WILL THE REAL GOAN STAND UP PLEASE??? by C.Dias for Niz Goenkar.

We have been writing, reading, talking and hearing the malice’s that are affecting Goa and Goans. This has of late become a daily affair and way of life for most of us.It all started in the year 2007 when the congress (I) government was installed with Digamber Kamat as the chief minister. Since then Goa is being raped and today is sitting on an active volcano of crime, drugs, gambling, illegal mining, custodial deaths, brutal murders,molestation, rapes, cover ups, bribes for government jobs, commission for government contracts, agents in RTO, suicide by government servants, police inability and inefficiency, illegal builders, land sharks, and what not.
One or more or all of the above things must have affected each one of us. Mine and your bearing capacity has been tested day in and day out, today we have to think not to earn our bread but to think how we are going to put a full stop to all these unwanted thresh of a few thousands whom we can’t change even though we are fifteen lakh plus. They are back riding us for a long time now. Isn’t the time come to throw them at the sonsodo garbage dump? Or are we waiting for more repeat of Cipriano, Melwyn, or Gawas?
Writing a few lines to satisfy our urge that we (me included) are doing something is not going to solve this magnitude of a problem.
This is just not enough; it needs our physical involvement, what is our strategy? Will the real Goan please stand up and take the lead to lead? I am asking again, will you please standup? – C. Dias.


aggybaba said...

My dear Mr.C Dias, we are susegad Goans, and we will stand up just after you do. Forgive my bluntness please, but that's the way it has been for some time now. I live in a foreign country, and every time l come down to our (once) lovely golden Goa, I see more lungis than shorts and kaxttis. If l honk and swear at a car that refuses to dip his lights at night, my wife shouts at me, says, "they might attack you". If l raise my voice when the bank teller has to leave the counter, for some personal reason, (while the queue is still long and we are forced to queue up at another counter ), again l'm not allowed to complain. WE are Goans, and we are supposed to do whatever our political elders want us to do. More like sheep to the slaughter. Would you believe it if l say ..... 'WE ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT WE NEED"  Our opinions, our wants, our needs change every time ...... before elections, during elections, and after elections. Believe me, we are susegad goenkars.

Diogo Fichardo said...

“Maka Kitiak Pola” or “Tuvm Ogo Raouv Rea”, is what I get for raising my voice or refusing to pay under the counter, when ever I go to carryout any official work in Goa. This same official work at one time before Liberation was done without putting money under the counter. While the politicians are busy looting Goa the civil servants who are mainly Non-Goans are busy looting Goans. Those that do not have money to put under the table make endless trips for a simple piece of paper work.  Yet no one complain to anyone because every one is hand in Glove and nothing happens to any one. Yet we retire to the fact as “Maka Kitiak Pola”. Our successive politicians have set a bench mark of being corruption and the civil servants keep following it. Yet we forget the hardship and elect the same politicians to power. Another fifty years of liberation and we will have no Goenkarpon left, except GhantiRaj if we do not act Now.

Lance Dias said...

Aggybaba! and C.Dias =>My view , 

We are not SUSEGAD or laid back anymore ! It does not apply to most of the Goans as of date.I beleive we have come outof that mark by far.Most of our fellow goenkars work really hard in London ,Dubai,Sydney ,Canada or New York or wherever they are outside Goa or In Goa  as NRG/NRI's or Portugese Nationality holding PIO Goans.In Goa some don't work cos they are frustrated with the current socio economic set up imposed by the Current Democracy called India.Whenever there is an agitation it just leads nowhere.

Speaking on the point of We actually don't know what we need!My view , the fact is we need the Portugese back why ?Its simple the current democracy is a failure and has not worked in favour of the majority Goans .We are become strangers in our own Land! we are 29%only the rest are Ghantis ,We need mobility to move around the world tp prove our worth  as being an Indian Citizen has no soft options you are treated as a third class citizen and a visa national ,where ever you go and Indians treat you as a second class! although we are the sons of soil and we are the Kings of our motherland Goa!.

