THE RP2021 SAGA CONTINUES by Freddy Agnelo Fernandes, Dubai

20th June 2011, with great expectations the people of the Canaguinim village went to Quepem to scrutinize the RP 2021 which was kept for viewing and registering of objections if any, through the notification of 6th June 2011, on an English daily.
During the tedious peoples participatory process of raising objections to delete the detrimental contents of the original RP2021 and submittal of recommendations of new proposals to be incorporated in the revised RP2021, the people of Canaguinim, were led by the then Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Henry D’Souza who guided them expertly through this highly sensitive and illustrious RP2021 saga, ultimately after due deliberations the people submitted the new proposals with enthusiasm and expectations. Soon after which Rev. Fr. Henry was promoted and transferred to Sanvordem where he is today the head of the Guardian Angles Educational Institute.
Even after his transfer his love for the people of his old Parish has not diminished and the people still reach out to him for help and guidance and so on 20th June the people approached Rev. Fr. Henry to accompany them to the TPC Quepem for the review of the revised RP2021. As expected, expectations were high, anxiety even higher, knowing fully well and being aware of the agendas of our conniving double dealing corrupt politicians. But what they found out was beyond anyone’s imagination.
The biggest anomaly noticed, was that the RP 2021 which was kept for viewing was without any date, isn’t this very strange ? People are supposedly expected to review the RP2021 but how can they be sure which version they are reviewing if it’s not dated ? This action of the Authorities proves beyond any doubt their evil designs and agendas.
Second anomaly, the entire Quitol and Naqueri village is engulfed in the mining area, which shows 13 new mining leases, who has proposed and approved these mining leases ? The Gram Sabha has not approved nor been notified, so all of a sudden how 13 new leases in the RP2021 ? Even the 1/3 area marked as green area, has been identified as mining area in the new RP version. What on earth is going on ?
Third anomaly, Food Park and Auxiliary Services even though rejected by the people with overwhelming majority and promised by the local MLA Chandrakant Kavlekar that this project will cease to exist, has some how appeared again on the revised RP 2021.
Forth anomaly, marinas have been added to the Canaguinim coast, probably even a jetty for mining. Our traditional local fishermen from the entire coast from Palolem to Canaguinim, depend on the sea coast for their livelihood infact their very survival depends on this coast, as these areas yield high catches of squids, shrimps and fishes of different verities, in addition to the shell fish. These beaches are frequented by vast number of picnickers from all over Goa through out the year. The fresh air and the natural surroundings have healed a lot of people from breathing dieses. Year after year people flock to these beaches in even greater numbers. Both the beaches at Nuem and Canaguinim need to be protected from erosion to retain it’s beauty and serenity but our government instead of preserving and treasuring these areas is out to destroy them.
Fifth anomaly, large areas outside the Food Park and Auxillary services have been marked as Industrial Areas. Despite overwhelming opposition from the people our Authorities have further added more anomalies that will completely destroy the entire area with the tilt in the natural environmental balance against it and the hardships of the people of Canaguinim, Quitol, Naqueri and Betul will only magnify and the burden of which will devastate the lives of all the people living in those areas and beyond. All what the people had recommended is missing and all that was rejected by the people and much more is being forced on the people there.
On 27th June the aggrieved members of the Betul Panchayat along with Bro. Orvil and Fr. Henry approached the T&C Planner in Panjim to lodge their complaints and displeasure at the approach of the Authorities towards the people of their area, but unfortunately they have been given yet another appointment, postponing appointments could be a ploy to discourage people from approaching the authorities, it’s common knowledge that the Local MLA Chandrakant Kavlekar has a good hold at the T&C Planning department.
Along with Rev. Fr. Henry, Br. Orvil too has been helping the people with all the legalities, RTI requirements and guidance and have been sources of inspiration for these oppressed people, now they are all annoyed and aggrieved at the total indifference shown by our Authorities towards the feelings and wishes of the people of Canaguinim, Naqueri, Quitol, Betul and beyond, but the people have promised in no uncertain terms that they will not give up and fight till the end, they are ready to even sacrifice their lives if they have to.
This should be a warning to the Authorities and the politicians not to take the people for granted and if they continue to do so, it will not be long before people take law into their own hands and the Authorities will be fully responsible for any action by the people to safeguard their lives and their land


Gobor said...

The game plan is to delay the adoption of the RP-21  and carry on with the destruction of Goa. They will deliberately creep in mistakes and then notify and re-notify it.

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