone/us/we/Goans should do something. No one on this blog have I read comment about any
issue, saying that: "I and my group will handle this".
You people, most of you on this blog are COWARDS; you all can do nothing for
yourself, nor for your fellowmen. You all only know to give big talks.
If you Goans are really interested in saving your Goa, stand up for yourselves.
Stand up for what is right, and oppose what is wrong. Stand by your fellow Goan
who is wronged, if you have the GUTS. If not, forget your GOA. The rest of
India is going to call it GUHA.


Gobor said...

Yes there should be cameras all over, sometimes the havaldars take money on the quiet and don't show it to the bosses. Now the Boss will know exactly what is his share.

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