Ami Pordesi zalea! amchea Goyan !

All what we need is a Leader to lead Goa  which at present is not there! THE One who can assure us to realise the dreams ,to have a productive generation in the fields of science,Technology ,Commerce and Economics ,have the best of goodies in life , the way we Goans want one of the main demands in directly or directly which I read on many blogs is either Independance or rejoining the erstwhile Portugal as a overseas territory! I think that should be the solution to many of the problems .

Elections in Goa are a big Joke and mokery of democracy with the 40 seats ,its just like school kids wanting the best seats in the class in any gven academic year.THESE are BULLSHITS WHO DO NOT WORK IN THE BETTERMENT OF GOA THEY WORK TO FEED THENSELFS AND THIER POCKETS.

Internationally speaking ! Take for example Dubai State of the UAE although they do not have Oil or Black Gold they have progressed and surpassed may economies in the world in terms of development through business and tourism ,realestate etc and is an Advanced state in the world ! although it is recession hit as of date ,all this credit goes to the Ruler of Dubai!He has a vision for devlopment,the people don't break laws here bluntly , DO WE HAVE THAT In Goa ! if yes please come foward and lead us if not the Misery and Saga of a Deteriorating state will continue from bad to worse  like Iran who at one point of time was a very prosperous nation now are beggars due to the political turmoil they are in.
and Goans will leave themotherland and move to greener pastures abroad always and it is happening in Goa right now!

Viva Goenkar! Viva Goa!

Papa Razi said...

I live abroad and whenever I go down to Goa I have seen that subjects of crime, illegalities done by the powerful, corruption, rapes and other things are discussed in forums. There are lot of willing people coming forward and i could see the level of awareness compared to yester years is high. But as Mr. Diogo pointed, lot of people just shy away or ignore these things or simply says that it is not their problem. The days are not far away when the whole of Goa will loose patience and hit these politicians. I only pray that gun culture and supari killings should not be a way of life in Goa like bihar, UP and mumbai. It all started with weak adminstration, police brutality and corruption where we are seeing the same thing now happening in Goa.

aggybaba said...

Lance, l have to say you are right, but only to some extent. We really are susegad, considering we hardly find any Goan render, poder, paddkar, etc. We work hard outside India, the money's good, and we pay the ghanttis ( who do our menial odd jobs, which we could have done ourselves) through our noses. But we don't feel the pain, because we make good money sweating it out, outside India. Ami Goenkar hor'rak mortat. If all the ghanttis left Goa, we would either wade through our own rubbish, or learn to pick up a shovel, axe, rake and start doing our own dirty work.

And oh yes! We do need the Portuguese back, maybe some one can convince them to reclaim Goa, which was theirs in the first place. That's the reason l said that we don't know what we want and need. Wants and needs keep changing. ...............

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Goans are not Susegad as mentioned, Susegad word was used four-five decades back not any more. If anyone thinks or says so is livign in a foolish world. Goans are unique in their culture and that makes them to keep apart from this Indianised ghanti-raj. If anyone walks in any Govt. offices one may feel sick due to attitude of sevants in the office. I hope some of the respectful and intellectuals Goans should come forward to lead a revolution from the clutches of these ruling Dictators. There are many around in Goa why they cannot raise their voice?. why are they quietly watching the happening in Goa?. I raise  my voice towards these Goans who have strength, courage and are capable to lead this revolution and I am sure rest of those Goans hungry for good governance can follow including myself.

Emediavoice said...

Bang your head against the door or fist the windows and you will get the answer. Your writing will at least raise 1% Goan one day may be not now but in a generation. Express your self and the love you are suffering for your motherland. We always says "Goans cannot be trusted, whether you are Catholic, christian, Hindu or Muslim etc". The world has become a survival of own needs and be you a stranger in strange lands, your brothers or sisters in Goa will change Goa. All religions are addicted and licking the politicians and this is the answer dear friend. 

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