PANJIM: Chief Secretary of Goa Mr. Sanjay Srivastava has directed the Director of Prosecution Mrs. Shobha Dhumaskar to conduct an inquiry and submit a report into the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues against Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP) Mrs. Frances Noronha for her alleged misconduct in the 2004 Ribandar Church trial.
On 2nd June 2011, APP Mrs. Frances Noronha had allegedly threatened Judge Mrs.  Sarika Faldessai that she would walk of the court if the bail given to Adv. Aires Rodrigues in the Ribandar Church case was not cancelled. She had also further threatened the Court that no other APP would appear in the case.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues had on 3rd June filed a written complaint against APP Frances Noronha, drawing the attention of the Chief Secretary that the APP Frances Noronha by the manner of her behaviour in Court was not maintaining the decorum and dignity required from an APP. 
Adv. Rodrigues had further stated in his complaint that the conduct of the APP Frances Noronha was most shameful and that it amounted to virtually blackmailing the Court.
With the verbal spat between Judge Sarika Faldessai and APP Frances Noronha yesterday the conduct of APP Frances Noronha may now come under the further scanner of the Government.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues has been repeatedly drawing the Court’s attention that in the 2004 Ribandar Church trial Assistant Public Prosecutor Mrs. Frances Noronha was acting as an agent of Father Newton Rodrigues instead of discharging her duties as an APP in accordance with law and placing the correct facts before the Court.
It may be recalled that APP Frances Noronha had strongly opposed the issuance of the warrant of arrest against Father Newton Rodrigues.   
Meanwhile, JMFC Mrs. Sarika Faldessai will on June 30th hear arguments on the application filed by Father Newton Rodrigues seeking to withdraw the complaint against Adv. Aires Rodrigues.
Adv. Rodrigues has strongly opposed Father Newton Rodrigues’s application stating that Father Newton Rodrigues against whom a warrant of arrest is pending cannot make any application to the Court unless he first surrenders before the Court and gets the warrant pending against him canceled.
Adv. Rodrigues has also stated that Father Newton Rodrigues’s application was not maintainable as it was not within the provisions of law.


N.Fernandes-London said...

I am not sure who is advising Fr Newton.I am sure it is not "DIVINE PROVIDENCE"
However I get the impression,that he has allowed the Court Case to progress, until the witnesses one by one have started turning hostile against him.
Realising that the Case is turnig against him, he has decided to play his next JOKER card  , by requesting the case be widthdrawn.
It would be interesting to see if he has widthdrawn (his other JOKER CARD), the defamation Case lodged in Canada over a dispute in Goa.
Looking at this whole Case overall, I doubt Fr Newton or Fr, Niwton has any ACE CARDS.
He probably has a lot of SPADES, by which he is digging his own grave.
Diamonds & flowers do not exist in this game.
I wonder too, where he gets the finances & funding for these Cases.
In my opinion, Fr Newton, due to pride & arrogance, is bringing the Church into more disrepute than is needed . 

Papa Razi said...

APP Frances Noronha must have received a sizeable chunk of amount in her account to act as agent. Normally, APP's protect the interest of the state and not of individuals. Looks like her pendant is wishful in Fr. Newtons eyes which is appreciated by APP Frances Noronha.

Anonymous the VIII said...


I do not see who is to be blamed in this issue. The APP is doing her
duty, though detrimental to the Court decorum and dignity. After all, she works
as"Government servant". She has not filed the case; the case is
pushed on to her to be prosecuted on behalf of the State. Who in the higher-ups
decided to resurrect the case after 6 years? Who made it possible for the High
Court to revive this case without arguments being heard? Let us open our eyes,
APP Frances Noronha is just a pawn caught in a cross-fire. Those are the
biggest earnings one gets in government service; polish the boots, face the
onslaught meant for the higher-ups, face all the S H * T meant for others and
take the blame as well as the punishment that is not yours.
If one wants to maintain one's dignity, one should stand by one’s principles
and professional ethics . Specially when working with the government we have in
Goa, or else, as they say; you will have to eat and shit in the same plate. It
is high time all government servants or employees decide to take only what is
due to them by their work; whether credit or discredit, and pass on the buck
openly to the persons concerned for what is not their doing.

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